Sep 13, 2013

Let Me Take You Cruising...

In honour of my October release, Countering His Claim - which is set on a cruise ship, the Cora Mae - I'm going to do a countdown of the top 5 cruising movies / T.V shows of all time.

There were others I considered including in this list, like Stardust (who can forget Robert DeNiro and his ship?), or Wall-E (with the cruise ship in space that is now the home of the human race), but I had to whittle them down to get to just 5.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Maybe it's not quite a cruise ship, but there is Captain Jack Sparrow as compensation.

 4. The Love Boat. 

I loved this show when I was young - perhaps that's where my love of cruise ships originally came from? Imagine hanging out with Julie, Captain Stubbing, Doc, Gopher and the gang for a whole cruise? Fun!

3. Titanic.

Yeah, I know the ship sinks at the end, but before that it was glorious! And the bonus of Rose and Jack's love story. "I'm the king of the world!"

2. Doctor Who Specials: Voyage of the Damned.

The cruise ship Titanic is a space ship in the future (as The Doctor asks, did they remember what happened to the original Titanic?). They pretty much had me at David Tennant. 

1. An Affair To Remember.

Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, and *that* ending. What more could a person want in a movie? Happy sigh.

Have I missed any good ones? Do you have a favourite? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Hi Rachel

    An Affair to Remember and Titanic are two of my most favourite movies and I too loved The Love Boat I can't think of anymore movies or TV shows unless you might think of Gilligan's Island lol after all it was a short cruise.
    Congrats on your new book I really loved this one :-)

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, it seems like we have similar tastes! You know, I loved Gilligan's Island when I was a kid, but that's another one where the cruise didn't end so well... Lol.

      Thanks for saying you loved this book - Luke and Della were very special to me. :)

  2. Ooh, this may make you yell at me Rach (and Helen), but dare I confess I've never seen An Affair to Remember? Will put it on my list, though!

    One of my favourite cruise ship movies is The Poseidon Adventure. I loved that when I was young. I could watch it over and over again when I was an early teen -- and it would always have my heart pounding. Mind you, it turned me off ever going on a cruise. ;-)

    1. Oh, absolutely you must get An Affair To Remember! And the bonus is Sleepless in Seattle will make a lot more sense afterwards.

      You know, I thought of The Poseidon Adventure (which I also remember loving when I was young) but I thought it was kinda the wrong message about cruise ships for this post. ;)

  3. Hey, thanks for taking us cruising, Rachel! Great line up! The movie that leapt to my mind was the Poseidon Adventure, same as Michelle! It was thrilling at the time! I think there's a fairly recent remake but I haven't seen that - I imagine the special effects are probably more impressive.

    There was a Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell movie called Overboard that started on a boat. They had great chemistry together!

    1. Another for The Poseidon Adventure! It was a whole heap of fun, that movie. I thought about Overboard as well (those scenes where Kurt Russell is making Goldie Hawn look after the house and the boys are hilarious) but it didn't end up making the top 5. Great movie, though.

  4. Rachel, what a great list. Had to laugh that you didn't include The Poseidon Adventure or Death on the Nile. But then Titanic... There was another Dr Who with pirates, starring Hugh Bonneville. Dr Who AND pirates - pretty good!

    Trying to think of some old B&Ws I saw that I'm sure featured cruise ships. Definitely one old Marx Bros but I'm not sure how much actual cruising they did.

    Looking forward to your next one, Rachel!

  5. Annie, I didn't think of Death on the Nile! And, yes, Titanic was so much more romantic than The Poseidon adventure, and had many more scenes in the beautiful rooms. TPA, which I loved, was filled with water and doesn't have *quite* the same effect for cruising. ;)

    Doctor Who episode with pirates, oh yes! - was it called The Black Spot? Hang on, I'll go check... (Any excuse to look up Doctor Who on Wikipedia!) It was The Curse Of The Black Spot. (And now I've just lost a chunk of time reading the production notes for the episode.) It was such fun!

    Re: B&W movies, I remember a few too (but don't remember them well). Maybe it was a more common setting years ago? Perhaps before it became accessible to a broader cross-section of society?

  6. I really loved the Love Boat but must confess that I haven't seen any of the movies. that won't stop me from reading your book though.

    1. Kaelee, wasn't The Love Boat fun? I have such fond memories. Though I wonder how it holds up with time - would the repeats still be as heartwarming and sparkly...?