Jun 17, 2016

Happy Friday!

It's Happy Friday today!

Actually, every day is like a happy day to me. But I love Friday's. The weekend is coming, football is on TV, it's take-away dinner night, and my lovely hubby very often brings me home flowers.

Today I'm heading out for a walk with this guy....Boss, my awesome boy.

Getting flowers......

Getting time to spend with my beautiful horse Zeb

Getting to see my latest release Lucy & The Lieutenant on this shelves at a local store....

Are Friday's a happy day for you? A wind down day as you head into the weekend?

What are your tips for a happy Friday?


  1. What a gorgeous cover, Helen.

    Yes, I love Fridays, especially today. I'm picking up my son from the airport having not seen him for 5 weeks. So today is a great day.

  2. It's a happy birthday Friday in our household. My Mum turned 83 today so we'll be celebrating with her. Mmmmm...cake...

  3. Oh what lovely flowers, Helen!

    Friday has never been a wind down day for me really. Having worked weekend night duty for years its always just been another work day. And if I'm writing then its usually 7 days a week with no "weekend" break. I keep telling myself I'll take weekends off but it never seems to eventuate...
    But working all day is better than working all night so I'll take it :-)

  4. Friday afternoons are the best, Helen! I call it 'Beer Friday' (stolen from Susan Meier who also loves Fridays). Roll around the weekend. :-)

  5. Hi Helen

    I like to ease into the weekend by starting my reading early :)

    Love your thoughts on Friday :)

    Have Fun

  6. I love Fridays too, even though I often work on weekends. There's still a feeling of winding down and relaxing. And yes, sometimes take away food to celebrate! Love the anticipation of Friday afternoon, Helen.

  7. Looks like a lovely Friday for you, Helen, with your beautiful animals. Since I left the "day job" all my days seem like Fridays!