Oct 27, 2013

Sunday Smooch with Kelly Steel......

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have an (almost) smooch from Kelly Steel, but first ...

the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is -Laney4.

Can you please contact Michelle Douglas at michelle(at) michelle-douglas (dot) com to receive your copy of The Redemption Of Rico D'Angelo.

And now for today's Sunday Smooch from One Bite Leads To Another by Kelly Steel ........

After a spate of violence on his home island, Leonardo D’Silva returns home to find chaos on Lenuka Island.
Who is responsible for this? And is the intriguing schoolteacher, Evelyn Hathaway connected to any of it? Face to face with Eve, Leo is taken back to the memory of his first love. Who was Eve? Was she a witch?

And when Leo turns to his real vampire self after a night with Eve, will she still accept him? Evelyn Hathaway is intrigued by the handsome Leonardo D'Silva, the benefactor of her school, whom she's met for the very first time. Handsome, sophisticated and oh, so gentlemanly, she can't get him out of her mind. She's never met him before, yet she senses a strong connection, a feeling that they've met somewhere before, in another time and place.  Who is this Leonardo D'Silva, with the hint of a demonic glint in his eye? Can it be possible...?

Scene set-up: [Leo had come back to his home island to help keep peace as he had heard rumours that there were some vampires running riot. He meets Eve, who was the exact lookalike of his long-dead beloved Evelyn. He is uncontrollably drawn toward her]

    He tried to hurry Eve along with a hand on her elbow. She stumbled and turned towards him with unease.
    Did she also feel that jolting of senses he felt whenever he touched her? When he tried to delve in her mind, he could feel her blocking him out.
    This was an added dilemma. He was very much fascinated with Evelyn Hathaway. He also noticed her desire for him in her eyes. Gazing deep into those green eyes, he felt the demon in him rising. He turned and took her in his arms.
    All of a sudden, she seemed flustered.
    “I…” She threw her head back, baring her neck.
     Her pulse beat wildly under the skin. He could see the rapid twitch at her collarbone, could smell the blood now. The need to taste it, fed by the adrenaline ripping through him, almost overwhelmed him.
    Leo froze. Her throat was long and pale.
    He lowered his head.
    She jerked again.
    Leo’s lip rose, and his fangs descended unseen in the dark. He had never wanted anything as much as he wanted to taste Eve’s blood. He dipped his mouth toward her neck.

    My God, what was happening? Eve found herself clinging to him. Her heart beat as if it might fly from her chest. Her instinct shrieked danger, but her body defied all the warning. Her knees bent, pushing her even closer, until she could feel his breath dance over her skin and her breasts flatten against him.
    “What…what are you doing?” The words were no more than a whisper. She stared up at Leo, thinking it was strange that she’d met him for the first time today and he was making her body react in an even stranger manner.
    His eyes were dark…dilated to the point she couldn’t tell their real color. His black hair was, tousled, falling over his forehead and brushing one cheek. She wanted to push the strands back and run her hands in his hair.
    He stared back at her and something clicked in his eyes. A circle of gray appeared, telling her their color.       Then with a curse, he shoved her to the side.

    Leo spun towards her. “Get inside the house,” he ordered.   With those words, little more than a growl, he raced toward the woods. 

Have you ever had an experience like this? A near miss kiss? 

Kelly has a kindle copy of One Bite Leads To Another for one commenter. 

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced and another smooch will be posted!

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  1. Kelly

    WOW that is one hot nearly smooch so sensual :)

    I don't think that this has happened to me that I can remember although in my younger it may have LOL

    Love the sound of this one

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen!

      We all would remember if we were about to be kissed and then scorned or left like that! I don't think someone would forget it in a hurry!

      Thanks for coming along!

  2. Just sent my email. Many thanks to Michelle!

  3. I've never experienced a near miss kiss, but after reading that excerpt I wish I had! Yowza!

    Congrats on the book win, Laney. :)

    Marcy Shuler

    1. Hi Marcy,

      Thanks for coming by. I hope you would check the book out and enjoy it!

  4. Hi Kelly, it's lovely to have you here at the LoveCats, sharing an excerpt. What a great title, and as for an almost kiss...that definitely makes me want to read on.

    1. Thanks so much Annie! I love your books and they all are on my keeper shelves!

      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Great 'near' smooch Kelly. I've read One Bite Leads To Another and it's fabulous :)

  6. Ooh, now doesn't the air sizzle between that pair. I foresee many fireworks to come. :-)

    LOL. I once ducked from a kiss because the tension had become too much. The lead up had just become too drawn out and that "whole will-he-won't-he" started circling in my mind...'fraid it sorta spoiled the moment. ;-)

    1. Lol! Michelle! Hilarious, and if it was me I would then start thinking about...is my breathe fresh? Should I go for a quick swish with minty fresh?

      Thanks for dropping by and for your comment!

  7. Nice excerpt; No, I haven't

  8. Oh, I know all about missed kisses. When I was newly arrived from Ireland and living in a joint Indian family - and married into it too - I had a few of those. I remember one Sunday afternoon, himself and myself got ourselves behind a locked door and were making the most of it. Just at the crucial moment, we heard hammering on the door and an old man shouting 'Bubbly, have you got two rupees?' It was my father in law calling my husband by his childhood nickname, asking for some ridiculously low amout to get rid of a begger at the door.

    Talk about a passion killer!

    1. BTW I meant 'amount' not 'amout'. LOL.

    2. Lol! Maria, I kept chuckling while reading your comment. I wonder how many times it has happened again over the years? What with the extended family and four kids?

      Thanks for dropping in Maria!

  9. Thanks for visiting the LoveCats for a Smooch, Kelly, or in this case a "near" Smooch! It's a great way to crank up the tension! Eve and Leo really have the chemistry simmering!