Jan 29, 2012

Sunday Smooch - Rachael Johns

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from One Perfect Night by Rachael Johns, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from One Perfect Night by Rachael Johns.

[Set up: Cameron has taken his company’s party entertainer (or so he thinks) to a party at his Aunt’s place. He’s been attracted to her from the get-go and can’t resist flustering her a little by teasing her under the table.]


When there was no response to her gentle call, she sucked in much-needed air and began the walk past the garage toward the road. Her fairy heels clicked against the cobbled path as she contemplated how accepting Cameron’s family had been. She got the feeling he’d been hoping to shock them by bringing her, but no one had raised an eyebrow at her costume and all had been accepting without question. She couldn’t help wishing it wasn’t a farce…that somehow she could be a part of such a large close-knit family.

As she reached the end of the building, a hand shot out and tugged her toward a deep rumbly voice.


A voice that sent pheromones rushing to her head, a voice she’d now recognize instantly. A voice that wiped her mind clean of all thought except its owner.
Cameron pulled her tight against his body, his hands rushing to cup her cheeks as his lips desperately sought hers. Her breasts tingled against his chest and his arousal pressed against her thigh. The containers clattered to the ground.
“Leave them,” he ordered, pulling away only long enough to utter this direction.
Somewhere a dog howled its disapproval.

“With pleasure,” she slurred, her body drunk from the pleasure of one illicit kiss. The setting reminded her of her first kiss behind the sports shed on the school playing field.

That was where the similarities ended.

He twisted her round and she thanked the Lord for the support of the garage door as Cameron leaned in close and claimed her mouth once again. No teenage kiss had ever come close. And she knew, as his tongue trailed a line between her lips, as her mouth opened and welcomed him, as his hands sought her buttocks and drew her so close she couldn’t tell where his heat finished and hers began, that no kiss would come close ever again.

She knew she ought to resist. Rob her lips of his mouth and tear her hands from his heat, but resistance was futile. If he didn’t mind playing with fire, if he didn’t view their working relationship as a problem, who was she to object?
Her hands roved over his arms, his shoulders and his perfect six-pack abs. Every muscle in his body seemed to be drawn bowstring tight. She pulled back, staring into his eyes. Her gaze met with a raw energy she wanted to believe had everything to do with the way she felt in his arms, but a tiny voice inside reminded her of his strange reaction when he’d heard about Ella’s pregnancy.

“I’m taking you home,” Cameron growled, his face still only inches from hers, his hands tangled in her hair.


Knowing as the word slipped from her lips in a husky breath that he wasn’t simply escorting her home. Knowing that he expected an invitation inside for Considering she’d only just met him, considering who he was…the mere thought of what coffee entailed should have sent her running for the mountains. And, he was obviously far more experienced than she.

Instead it made her legs wobble, her pulse thunder and her breasts ache.Perhaps pure physical gratification was exactly what she needed to forget her woes for the night. Would it be so wrong to take what Cameron was offering, to prove to herself she was as female as the next woman?

To be in the draw to win a copy of One Perfect Night, simply answer this question:

What is the most public place you’ve ever been kissed?

Released last month, One Perfect Night is available from
Carina Press.

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and a smooch from What Happens in Charleston by Rachel Bailey will be posted!


  1. In answer to the giveaway question....

    In an airport if you must know - but heck, is that so unusual? So many fond farewells and ecstatic welcomes - airports must be the scene of many public displays of emotion!

  2. Whoo Hoo firstly thank you all so much I will send and email very shortly.

    What a kiss it had my heart beating looking forward to reading the book.

    Most public place I have been kissed probably the shoping centre when I was a teenager LOL long time ago oh but the memories.

    Have Fun

  3. Wow, that's a sizzling scene. Thanks for sharing it, Rachael.

    Public kisses? Like Maria I think it would be the airport after a long separation...

  4. Well now I've never been kissed in an airport so I guess the most public kiss would have to have been outside my dorm when I was in college.

  5. Ooh Maria and Annie - I think an airport is a VERY special place. It's why I'm a total sucker for LOVE ACTUALLY!! And glad you liked my scene Annie :)

    Ooh Helen - what a great compliment. Thanks. You've got MY heart-beating! And oh those teenage shopping centre kisses - lol!

    EllenToo - I always kinda fancied living on campus!! Sounds very romantic :)

  6. I've read this kiss before in One Perfect Night, but it's still sizzling! I love the comparison to the School Sports Shed.

    Um, I think the most public place I've been kissed is probably on a dance floor surrounded by a lot of people. Whoops!

  7. Blue Light Disco at end of last song which was Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror, lights came on, shame! I was 13 :/

  8. Hi rach! Great kiss. I love this hero, he is so sexy.

    Most public kiss? Airport? Dancefloor? Back stage at a Bruce Spingstein concert? Will never tell!

  9. Hi rach! Great kiss. I love this hero, he is so sexy.

    Most public kiss? Airport? Dancefloor? Back stage at a Bruce Spingstein concert? Will never tell!

  10. Ooh, what a nice smooch, Rachel.

    Most public kiss? I'm not sure in all honesty. I have to say I much prefer the private ones. :-)

  11. Aw thanks Leah! Was that kiss on your wedding day by any chance? :)

    Ooh TazNZ - you wild child you!! :)

    Helen - LOL on never telling, that just means I'll have to use my imagination!

    Michelle - I tend to agree with you :)

  12. Hi Rachael! I must say I am very shy so private place would be my choice . Happy weekend to you, aretha_zhen@yahoo.com

  13. Sizzling, Rach! I'm another vote for the airport.:)

  14. That's one hot kiss. Wow.
    My most public kiss was on the waterfront in Nelson but at eleven at night, even under the lamp post, it was a little dark!

  15. Gorgeous smooch, Rach! I'm loving that Cameron!

    Oooo, I'm another vote for an airport kiss as a public smooch! Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that!


  16. In my younger days I was not adverse to being kissed anywhere. (I'm starting to think I need to rephrase.) No public place was out of bounds. I was in love. Does not the whole world love a lover?

    Such a wonderful smooch today thank you!!

  17. It's so great to have you visiting the LoveCats, Rach.

    I've been kissed in lots of public places but I think you mean a *Kiss* (uppercase)...the sort that really should be in private?

    Ummm... a carpark overlooking our city. Kind of inspiration point type setting... So was a public place, but hard to know how public it was. There could have been unseen witnesses... :) I was far too absorbed to notice.


  18. Aretha - don't worry, I'm really shy when it comes to kissing too :)

    Rachel - I agree airports are VERY romantic. In fact, maybe they're not used enough in romance novels!

    Oh Sue - your kiss sounds VERY romantic!

    Sharon - thanks for liking my man! Well, my fictional man anyway :)

    Marybelle - you are so very right! That's why romance is so popular!

    Nikki - yes, I did mean THAT kind of kiss!! lol

  19. Rach, mega congrats on the recent release of your very first book! What a magic smooch, from one fabulous book, might I add =)

  20. I like the cover and the title is sounds delicious !


  21. Loved the smooch, Rachael! Congratulations on your debut!

    Most public place I've been kissed..... The center of an ice hockey rink, during a break, after I scored an impossibly lucky shot to win a $50.00 gift certificate to the college store. It was my dorm night at the arena and we were all wasted! Ahhhh. The good old days!

  22. Aw thanks Robbie :)

    Thanks Desere - I'm quite partial to cover and title!

    Glad I got you reminiscing Wendy! Sounds like a fun time :)