Dec 17, 2014

Bought By the Italian

She’s up for sale, and he’s the highest bidder.
What do you think of that as a tagline? It worked for me. And as soon as I had it I knew the plot for my second Hot Italian Nights novella. Here's a taste:
Gennaro De Laurentis might prefer motorcycle leathers to Armani, but when it comes to what he wants, he’s as ruthless as any corporate raider in a killer suit. And he wants Chiara, the unforgettable woman who denied the passion sizzling between them and walked away without a backward glance. Now he has the high society princess back in his power – and he’ll risk everything to make her his.
When glamorous fashion designer Chiara Armati goes up for auction, she’s selling her company over dinner for charity. Nothing else. As bidding rises to astronomical heights, she gets nervous. Yet only when she discovers her purchaser’s identity does she realise she’s caught in a trap. She’s never stopped wanting Gennaro or forgiven his betrayal. Now she’s at his mercy – and he’s as irresistible as ever!   
I published my first Hot Italian Nights novella earlier in the year. If you haven't read it, follow this link to find out more about BACK IN THE ITALIAN'S BED. I was determined to write the next story soon, plus I had the lovely experience of readers emailing to ask for Chiara's story. Note: if ever you read a book and like it so much you have the idea of writing to the author, DO IT! I can't tell you how special that is. Anyway, I was getting ready to work out just what Chiara's story was when life intervened with a few rather tough months, and my plans got put on hold.  
Finally, just recently, I carved out some time to write Chiara and Gennaro's story and I'm so glad I did. What fun we all had! I love a sizzling, intense hero and Gennaro is about as intense as they come. And in case you're wondering, this IS Gennaro and Chiara on the cover. I had the picture well before I finished the novella and this was the pair I wrote about.
I won't give you an excerpt here. You can find one on my website or at AmazonSmashwords or Barnes and Noble where the story is on sale. But I'll leave you with a photo of the area that inspired the story - the stunning Dolomites of Northern Italy.
I'm in the middle of another Harlequin novel now but I've got plans to write a third Italian novella too. For a bit of fun, how about giving me a suggestion for a title? I can't promise to use it but it might spark some ideas.
To celebrate the release of BOUGHT BY THE ITALIAN, I'll give a copy of a book to someone who leaves a comment.

Check back tomorrow when I'll post the winner's name.


  1. Hi Annie

    I can't wait to read this one it is calling me

    I am not very good with titles but how about Falling in Love with The Italian

    Have Fun

  2. Hi Helen, I hope you enjoy BOUGHT when you get to it. I had a ball writing it. It just seemed to zip along.

    Hey, I like Falling in Love with the Italian! What a beaut title! Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. This sounds like such a great story! Lovely cover too :)

    Coming up with titles is so tough, how about Tall, Dark and Italian?

    1. Stef! Tall, Dark and Italian sounds brilliant! It makes me think of coffee too, which isn't a bad thing. You're so clever. I find titles so hard. Though not as hard as synopses...

  4. Annie, that's a fabulous tag line. Really intriguing. And hot.

  5. It's difficult to suggest a title without having an idea of the content of the novella. However, perhaps For the Love of the Italian (could always have something or other on the end, eg Rogue, etc).

    Sounds like a fantastic book. Trying to get through some of the unread titles on my ereader at present but it's definitely going on my list.

    I love communicating with authors about what I thought of the book - it's a very solitary job for the most part and it's also not an easy job. Heck, my NaNoWriMo writing, my most recent writing attempt, is still sitting at the idea stage.
    I'm still nervous about posting reviews as I find it difficult to leave a review without spoiling the story for others, but slowly beginning to leave more - especially when I've won a title as a blog prize.

    1. Hi Lynn, yes, it is difficult not having an idea of the story, but then there are a couple of characters I'd like to write and I'm not really clear on their stories yet! I have been known to write a book from an idea sparked by a title. It's amazing what can lead to a story.

      Glad you like the sound of BOUGHT!

      Oh, I agree, writing reviews can be tough. I suppose it's easiest if you love or really dislike a story.

  6. Congratulations on the new release, Annie. I can't wait to read it. :-)

    As for a title... How about 'Lazy Lolling With the Italian Lothario'? Can you tell that I'm dreaming of a holiday. ;-)

    1. Snork! Michelle - 'lazy lolling'? You definitely need a holiday! Actually, lazily lolling sounds like a darned good idea about now. Sadly I have copy edits to do plus a book to finish and sundry other chores to finish...

  7. It's a fantastic tag line.

    As to titles - An Italian for Dinner

    1. Mary, I'm chuffed you like the tag for this story.

      Love the idea of mixing food and romance, and an Italian hero!

  8. Wow, Annie. Chiara and Gennaro's story sounds hot, hot, hot!!!

    How about The Italian's Passionate Demand.

    1. Hi Jenn! So glad that's your reaction to the story. Smiling here.

      Love the sound of a passionate demand - works for me!

  9. Loved the Italian way? Loved this, and can´t wait for my chance to read!
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Hi Linda. What a great title idea! It hooks me, that's for sure. all the best for the holiday season to you too.

  10. Hard to say without contents given. That being said, I'll still offer generic possibilities:
    When in Rome....
    Still Waters Run Deep
    Back with the Italian
    Can't Forget the Italian
    The Italian's Forgotten Mistress (or Bride)
    The Italian's Desire
    The Italian's Red-Hot Desire
    Bedded by the Italian
    One Night with the Italian
    The Unforgettable Italian
    Possessed by the Italian
    An Heir for the Italian
    Carrying the Italian's Baby
    Risking It All for the Italian
    The Italian's Second Chance at Love
    Planned by the Italian
    and I'm guessing that The Roaming Roman just won't work, LOL!

    1. Ooh I love Risking it All for the Italian! Great title :)

  11. Hi Laney. What am amazing list of titles! Good on you!

  12. Thanks, everyone who dropped by and left a comment. It's great to share my new story with you.

    Now, to announce a winner to receive an ecopy of BOUGHT BY THE ITALIAN from Amazon. Tonight the L's have it. CONGRATULATIONS LINDA! If you email me at annie(at)annie-west(dot)com with your email address, I'll arrange for you to receive a copy.
    Also, LANEY, though you didn't win the draw, how could I not give you a prize after all the work you put in to coming up with titles? If you send me your email address, I'll send you a ecopy too.