Feb 2, 2014

Sunday Smooch with Amy Andrews

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Amy Andrews but first 

... the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is Tammy!

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from one of the new Bold and Beautiful novellas - Forbidden Affair

Blurb and Cover
Steffy is back.

A year in Paris has cemented her resolve to get over Liam and her miscarriage. Resigning from Forrester Creations is her first step.

She is surprised when Bill offers her a job as head of marketing and PR at Eye On Fashion. Is this what she wants?

Hoping to convince her it is, Bill joins her volunteering at Daisy's.

They are alone, late at night, when an earthquake strikes, and the building collapses around them.

Frightened and trapped in the rubble, they become closer, and Steffy realizes she's falling in love with the last man she should.

But is this an attraction borne from fear, or is it something much deeper?

Scene set-up - Bill and Steffy are trapped in the collapsed ruin of Dayzee's after a major earthquake has hit LA. After a particaularly bad aftershock, Steffy turns to Bill for comfort.

Bill groped around for the flashlight at their feet, locating it fairly quickly, flicking it on, then standing again and pulling her against him. Silently, he shone the beam around the area. The pile of rubble where they’d raised the flag seemed okay and the piping was still anchored in place. But when he shone the light on the kitchen side, Steffy gasped.
A beam from the kitchen rubble pile had shifted and fallen sideways. It was large and clearly heavy and it didn’t escape Steffy’s notice that it had come to rest in almost the exact spot she’d been standing when the aftershock hit.
“Oh God,” she said, a sudden wave of nausea roiling through her intestines as she turned her face into Bill’s chest.
“It’s okay,” he murmured, rubbing her back, flicking the flashlight off and plunging them into darkness.
“No, it’s not,” she said, raising her head. “I was . . . standing right there.” She’d be dead right now if he hadn’t snatched her away. He’d saved her life again.
“But you’re not now,” he soothed, his hand continuing its calm stroking.
Steffy looked into his earnest face. He was so heroic right now she could barely breathe for it—it was suffocating and oh so sexy. Everything about him was sexy. His impossibly square jaw, his neat beard, his strong chin. The way he oozed masculinity and confidence.
And his mouth. God but his mouth was sexy.
And he was right. They could die here. The building could collapse before they were rescued and they’d be gone. Wiped from the face of the earth.
And she’d never know what it was like to be loved by him.
“Kiss me,” she said.
Bill blinked at the unexpected request. “Steffy, are you sure—”
She didn’t give him a chance to finish, just raised herself up on her toes and kissed him instead.
His lips were resistant at first. She wasn’t sure if that was from shock or from some kind of belated morality, given how much she’d been banging on about it, but the second she whimpered her frustration against his mouth, he opened to her and she took what she wanted.
He let her take the lead, his lips slanting in the direction she wanted them to go, his tongue stroking against hers when she commanded it to do so. Her hands bunched in the fabric of his T-shirt, her hips aligned with his and when she felt the hard length of him at the juncture of her thighs she rubbed herself against him, desperate to get closer.
Bill, his breath ragged, pulled away. “Are you sure?” he asked again, knowing this was escalating, feeling his own control at snapping point.
Steffy blinked, her head swimming from the overdose of testosterone and the sheer weight of her need. “I’ve never been surer of anything,” she said, dragging his head back down.
Bill didn’t need any more convincing. And he didn’t do any more following either. He bumped her back against the door frame and flayed her with a kiss that left them both gasping.
“More?” he asked roughly.
“Oh God, yes!” Steffy begged.
“All the way?” he demanded against her mouth.
Steffy whimpered. “I’ll die if you don’t.”

For the chance to win an e-Book of Forbidden Affair tell me, are you a Bold fan? Are soaps your cup of tea? If not, what's your favourite television show?

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced!

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  1. Amy
    What a smooch I have this one downloaded and ready to read and I am really looking forward to it :-)
    I am not a soapy fan sorry I used to watch them years ago when the kids were little but with working and the massive TBR pile I have I don't watch much TV at all these days :-)
    Congrats in the release
    Have Fun

    1. Woot! Happy to know you've already downloaded, Helen!
      And I watch tooo much tv :-)

  2. Hi Amy.

    I will contact Alison so thrilled I won. Your books sounds so good. I love forbidden love stories My favorite show is Justified.

    1. Congrats Tammy :-)
      Haven;t seen Justified but everyone I know who's seen it raves - its on my list!

  3. Amy, what a fun kiss!

    I watched soaps years ago, and I remember the actor who plays Bill when he was a pool boy on The Young And The Restless. He married Tracey, the plain daughter of the Abbots (the house where he worked) - such a scandal! Tracey was always worried that he didn't love her for herself because he was so darn gorgeous. He did though. :)

    Hang on, now I have to google it. Found it on wikipedia - he was Brad Carlton, and he wasn't the pool boy, he was the groundskeeper (funny how I only remember him cleaning the pool...).

    1. I remember most from TYATR too, Rach! I adored him in that becasue he did love her soooo much!
      He plays a much more alpha role in BB but I really wanted to do Bill's story because I felt like I "knew" the actor who plays him best!

  4. OMG! What a hot scene! And it's between Steffy and Bill! Lol, Fiji literally stops when B&B comes on TV.


  5. I've never watched Bold and the Beautiful. But if that kiss is the last before they die...what a way to go! :D

    Marcy Shuler

    1. lool Marcy - never fear, they come out unscathed :-)

  6. Ooh, Steffy and Bill are generating some heat, Amy! Nice. :-)

    I used to watch soaps back in my misspent youth, but not anymore. Unless you want to count Buffy (my current fave) as a soap. But I loved all that glamour and drama -- such fun.

    1. Oh, there be heat, alright Michelle.
      Buffy is a fav of a lot of people but have to hang my head and say I never really watched it...
      creeping out the door now....

  7. Wicked smooch, Amy! And what a situation you've got poor Bill and Steffy in!

    My fave TV fix at the moment is Elementary! I love Jonny Lee Millar's protrayal of Sherlock and having his partner as Joan Watson instead of John Watson. Very clever!

    1. Thanks Sharon :-)
      I saw the first ep of Elementary and wasn't caught by it. But then that's just probably my thing I have about Sherlock Holmes. I hate the whole hyper-vigilant superpower he's got going on cos I just don't think its realistic....
      But I love a female Watson :)

  8. Well done Amy, ah earthquakes will never be the same for me, after reading your passage.

    This household would stop when "Who Do You Think You Are" came on, sadly, it's not on the tellie here. The search then finding family stories is so much fun Though my husband the telling and sharing of said stories over drinks is the best part. Crabbie's anyone?

    1. Hey Deb - thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      Sounds like your hubby is quite the yarn spinner! :-)