Sep 22, 2013

Sunday Smooch with Melanie Milburne

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Melanie Milburne, but first ...

the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is -Mary Preston!

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Never Say No To A Caffarelli by Melanie Milburne ........

Poppy Silverton is as untouched as the leafy English village where she runs a tearoom. But her home, her livelihood and her innocence are under threat… 
Rafe Caffarelli is a mouthwatering specimen of Mediterranean manhood. He’s a playboy 
billionaire and determined to buy Poppy’s historic dower house. 
Poppy will not give up the only thing that remains of her childhood and family. She’ll fight Rafe—and her attraction to him—all the way. And be the first woman to say “no” to a Caffarelli!

    He held her gaze for a long throbbing moment. ‘I meant what I said about the rent. I don’t intend to make any changes to the arrangements you made with John Underwood.’
    She flashed him another caustic glare. ‘Am I supposed to thank you or kiss your feet? Prostrate myself before you? Go on, lay one finger on me and see what happens. I dare you— Ommph!
    His hands had grasped her upper arms so quickly she didn’t have time to do much more than snatch a quick breath before his mouth came down on hers.
    It was a hard, possessive kiss, a hot fizzing pressure against her lips that made them tingle as if high-voltage electricity was passing directly from his body to hers.
Poppy had intended to fight him, but somehow as soon as his mouth connected with hers her lips softened and became totally pliant, melting beneath the fiery purpose of his. She opened to his command and tasted the full potent heat of him, the bold thrust of his tongue going in search of hers with erotic intent. He explored every corner of her mouth with spine-tingling thoroughness, leaving her breathless and barely able to stand upright.
    But even more mortyifying, she gave a soft little whimper of approval just before he broke the connection.
    It was of some slight consolation to her that he looked just as shocked as she felt. His eyes were almost black and a frown had appeared between his eyebrows as he dropped his hands from her upper arms and took an unsteady step back from her.
    Poppy tried to think of something witty or poithy to say but her mouth was still hanging open in stupefaction.
    He inclined his head in a formal nod, his expression now unfathomable. ‘Thank you for the tea lesson. It was very…’ He paused over the choice of a word. ‘Entertaining.’
    Poppy let out her breath in a flustered rush once he had gone. She knew the battle was far from over.
    It was just beginning.

To go into the draw to win a signed copy  of Never Say No To A Caffarelli  as well as Book Two- Never Underestimate A Caffarelli leave a comment to this question ......

What is the one thing you would do anything to fight for or keep in your possession? And—just for Poppy’s benefit—do you prefer coffee or tea?

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and another smooch will be posted!

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  1. Hi Melanie

    I have just finished reading this one and I loved it. Poppy is so strong and Rafe is as well two determined people it really is a great read. As for your question I would fight tooth and nail for my grandkids :) and I drink more coffee than tea but I really enjoy a pot of tea with real tea leaves :)

    Have Fun

  2. Hi Helen,
    So glad you enjoyed Rafe and Poppy.
    I love real tea too!

  3. I loved this story! It had all the elements of a small town girl coming head to a playboy billionaire and sparks flew!

    Congratulations on the 50th title, Melanie!

    *please do not enter me for the giveaway*

    1. Hi Kelly,
      So glad you loved it. Thanks for the congrats!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smooch!!

    I'd fight for my children. They do say that the most ferocious animal in the wild is a Mother protecting her young. That would be me.

    I grew up drinking tea, but enjoy coffee as well.

    1. Hi Mary,
      You are so right. I didn't know how tough I could be until I had kids. I would take anyone on to protect them.
      Thanks for posting!

  5. Melanie, so lovely to see you here! I loved the surprise from both Rafe and Poppy after their smooch (and they're two of my favourite names!). I *must* pick up a copy of this book.

    I drink both coffee and tea. Coffee in the morning for the caffeine hit, and if I'm out somewhere I have coffee because I have a long black, which is hard to ruin (unless they've burnt the beans in grinding or something).

    But tea I only have if I make it myself because I'm so fussy about the strength (a lovely golden brown, not so strong that the tannin overpowers the delicate flavours). And it's nice for morning or afternoon tea. Preferably with a shortbread or a homemade scone. :)

    1. Hi Rachel!
      Next time we meet we'll have to share a pot of tea because I'm like you. I have to have it just right, just the way you described it. I knew we were kindred spirits!

    2. Melanie, I'm thrilled to find another tea drinker with similar tastes! So, you know that "coffee" we always like to catch at conference? Next time it will be tea. With shortbreads. :)

      Where do you stand on teas like Lady Grey and English Breakfast?

    3. You're on! I love Lady Grey and English breakfast.

  6. Ooh, Melanie, Poppy and Rafe's story sounds fantastic! I'm going to have to grab this next time I'm at the shops. :-)

    Life would be so much poorer if one was only allowed to drink tea OR coffee. I love both. I love chatting with my writer friends over a cappuccino...and I love making up a gorgeous pot of tea (preferably Yunnan or Russian Caravan) and making a real event out of it. Hmm...I can feel a LoveCats and Friends tea party coming on. :-)

    1. A LoveCats and Friends tea party? I'm in! :)
      Though you can count me out of the pot of Russian Caravan (which won't surprise you in the least).

    2. Hi Michelle,
      I love tea parties! We've almost stopped doing dinner parties now. We often have afternoon tea with friends instead. It's so easy to whip up a batch of scones and no one has to stress about a three course meal. Er, that would be me, i mean! I think I'm getting lazy in my mature years. I remember spending ALL day cooking for a dinner party when I was younger. What was I thinking?!

    3. Rach, we'll get in Lady Jane for you...or whatever else you'd prefer. :-)

      Melanie, I think tea parties are a much better alternative than dinner parties. Far less, if you over indulge in cucumber sandwiches, scones and cake you don't need dinner either. ;-)

  7. Much as I would fight for my kids and future grandchildren, I don't consider them "in my possession", so my answer would be my scrapbooking albums - especially the early years (back to the 1800s).

    1. Hi Laney4,
      I'm fascinated by scrapbooking. I haven't done it myself but it sounds like so much fun. I've seen some fabulous ones. Wish I had some spare time to get into it.
      Thanks for posting!

  8. Hi Melanie. ..I love all your books.Enjoy reading it.Only Family.What is mine...stays mine.I love black tea with a dash of lime.

    1. Hi Falcon Crest,
      Thanks for your kind words!
      I've never tried tea with lime in it. I must give it a go.
      Thanks for posting.

  9. A scorcher of a smooch, Melanie! Poppy and Rafe look to be in for a rocky road to their happily-ever-after!

    I'm a tea drinker - love a nice cup of Earl Grey tea. Although I do love the smell of coffee.

    Super to have you visit us, Melanie!

    1. Hi Sharon!
      I love Earl Grey tea too. And I've always thought coffee smells better than it tastes.
      Thanks for having me on Lovecats!

  10. Hi Melanie,
    Loved this book. Loved Poppy and Rafe's story. Congratulations on your 50th book!
    Please don't enter me for this giveaway. I just wanted to say Hi and congrats!

  11. can't think of anything; tea