Feb 23, 2014

Sunday Smooch with Michelle Douglas

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Michelle Douglas but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Michelle Douglas.

The beginning of a very long journey…together?

Quinn Laverty and her young sons are planning to start a new life on the other side of the country! With her family abandoning her, and her ex choosing wealth and privilege over fatherhood, her boys are all she's got.

But when an airline strike interferes with her plans, Quinn finds herself taking the car and up-and-coming politician Aidan Fairhall to Sydney. And trapped together on a weeklong road trip, opposites Quinn and Aidan begin the most unexpected and life-changing journey of their lives.

Scene set-up: Quinn and Aidan are at a remote campsite in the middle of nowhere and the boys are safely in bed. They've all been planning what they'll do when they finally cross the Nullabor Plain and hit the big city. However, Quinn and Aidan's playful flirting takes a serious turn...

  One side of his mouth hooked up in a slow, wicked smile. He still held her hand. ‘I’m looking forward to hitting the town with you.’

  She should pull her hand free. ‘Why?’

  He tugged her a little closer. ‘Do you dance?’

  Her breath caught in her chest, making her heart thud. ‘Like you wouldn’t believe.’

  ‘I’m better,’ he promised.

  ‘We’ll see about that.’

  ‘What’s your favourite cocktail?’

  ‘A Margarita. Yours?’

  ‘A whiskey sour.’

  His thumb caressed the soft skin at her wrist. ‘Can you play blackjack?’

  ‘With the best of them.’ The nearest she’d come to gambling was the odd flutter on the Melbourne Cup. ‘Although I prefer roulette.’

  ‘I’m going to take you out dancing and gambling and drinking.’

  He was?

  ‘And I’m going to kiss you.’

  And then his mouth came down on hers in the dark of the night, hot and demanding, and it stole her breath. His kiss wasn’t polite or quiet. It was dark and thrilling and she threw all sense of caution to the wind, winding her arms about his neck and kissing him back.

  He pulled her in closer, trapping her between lean, powerful thighs, and deepened the kiss. She didn’t resist. His hands curved about her hips and explored them completely, boldly and oh-so-impolitely. She moved against him restlessly as the thrill became a dark throb in her blood. Thrusting her hands into his hair, she held him still to thoroughly explore a mouth that set her on fire, inciting him to further bold explorations of her body with hands that seemed to know exactly what she craved.

  Aidan’s kiss made her feel impulsive and young.

  It made her feel beautiful.

  It made her feel all woman.

  She broke off to gulp air into starved lungs. His lips found her throat—no butterfly whispers here, just hot, wet grazes and suckles that built the inferno growing inside her. His hands were beneath her dress, cupping her buttocks, kneading and pleasing and building that inferno. Her hands went to the waistband of his shorts—


  No, no, she didn’t want to wait. She wanted to lose herself in sheer sensation. She wanted to forget her troubles and soar away in mindless and delirious pleasure. Oh, please let her…

  Ask the question.

  She froze. Aidan’s clever, heat-inducing, pleasure-seeking fingers started to move and she knew that in a moment she would be lost. Totally and completely.

  With a groan of pure frustration, she slapped her hands over the top of his, the fabric of her dress between them. ‘I have to ask a question.’

Would you like to go on a road trip or is it your idea of a nightmare. and if so where would you choose to go?

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  1. Michelle

    This one is next on my reading list and I can't wait to fall into it :) wow what a kiss so heated and sensual and as for a road trip I love them Hubby and I have done a few over the years we have been together including our honeymoon when we drove from Sydney to Adelaide and through The Baroosa Valley and back yep I love them and we have done a few with kids and now the kids are grown up there have been a few with just the two of us again they really are lots of fun.

    Thanks for the win :) made my day off to send and email

    Have Fun

    1. Oh, Helen, it sounds as if you had the most wonderful time on your honeymoon (well, of course you did…but I'm specifically referring to the road trip part, LOL). I'd love to do Newcastle to Adelaide and the Barossa. The DH and I have talked about it and it's on our bucket list.

      Ooh, I hope you enjoy Quinn and Aidan's story when you dive into it. It was a lot of fun to write a story of such opposites and to then throw them in a situation where they just couldn't walk away from each other. :-)

      And congrats on your win!

  2. Ahhh, Michelle. You've hooked me! Who WOULDN'T like to "feel all woman"! Wonderful....
    BTW, I loved reading THE REDEMPTION OF RICO D'ANGELO. Especially enjoyed the twists at the end of the story.
    As for a road trip, I too have been blessed to travel with my husband a couple thousand miles each way several times. I always enjoy our times together, and the things that go wrong always make great stories later! We prefer to visit family/friends than travel somewhere specific for sight-seeing - and do the sight-seeing with our friends when we get there. Mind you, we have the best of times in our pj's after supper, usually playing cards or board games together. That, to me, is bliss.

    1. LOL, Laney, on the "all woman" -- things do get steamy a couple of times between Quinn and Aidan. And thanks for the kind words on Rico. That twist came to me part way through the story and after that everything just fell into place -- you have to love those moments. :-)

      Ooh, you've been on several big road trips. Oh, yes, the stories when things go wrong or something unexpected happens make for great memories.(My DH and I still talk about Molly the pig -- and it occurs to me that there just might be a blog post in that topic on it's own. ;-) ). I love that you combine sightseeing with visiting family/friends -- sounds like double the fun. :-)

  3. Whoa! Somebody get me some water!! That was hawt, Michelle!
    I like road trips - as long as I dont have to camp!! along the way :-) Planning a Route 66 road trip with old friends in a few years - very much looking forward to that!

    1. Route 66! Wow, what an adventure, Amy. That'll be fabulous.

      No, I'm not a fan of camping either. My ideal road trip would be in a Mercedes Benz E350 (smooth and roomy) and booking into 5 star hotels along the way. ;-)

  4. Oh...my...goodness...! That is some kiss, Michelle. You've got me all aflutter here. I can't wait to read this story! And what a place to end. I wondering what her question is.

    I'm actually in the process of planning a road trip right now. Fingers crossed it works out - over the Austrian alps and down into northern Italy. You know those winding roads full of hairpin bends and amazing scenery? Gulp. We'll see.

    1. Pleased you enjoyed it, Annie. I won't give any spoilers but I'm afraid the question is a real mood killer. Is it wrong to enjoy throwing curve balls at our characters?

      Oh, now I'm drooling in absolute envy!!! A road trip over the Austrian alps and into northern Italy, huh? You MUST take lots of pictures to share with us here!

  5. Gorgeous smooch, Michelle! Have to get myself a copy of this book!

    Road trips - I've done a few and they're never as good as I hope they'll be. I prefer to go to one or two places and explore a bit more. An unhurried pace.

    Having said that, road trips are one of my very favourite kinds of romance novels!

    1. Oh, I'll send you a copy if you want one, Rach. :-)

      What a shame your road trips haven't lived up to expectations. I've found the opposite -- that I've not necessarily always looked forward to them, but they've usually pleasantly surprised me. I agree that they're fun in romance, though -- such a nice hot-house environment.

  6. I like road trips. They are a lot of fun Our next trip will be to Savannah, GA I think. Our last road trip was to Hershey, PA to see One Direction in concert last summer. It was a great time.

    1. Oh, that sounds like fun, Tammy! Now I have to ask how long it'll take you to drive to Savannah? My DH and I drove to Tasmania a couple of years ago and it took about 12 hours to get to Melbourne (from Newcaste) where we then caught an overnight ferry. It then took about 2.5 hours to reach Hobart. It felt like a marathon. :-)

  7. WHAT WAS THE QUESTION???? (Don't tell me, I'll buy the book and find out! LOL). Gorgeous smooch- I'd love to feel young again *sigh*

    I love a road trip, a plane trip (well, not so much- well, not at all), a boat trip- I love any kind of trip because it usually means I'm going on holiday! Currently I'd love to do the east coast of USA, then the West coast, round Australia, across Europe….basically anywhere!

    1. LOL, Louisa -- am zipping my lips. :-)

      You know, I'm with you. Trips of any kind are brilliant because they usually mean holidays. Even when I'm not enamoured with the thought of 20+ hours on a plane, I sure as heck am happy with what's waiting for me at the other end.

      I love the sound of the road trips you'd choose to do -- they're so different but they'd all be great fun. Happy sighs.

  8. I've been on lots of road trips over the years & while I did enjoy them there was something exciting about pulling into the driveway of our home.

    Good to be out on the road, great to be back.

    1. Oh, Mary, that's so true. It's lovely to be out in the world having adventures, but there's nothing quite like putting up your feet when you get home again, is there?

  9. Road trip, road trip, road trip! YES!
    Yup, you guessed it, I do love a road trip, Michelle! And I love this Smooch! Got to get me some more of Aiden and Quinn's story!

    And I'm with Louisa - WHAT WAS THE QUESTION! LOL I'll find out the same way by buying the book!

    1. Now why doesn't it surprise me that you're a road trip gal, Sharon? I've loved hearing about your travels to some of Australia's more remote spots. :-) Mind you, I'll let you have the camping on your own.

      LOL. The question? Ah, the question. ;-)

  10. I like how he just jumped all into that kiss. LOL

    I'd love to go on a road trip if I could stop and explore fun things along the way. We took vacations every summer by car but my dad wouldn't stop for anything!

    Marcy Shuler

    1. You have to understand, Marcy, that he's been holding off for a long time. ;-)

      LOL on your father. Mine was definitely a "let's just get there" type too. If you do go on a road trip I hope you get to explore to your heart's content.