Dec 24, 2014

It wouldn’t be Christmas without...

My family likes tradition...or dislikes change...either way it means that I have to cook certain foods every single year or field complaints. One year I suggested a rum and raisin ice cream dessert after lunch instead of the steamed Christmas pudding that I make every year.

“But it wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas pudding,” came the unified response.

Another year I thought I’d cut corners by not making mince pies for the days before Christmas. Same response.

No pavlova on Christmas Eve? No trifle Christmas night? What was I thinking?

No gingerbread? No way.

I’ve finally given up trying to inflict change upon them and now I’ve come to accept that it wouldn’t be Christmas without them all around me, and if I have to cook the same old things year in, year out in order to make sure that happens, I will.

Before I return to preparing the usual Christmas Eve spread, I’d love to hear whether anyone else has to bake/cook/prepare the same foods every year, or whether other families are happy to be a bit more adventurous, to break with tradition and try different things?

Whatever you eat at this time of year and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope the holiday season is good to you. Here's hoping that 2015 is a happy year for all.


  1. Hi Claire
    Yes our family is the same we must have the same every year which means a hot lunch no matter how hot the day is and steamed Christmas pudding for desert we are happy to have other foods added but we must have the normal LOL I often have suggestions that we have salad for lunch instead but no way :)

    Merry Christmas

    Have Fun

    1. LOL, Helen, I've tried the salad suggestions too. Not a chance.

      Enjoy your Christmas with the family.

  2. LOL, Claire -- it's funny how we look forward to the same thing year after year. Tradition can be both beguiling and comforting. I think past good memories surrounding Christmas make the new memories all the richer. :-)

    As for preparing the same food... If I didn't make a trifle for our Christmas celebrations I think there'd be tears. So, naturally, I keep making the trifle. ;-)

    1. I do love trifle. I tried to change it up a little one year, but the family was having none of that, so it's always the same trifle.

      Yes, I remind myself that they must have good memories of Christmas or they wouldn't want to repeat it every year. We must have done something right. Have a good one, Michelle.

  3. I'm with Helen - hot chistmas lunch with all the trimmings and steam pudding with lashings of hot custard. I'm not a salad and seafood Xmas kind of gal - you can have them anytime of the year! But turkey? Who eats turkey any other time of the year? (apart from Thanksgiving in the US of course) Although this year we're havign duck. I tried to source a goose but nada :-(
    Have just put my fruit in to soak for the pudding I'll be steaming tomorrow morning!
    Every year on Dec 1st (although I was late this year) I also make a big batch of rumballs and apricot balls.

    1. My son tried to find a goose earlier in the year for a special occasion (not for Christmas because that would mean change), but he couldn't track one down either. He ended up cooking us pigeons. Hmm. It wasn't bad. Lots and lots of bones, though.

      Enjoy your Christmas, Amy!

  4. Claire, I love your gingerbread reindeer! Too cute!

    We do the same things each year too - the full on roast everything with all the trimmings. YUM! And waaaaay too much of everything! But the leftovers are awesome! The weather was very kind to us this year with the temperature in the low 20s (much much nicer than the year it was in the low 40s!)

    Rum balls are a tradition for us too - though ours were brandy this year. Must have been a bit heavy handed on the rum with last year's batch! ;)