Feb 26, 2017

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a retro smooch from  Sue MacKay but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Sue Mackay...

Resisting Her Army Doc Rival is set in the heat of the Sinai Peninsula.

Infuriating, irresistible army doc Sam Lowe is the last person Madison Hunter wants to work with. He challenges her and soon the only thing hotter than their rivalry is their growing chemistry. But Maddy hides scars that tell a heart breaking story, and Sam has his own emotional wounds. He's determined to take his heart with him when he leaves the army base, yet as he sees beneath Maddy's tough exterior, it becomes more and more clear that his heart belongs with her...

It's been along, hot day out in the sand and dust of the Peninsula and nothing, not even a cold beer and some relax time with the officers has helped settle either Sam or Maddy. They go for a walk around the perimeter, and talk about their pasts, all the while the tension winding tighter and tighter.

Sam watched the argument going on in Madison’s head. It leapt through her eyes, marked her face, flattened those kiss-worthy lips. She wanted him as much as he did her. But fear had her fighting her desire all the way. Something he understood completely.

But... One kiss. What harm could that do? It wouldn’t mean there was more to come, but it would satisfy an ache.

Or create a bigger one.

There was that.

One kiss would definitely crank up the heat into an inferno.

But he had to taste her. Had to know those lips, had to satisfy a quest he’d begun unknowingly only days ago. At the same time it was as though all the barriers he’d erected were tightening, warning him not to do it. But the clawing need for affection and sharing was stronger.

‘I think I’ll head inside.’ Madison stood before him, looking sad and lost.

He did what he shouldn’t. He ignored those damned warnings. ‘Don’t go yet.’ Reaching out, he took Maddy’s shaky fists into his hands and wrapped her arms around his waist. She fitted like she was an extension of him. And that scent—he drew a long breath and savoured that summer fruit memory, rearranged his memories from a four-year-old’s to a man’s. Nothing set his senses tripping the tango like the smell of Maddy.

Dropping his head, he found her mouth, covered those enticing lips with his, and knew her softness. Her sharp indrawn breath made him pause until she relaxed into him. Then he went back to kissing her. One hand reached up to push through the silk that was her hair. The other cupped her chin as he continued to taste her, and an all-consuming need burst alight inside him, making everything he’d known before redundant.

When her body melted into his those glorious breasts pushed against the hard muscle of his chest, her hips pressed his, while the apex of her body touched his hardness.

Sam groaned. This was hell on earth. This was wonderful.

Maddy tensed. Her hands left his waist, flattened on his chest. Slowly she lifted her mouth away from his, tipped her head back to lock those eyes on him. ‘Sam?’

‘Yes, Maddy, it’s me.’ He recaptured her mouth before she could deny him another kiss. One had not been enough. Two wasn’t going to be either.

She sank back into him, causing him to relax, except where it mattered. His tongue stroked her lips, her mouth. It wasn’t enough. He tasted the skin on her jawline, and below her ear.

Under his hands he felt the change in her posture, the slow tightening of her arms before she began to pull away.

His first reaction was to haul her closer, tighten his hold, kiss her deeper. But Madison was withdrawing, and he had to allow that.

And being Madison, if he took too long to let her go, stole another kiss first, she’d probably want to kill him.

And I want to live. Really want that more than anything. Sam jolted backwards, his arms dropping to his sides while he rocked on his feet as though slammed by a runaway truck. I’m starting to feel alive for the first time in years. I want to love, and laugh, and make a home, and settle down, instead of wandering wherever the army sends me.

This was what happened when those protective ties around his soul began unwinding.

This was what happened when Madison Hunter had stepped into his life.

This was dangerous.

There was too much flotsam to deal with before he could even begin to undertake a relationship. He had to walk away from Madison, let her get on with her life without him, because he wasn’t able to become a part of it. She’d been badly hurt. He could not add to her anguish. He had to hold onto that raw emotion she’d poured into her singing so as he didn’t add to it.

But he was damned if he’d ever forget that kiss.
By joining the army as a medic Maddy has thrown herself completely into a situation that's alien to her usually controlled existence, and the consequences keep tipping her sideways. Have you ever done anything that's rocked you on your feet and had you wondering why? Love to hear from you and put your name into the draw for a copy of RESISTING HER ARMY DOC RIVAL.


  1. Lovely smooch, Sue! The story sounds fab. :-)

    I'm trying to think what has rocked me on my feet. I will confess to often asking myself why I'm doing a PhD (but usually answer myself a little while later with "because it's fun!"). Go figure. ;-)

  2. Fun and frustration, huh? Go you for doing a PhD in the first place.

  3. WOW Sue what a smooch I need to read this one I can't think of anything that has thrown me although I am still in convention mode and still in Melbourne but with my age I know there has been lots 😀 woohoo on the release

    Have Fun


    1. Thanks, Helen. seems everyone had a fab time in Melbourne. I'm soooo jealous.

  4. Adding this to my To Read list immediately - how long it takes me to actually read it is another question all together.
    Can't say I've ever truely stepped outside my comfort zone, I really do need to consider doing so as I know it helps make life more exciting/enjoyable/not quite sure the right word with a fried brain.

    1. Hi Lyn. I know exactly what you mean about those To Read Piles. They seem to grow rather than shrink.