Dec 21, 2017

Hey Baby! What's Your Sign by Amy Andrews.

Its my birthday today 😍😎😀 I'm two years away from THE BIG ONE so I'm going to enjoy being in my forties for the next couple of years!

My hubby got me a new phone. There wasn't anything wrong with the old phone except it only had 16gig storage and it was driving me nutso! I spend half my time deleting photos because I dont have enough room if I want to take a 15 sec video - madness! So now I have a phone with 125gig!! I haz zee power!!

My husband reckons I'll just fill that up too so I bet him I wouldn't. We'll see who wins that one eventually 😈

This birthday biz got me thinking about star signs. Now, I have to state from the beginning that I think this is all a heap of baloney. I am not a believer. In fact I'm so much not a believer that my son was 3 years old when someone asked me what star sign he was and I didn't had NEVER occured to me to look it up...(He's a Libran) So, yes, not a follower of astrology.

But I do, in some obscure part of my brain know that I am a cusp baby. Born on the cusp between Sagittarius and Capricorn. Again, I dont really know what the hell that means in practical terms but I thought I'd have some fun and look it up. tells me its the Cusp of Prophecy and I am a true visionary! 😵 Gosh, lucky me 😎 I wonder if that applies to prophesising lotto numbers or any New York Times bestselling books in my future? Or winning phone bets with my husband?

Probably not.

So, tell me, what's your sign, baby? And are you a believer?


  1. Many happy returns, Amy, I hope you have a fabulous day! Ooh, and that's a very nice birthday present (I'm getting a similar one for Christmas). Enjoy!

    Well, I'm a Leo, apparently...bossy, loud, proud and stuff. Yeah, nah. Count me in the load-of-baloney team. ;-)

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  3. Happy birthday, Amy, & congrats on the giant phone. Only, I'm afraid your dh will win that bday bet on whether or not your phone fills up. Studies show that JPGs expand to fill all available space.

  4. Happy Birthday, Amy! I'm a Pisces. I visited an astrologer years ago to write a magazine story. I was stunned by her predictions as so many came true. And they were very specific and not generalisations any one could make. So I'm not a complete sceptic.

    1. Hey Kandy. I will agree some people can be scarily accuare with these kind of things!

  5. Happy Birthday!
    I too am on the cusp - of Aries and Taurus in April. Based on my 2 am appearance, I believe I am an Aries, but when I read my horoscope, I never relate to Aries and instead believe I am a full-fledged Taurus. I know, I know; you say "Bull" to that, LOL!
    Was intrigued to read Kandy's comments. Wish *I* could visit an astrologer to find out her/his predictions too! Just curious, ya know....

    1. lol Laney.
      I think curiosity about that kind of stuff is pretty universal.

  6. Happy birthday Amy

    I am not into the star signs either I am an Aries but that is about all I know LOL

    Have Fun