Feb 19, 2017

Sunday Smooch with Ally Blake!

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Ally Blake but first 
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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Ally Blake’s TELL ME TRUE.

April Swanson is so hopeful about all the possibilities New Year’s might bring, she’s practically Pollyanna. She’s hardly wishing for the world, after all – just a little less family crazy and the promotion she's perfect for. Surely then she can finally let loose and not strive to be such a good girl all the time.

For reformed bad boy, Finn Ward, hope is a four letter word, yet he has a New Year’s wish of his own - to silence his dark and twisted past before it unravels his future and hurts the people he cares
about. No matter what.

So why would fate trick two such disparate souls into a fake first date? Maybe because they’ve both made the wrong wish...


After hiring The Cinderella Project (a seriously un-politically correct match-making biz!) to help her find her va va voom, April’s first field mission is to recommend herself to a man. (Yikes.)  “Merely for practice, darling,” she’s promised. And by picking an ‘ungettable get' - a man she can’t possibly have - surely it will make every other man she ever approaches feel easy in comparison.  Spying Finn sitting tall, dark, and broody across the other side of a crowded bar it’s clear to April that he’s the most ungettable of them all.  But the thing with being told she can’t…April begins to wonder if she can.


“You are the very definition of still waters, aren’t you, Finn?”

His voice was deep, hard with warning, as he said, “No sense spinning fairy tales about me in your head, April. Believe me.”

She shook her head. Once. Twice. “See that’s the thing with you, Finn. I don’t believe you.”

Before she could stop herself she wrapped a hand around his tie, dislodging the perfect knot. He didn’t react. Not even a blink. So she curled her fingers into his shirt, pulled harder, popped a button from its hole.

Still nothing.

It was infuriating. The man might as well have been made of stone.

The impulse to ruffle his hair, tug his jacket from his shoulders, to undo him somehow came over her like a tidal wave – huge, sudden unstoppable.

The man was so self-contained. Surely that couldn’t be healthy. It would be the kinder thing to help him relax--

Oh, stuff it.

April grabbed Finn by the shirt front, rose up onto her toes, and kissed him, planting one right on his beautiful mouth.

His resistance sang through him so powerfully he vibrated, while sparks of heat sprang up all over April's body at the feel of him beneath her hands, her mouth, her heart.

Turned out his resistance could only last so long, as April had barely registered what she’d gone and done before Finn finally broke off his leash and took complete control. Hauling her close with one arm, his other hand came to rest against her cheek, his thumb stroking the edge of her jaw as his devastating mouth slid over hers.

And, whoa, mamma, she felt it all the way to her knees.

April couldn't remember why she'd ever thought him made of stone. He was all heat and energy, the most vital life force she’d ever known coursing beneath his skin.

Finn. Yep, this was Finn who was kissing her like he had all the time in the world. The very same beautiful giant hunched dramatically over his empty glass in the bar the other night. The guy who was meant to be merely practice.
*   *   *

April never thought herself a contrary sort, but meeting Finn put paid to that!  How do you react to being told ‘no’? Got any good ‘oh, yes I can!’ stories of your own?

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  1. Gorgeous smooch, Ally! :-)

    As for being told No... I remember being told by a university lecturer that Romance would never be considered a suitable topic for a creative writing PhD. And I thought, 'We'll see about that.' ;-) Not that I'm wallowing in being proven right or anything. ;-)

    1. Michelle, I'm a big fan of the "I'll show you!" school of thought :). Wallow away :).

  2. Hi Ally

    WOW loved that smooch she is one determined woman and she is going to melt his heart I need to read this one :)

    I am sure that over the years there have been many times that I have been told no only to turn that around and I can't think of one at the moment.

    Woohoo on the release

    have Fun

  3. I loved this series I am waiting for the 4th book to be published --please don't put me in the draw as I already have the book------Lyn W

    1. Oh Lyn! You are too sweet. I'll have to write faster, just for you :).

  4. Hi Ally,
    'Ungettable get' love it. Finn is going down :) Lovely excerpt. Can't say I can. I was told no and that was that.... No can be a good thing also like now I'm going to RWAus conferences there is NO way I am going to stop going. ;)

    1. Hee! Love that there's NO way you're not doing something you love.

  5. Fantastic smooch, Ally!

    I'm not so good with being told no if it's in relation to something I really want to do - it only makes me more determined. No is just a jumping-off point for negotiations, right? ;)

    1. Mmm, I'm not so good with no. I'm a redhead = fiery = just you wait and see.

      "No is a jumping off point"? Just ask my kids!

  6. Hi Ally! Late dropping by to comment but I had to tell you how much I enjoyed this excerpt. It made me very hungry for more! This one sure packs a punch.

    Hm, can't remember any good 'no' stories. Though I suppose you could say some of those rejections I got along the way to being published just made me more determined to write and keep writing. Thank goodness they did!