Jun 18, 2012

Holding Out for a Hero

Reading: New York’s Finest Rebel by Trish Wylie

Watching: Rasta Thomas’s Rock The Ballet

Listening to: On a Day Like This, by Elbow

Holding Out for a Hero
by Louisa George

Having just about typed The End on book four, I’m kind of sad to say goodbye to my hero, the gorgeous Zac Price. With his cheeky banter, devastatingly good looks and painful past he stole my heart for 50,000 words. But now I’m anxiously searching for my next fantasy guy. (Yeah, I’m fickle like that. Love ‘em, leave ‘em. Ya know the score… Okay, I’ve been married nearly 20 years…I can dream).

Emma Stone
I like to do a rough collage before I start writing any words. I want to be able to ‘see’ the hero and heroine so I can mull over their preferences, backstory etc, form an impression in my head of what they like, what they want, what they dream about.  The good news is I’ve already chosen my heroine (Emma Stone- beautiful, goofy, klutz). 

 But I need a hero, stat.

Usually at this stage in the process (yes, I like to think there is a process and not just idle perving) I google rugby players and models, actors, princes, most eligible bachelors. 

Sonny Bill
I’d managed to whittle it down to two:

1. Sonny Bill Williams –gorgeous and homegrown, all round sporting hero. But possibly a little too obvious. Beautiful bone structure.  And those guns....

Jake Gyllenhaal
2. Jake Gyllenhaal- my ultimate total absolute heart-throb. Something about those eyes…and that mouth…and, *swoon*

I was quite happy trying to pick between this short list of two- or perhaps create a hybrid of Sonny’s hair, Jake’s eyes….

But then a few nights ago I went to see Rock the Ballet- bad ballet boys with attitude!

Check out the video of their dancing!

OMG. Seriously strong, agile men with great style and rhythm, funny, engaging and knock-your-socks-off sex appeal. I also learnt that muscular toned backs certainly rock my boat. (If you ever get the chance to see them, do so! Just happens they're performing in Sydney this week! The dancing is amazing and the music features tracks from Michael Jackson, U2, Prince, Black Eyed Peas, Queen.)

My definite two suddenly became three, four, five. Ballet dancers have never been on my hero radar before, but these guys ticked a lot of my boxes! After much humming and ahhhing I decided on a third possible hero contender.

3. Rasta Thomas (Principal dancer and founder of Rock the Ballet - the guy in the middle!) 

It took a while, but I like to take my job very seriously. I’m dedicated to the cause. Research is very important.

But now, I have a classic Monday morning dilemma. 

Who do I choose as my next hero? 

Sonny Bill? Jake? Or Rasta? 

I need your votes, please! 

And just how far would you go in the name of research? I have a copy of Waking Up With His Runaway Bride to give to one commenter!


  1. oh Jake all the way!!!!! Must confess I'm not such a SBW fangirl... but Jake?! Yes please. Nice eyes. Manly jaw. Pretty much rocks it.
    The dancers are incredible athletes aren't they?!?!?!
    Congrats on getting number 4 away!!!!

  2. Jake's eyes....swoon! But yes, SBW that Tee changing scene on the field? Oh oh!

    Congratulations on the completion of third book!

  3. What a delicious choice for a Monday morning, Louisa! Not sure I'll be any help, though.

    I'd probably go with JG from your list but every hero I ever read turns into Gerard Butler at some point in the book anyway.

    Yays for book 4!

  4. What a delicious dilemma, Louisa.

    Jake is hot, hot, HOT. But there's definitely something about Rasta. He looks like fun -- wicked fun. ;-)

    Good luck deciding!

  5. Jake, for sure. Definitely not a SB fan in any way, shape or form.
    But those dancers are so hot too. Nah, Jake gets my vote.
    Isn't it fun being able to chose the man of our moment then drop them when we're done! I am so fickle.

  6. Hi Natalie! Thanks for the congrats! It's such a good feeling to write The End, isn't it? (Then the editing starts!). And wow for those dancers.

    Okay, that's one vote for Jake.

  7. Hey Nas! Yes- I was in the stadium with SBW and that ripped shirt- 30,000 women staring at the team doc with envy!

    But Jake's eyes......yes.....

  8. Hey Barb! I do like to start my working week with an important philosophical dilemma. LOL re Gerard Butler- he's gorgeous too, I can see why you'd turn every hero into him!

    Okay- so that's two votes for JG.

  9. Hi bn

    Thanks for your vote- JG again! That's three now. He's winning hands down.

  10. Hi Michelle- thanks for the vote of confidence in Rasta. He looks like there's a whole lot going on behind those eyes, eh?

  11. Hi Sue! Another Jake vote. As for SB, he's a real schoolboy hero- I'm meeting my oldest son today after school at the barbers for an SB haircut (for him, not me ).

    Oh yes, fickle's the way to go!

  12. Louisa, you're enjoying yourself too much! Is that possible? No, it's definitely research, right?

    A friend is seeing Rock the Ballet this week and the clips I've seen look fabulous. As for Rasta - yes, I can see him as hero material. Someone a little different.

  13. It's amazing just what you can get away with in the name of research.

    Carry on!

  14. Hi Annie! It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it. Sigh. And most definitely research ;-)

    Thanks for the Rasta vote (unusual name, though- glad I get to choose my own hero names).

  15. I like Rasta. Sonny Bill got's the bod but if he's your son's schoolboy hero would that maybe... ahem... make things a bit 'difficult'? I think Rasta's got kind eyes - and he'd be so supple!!! ;-) I can see that you have a tough job choosing - so anytime you need help, we're right here. I'm sure everyone else agrees :-) And well done you on Book 4!

  16. Hi Clare! Thanks for the Rasta vote- looks like SB is out of the running now so I don't have to worry about any ethical dilemmas. And thank you so much for your kind offer of help, it's great to know there are people to turn to. LOL!

    So- that's 4 for JG and 3 for Rasta....

  17. Oh goodness, that decision is just a little too tough for me! They all seem pretty dreamy.

    I could have evened the scores by going for Rasta, but..... I'm a bit of a sucker for Jake, though, I find it hard to go past those eyes!

    Also, excellent song choice! I love Elbow. You've made me go dig it out on the iPod. :)

  18. It's Jake for me, then Rasta! I'd choose Emma Stone too. She's fab!

  19. I would choose a dancer any day. They have the most beautiful & athletic bodies. Rasta gets my vote. He's gorgeous.

    The research must have been SO tough on you. Half your luck!!

  20. Hi Lousia ,

    I would definitely say Jake ! He just has that certain something that makes me think HERO !

    Thank you for the giveaway !

  21. Hi Emmie! So glad to have found another Elbow fan- I went to a concert of theirs a few weeks ago and it was the best concert ever!

    So- another one for JG, hey? 5-3. The eyes are definitely winning I think!

  22. Hi Rowena- nice to see you here! Thanks for your vote! JG definitely taking the lead!

  23. Hi Marybelle-whittling it down to these three was a hard slog. But it looks like we've almost got a winner...although with your Rasta vote things are still interesting!

  24. Hi Desere- 7-4 to Jake with your vote! (I hope my maths is right!). So looking forward to spending 50,000 words with JG! (Hope I can do him proud!)

  25. I'm going with Jake. I especially love his sense of humor when he was on Saturday Night Live.

  26. Hi Eli! Thanks for the vote for Jake! He's steaming ahead now....oh, can't wait to write my next hero!

  27. Hi Jane! I've never seen Saturday Night Live- will hop over to you tube and take a peek!

  28. I'd vote for mixing and matching the best features of each of them :) Or is that called fence-sitting?


  29. Hey Cath! A mix of them all would be divine!

  30. oh, definitely Jake! And I know he's already the winner! woohoo! LOL