Dec 18, 2017

Stefanie Londons Best Books of 2017

It's the time of year where I share with you the best things I read in the last twelve months! I've read 37 books so far this year, but I'm hoping to get that to 40 before New Years. Not my best reading year, but I've had more book contracts than ever before so it's all a balancing act, right?

Okay, here are my top books for 2017...

Ruin & Rising by Leigh Bardugo
When I looked back to last year's list, the first book of this trilogy was on it. The Grisha Trilogy started strong and ended strong. I LOVED it! Fabulous high-fantasy YA trilogy with a Russian bent. These books kept me turning the pages like crazy.

The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre
This won't be for everyone. It's a thriller about a Cam Girl who won't ever leave her apartment because she has the desire to commit murder. However, she's forced to leave the sanctity of her home when the life of a young girl is at risk, and she's the only person who can save her. Another page-turner. Highly recommend!

Wicked Sexy by J.T. Geissinger
Romantic suspense novel with a kick-ass Hello Kitty-wearing hacker heroine. I might be in the minority here in Romance Land, but I read as much for the heroine as the hero. If the heroine doesn't grab me, I'm out. This book is the perfect blend of great writing, snappy banter, and awesome tech suspense.

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
Super fun. This is another quite heroine-centric story which involves a drunken Vegas wedding and a subsequent whirlwind romance in Paris. There's sexy costumes and role play, great writing and and a totally sweet HEA.

The Shattered Court by MJ. Scott
Wonderful high-fantasy romance that sucked me in and wouldn't let go. I'm not at all surprised it was a RITA finalist in 2016. Beautiful writing, great world building and an interesting magic system all compliment an interesting, unique romance.

A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet
Another fantasy romance. I know, it must be turning into a favourite subgenre of mine! This one is glorious. Interesting magic system, gruff by swoon-worthy hero and a spitfire heroine. Even if you're not normally into fantasy, I still recommend giving this a shot. Impeccable character development make this worth the read!

My TBR for 2018 is already crazy overflowing, but here are a few books sitting high up on the list:

  • Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet
  • The Forbidden Heir by M.J. Scott
  • The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
  • Pretty much anything and everything by Lauren Layne and Sarah Morgan (I'm trying to get up to date with both their backlists)
  • All the books coming out with Harlequin's new Dare line!! So excited for this launch.


  1. I'm at 74 books for the year on my GR challenge, Stef. I was aiming for 100. I'm hoping in the week between Xmas and new Year to take that amount to 80 but next year I know to be more realistic :-)
    I've also DNF'd about 10% of them so strictly speaking I didn't read ALL 74.
    Thanks for those recs!

  2. I've not read a single one of those, Stef, though the M.J. Scott is on my tbr pile. But they look like a great bunch of books. My Goodreads challenge is only 50, but I suspect I'm not going to meet it (I'm at 42). If I counted academic papers and chapters read, though, I'd have rocked it in. I refuse to feel guilty and just mean to enjoy the good books. :-)

  3. Looks like a great list, Steph. I have so many books on my TBR pile I don't know how I will ever get through them. I went on a big crime reading spree this year which was fun. Also read quite a few books from Byron Writers Festival invitees. Wish I'd kept track - my new year's resolution!

    1. Jen - keep track via the Goodreads challenge. I did that this year for the first time and it was so easy!

  4. Hi Stefanie

    Those books sound good although I haven't read any but there is one on my TBR pile I set a GR goal of 200 and am at 198 at the moment I did read 208 last year but really I have read some amazing books this year and to choose favourites is so hard for me :)

    Have Fun


  5. I'm currently at 153 books read on a target of 175 - I'm certain that the aim at the beginning of the year was actually set lower but I can't remember what it was.
    A couple of those books are on my to read list.
    You're better organised than me when it comes to the books you want to read in 2018.