Sep 29, 2013

Sunday Smooch - An Enticing Debt to Pay - Annie West

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from AN ENTICING DEBT TO PAY by Annie West, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from AN ENTICING DEBT TO PAY.

Dial R for Revenge…

Forgiveness is a foreign concept to wealthy investment trader Jonas Deveson. Someone has been stealing from him. He's got a good idea who it is and she's going to pay….

Seeing the harsh lines that bitterness has carved into Jonas's handsome features, Ravenna Ruggiero knows he'll never see the shades of gray in her actions.

Jonas blackmails Ravenna into working as his housekeeper to pay off her debt, but living under the same roof leads to unexpected yet forbidden temptation, and Jonas is no longer sure who is being punished!

Scene set-up:
Jonas and Ravenna aren't quite strangers but they're definitely enemies when they meet again. Jonas believes she stolen from him and is infuriated at her refusal to show guilt. Ravenna is busy protecting her mother, the real focus of Jonas's fury. Tensions and tempers run high till Jonas finally snaps and reaches for Ravenna, responding to the high octane attraction they both feel.

Slitted now, her eyes had a glazed look that told its own story. She swallowed convulsively, drawing his attention to the slim length of her pale throat. The collar of her dark jacket sat loose, giving her an air of fragility at odds with the pulse of vibrant life he felt as she arched against him.

He’d pull back soon. In a moment. When he’d allowed himself a single taste...

Cinnamon and feminine spice filled his nostrils as he dipped his head, nudging aside her collar and nipping gently at the sensitive spot where her neck and shoulder met. She shook in his hold, her hand grasping his between them as if for support.

‘No. Please I-’

Her words cut abruptly as Jonas laved the spot, drawing in the sweet taste of her warm skin.

Too late he realised his error, as he angled his head hungrily for a better taste, pressing kisses up her arching throat, past the throbbing pulse, up to the neatly defined angle of her jaw.

She was addictive. Scent or taste or the feel of silky soft flesh, or perhaps all three, had Jonas ignoring the voice of reason and losing himself in the moment. In the luxury of caressing Ravenna.

He’d never come across a woman who tempted him so easily.

Her free hand cupped the back of his neck, holding him close and he pulled her tight against him, enjoying the slide of her body as she bowed back to give him free rein.

He stroked his tongue along the scented skin behind her ear and had to tighten his hold when she slumped against him as if her knees had given way.

She was so responsive, inciting a surge of arousal that swamped all else. Blood roared in his veins, primal instinct taking over. His focus blurred, his mind racing frantically with the practicalities of getting her horizontal as soon as possible.

He nipped lightly at her ear lobe and she turned her head restlessly as if seeking his lips.

Triumph hummed through him as he pressed a kiss to the corner of her lush mouth.

One quick taste then he’d find that preposterous gilded sofa and treat them both to sexual release so intense it would shatter them to the core. Already he was hard as a rock. Carrying her across the room would be torture but he wasn’t letting her go till he’d had his fill. Till they were both limp and the urgent hunger gnawing at his vitals was appeased.

His ears rang with the force of his blood rushing. He ignored it and tilted his head to take her mouth.

Except her eyes were open now and that dreamy expression had faded. Stark horror flared instead in those dark gold depths.

Jonas frowned. She wanted him. He knew it. He felt it with every muscle and sinew as she pressed herself against him. Yet-

The ringing sounded again. This time he realised it came from somewhere outside his head – the front door.

In this book Ravenna stands up (most of the time) to a furious tycoon, bent on revenge, to protect her mother. To be in the draw to win a signed copy of ENTICING, just tell us who or what you'd stand up to protect, maybe a person or a place or a right.
Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and a smooch from 'Countering His Claim' by Rachel Bailey will be posted!

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  1. Hi Annie

    I so loved this smooch and I loved the story it is such a great read :)

    I would stand up and do anything for my children and grandchildren they are everything to me and I would stop at nothing to protect them :)

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen, I guessed from your Facebook pics that your children and grandchildren would be right up there for you!

      So glad you enjoyed the smooch and the book!

  2. Hiya Love Cats! Hiya Annie! Tsssss! That's one hot smooch. Congratulations on the release of AN ENTICING DEBT TO PAY. What a great story - I love housekeeper/governess and master of the house romances. They take me back to my gothic reading days. The sparks absolutely fly between Ravenna and Jonas and when they catch flame, oh, my!

    1. Anna, it is a spicy one, isn't it? I had such fun with the housekeeper/master of the house theme. So much that I'd like to revisit it sometime. I read a lot of those gothic romances too and I suspect they inspired me, though the tension between Jonas and Ravenna is totally individual.

  3. Oh, this is SO my kind of story! Plus, I love Annie's books!

  4. I love a good traveling kiss. *sigh*

    I believe everyone should be treated the same, so I can get pretty vocal about this, whatever the situation.

    Marcy Shuler

    1. Hi Marcy. I'm so glad it appeals.

      I think if you're going to get vocal about something, that's a particularly good reason.

  5. Hey Annie

    Love that excerpt - hot! Congrats on your new book - always love seeing new Annie West's books on the shelf!

    I hope I always manage to stand up for the good, and the right - but also that I manage to be strong enough to stand up in the face of things when everything is wrong...not only for my children, and family, but for every-day people, and animals and every-day happenings I witness. To protect those in a position that are not able to protect themselves.

    I guess that is a cop out as that is probably what everyones wishes, to simply be a better person because of our beliefs in what is right and what is unjust and to act on those beliefs.

    Thanks for another GREAT Annie West book!

    1. Hi Tina,

      I don't think that's a cop out at all! Sometimes it's hard to stand up for the things that are important to us. Acting on beliefs can be harder than it sounds. I wish I was more active more often in that respect.

      I'm chuffed you like the sound of this new release.

  6. Ooh, what a gorgeously spicy smooch, Annie! Readers are in for such a treat. :-)

    Who or what would I stand up for? Hmm, I think we all stand up for the people we love, but I think it's important to stand up for people who might be weaker or who don't have a voice too. As far as concepts go, I'd definitely stand up for freedom. It's one of those biggies that's too important to lose.

    1. Michelle, I hope so! So far readers have been very keen on the story and I'm hoping that continues.

      Oh yes, freedom is such a biggie, isn't it? And standing up for those who can't do it for themselves. Good on you!

  7. The doorbell is ringing! Horrors is right. Lovely smooch up until that point. I now want to read any follow up kisses and the rest that will follow.

    I don't have kids of my own but I would stand up to anyone trying to hurt members of my family.

    I would stand up and fight for my right to vote. Too many people don't in the countries that have that right and too many people are dying in order to get that right in other countries.

    1. Hi Kaelee, I'm pleased you enjoyed the kiss. You can be sure there's a lot more to follow.

      What a coincidence that you should mention the right to vote as well as standing up for your family. We were just talking here last night about the right to vote and how important it is. We were amazed at how late women in particular got the right to vote in some places.

  8. LOVE the smooch thank you!! I'd want to clock whoever was at the door.

    I would not hesitate to stand up and protect my family. That's just a given.

  9. Hi Mary,

    I'm smiling here at you wanting to clock whoever is at the door. Both Ravenna and Jonas see it as a chance to claw back to reality, but of course, the 'saved by the bell' doesn't work more than once.

    I agree, standing up for your family almost goes without saying, but then I suppose sadly there are some families where that's not the case.

  10. What an enticing snippet, Annie! I think this will be a must-read.

    I'm always drawn to standing up for animals. Mainly because they're so powerless and incapable for standing up for themselves. But I used to be a social worker, so I have a bit of a history of standing up for powerless people too.

    I love that Ravenna (very cool name!) is so determined to stand up for her mother!

    1. Rachel, there are some wonderful groups standing up for animals now, aren't there. I knew quite a few people involved in local groups that make such a difference.

      Hey, glad you like Ravenna's name. I liked the fact too, that she stands up for her mother, even when she doesn't always agree with everything her mum does.

  11. Annie, you've been posting wonderful snippets of information about Ravenna and Jonas's story and tempting me something wicked! LOL! I think AN ENTICING DEBT TO PAY is going to have to be next book off my TBR pile! Fabulous smooch!

    1. Sharon, you're so sweet. Thank you. If your TBR pile is anything like mine, one false move and it will all end in a tumble on the floor.

  12. When I was 16 (and 5'10" but only 110 lbs), my parents went away on vacation while I stayed home for my summer job. One Saturday night, I went downtown, and there I found a girl I barely knew, crying behind a store. She had been hit by her boyfriend. I knelt down to see if I could help, when along came her boyfriend, telling me to leave her alone. I gradually rose to my full height, topping him by a good 5", and glared down at him (not that it would have fizzled him). His girlfriend said she was fine and to please go. Not knowing any better, I DID leave. By the time I came back with friends, though, they were both gone. I don't regret my actions at the time, but I DO realize more about the situation now with age.... (BTW, they went on to marry, have kids (maybe not in that order), and stay together for at least 10 years, but I'm not sure what happened since then. I've often wondered if she was okay - and if her kids were okay too....)

    1. Laney, that sounds like such a difficult situation. It's times like that I'd like to have the power to make someone quake in their boots with just a look. Yes, I can see why you'd wonder, not only about her but about her children too. Marrying a violent man...brr.