Jan 13, 2012

I'm Talking Good Chests!

...of the male variety...

by Robyn Grady

We all have different tastes. Some of us are partial to jaws or lips. Maybe you're an abs girl. Hard strong thighs are always well appreciated. But there is nothing that says, "I will find you/rescue you/protect you" better than a built broad chest.

Presenting, our own Hugh Jackman! This shot's been doing the circuits for years and from my heart, I'd like to thank all those astute magazine editors for trusting their instincts there! (He was *fabuous* in Boy from OZ!)

You may or may not be a fan of the new series of "Two and a Half Men". You might have opinions on his breakup with Demi. But you simply have to agree that this man has a dynamite chest! He's also a great actor. My suggestion "The Butterfly Effect." Take it away, Ashton Kutcher!

Okay. So you've been waiting. Y'all know me well! I do have a favourite celebrity/actor/singer/chest. And this is maybe my favourite shot of it, er, him. Gerard Butler...

There are people who don't have the natural 'got what it takes'. They take the fast track. Not sure that it works...

What's your fave part of the male anatomy?

(Remember, this show's G rated =) )

Corresponding names will be appreciated!


  1. Robyn, I'm a "hands" girl! I love a nice pair of manly hands - not too soft, short nails, well proportioned, knobbly knuckles, an overall boney-ness. Yep, I'm a hands girl!

    And legs, I like legs too! And arms... arms are good! And eyes - I love eyes!

    Mmm, fast-track abs... interesting idea... I might have to reserve judgement on those...

  2. I love the upper arms. Give me a bit of muscle thank you. Of course, I expect them to be attached to an Adonis.

  3. Sharon, I'm with you on the hands! And that oh-so-nice smattering of hair down one side... =)

  4. Marybelle, I'm a bit of a biceps gal too! Not overly done, and with a nice firm jaw to complement. Of course, overdone biceps can be good too - I'm thinking, maybe, 300...

  5. Hi Robyn, Hugh Jackman was once a.maze.ing. I agree about Ashton; it appears he's like fine wine... gets better with age!!! My all time fave chest to look at tho has to be Vin Diesel's... oh yes! *sigh*... Regarding his films... remember... we DONT watch him for his acting skills :D

  6. Hmmm .... I do like chests. And shoulders. Nice arms are good too. And a man with great hair is hard to overlook. Oh yeah, and the hands. Did I mention a sweet smile. Or sexy eyes. Okay ... call me fickle ... I like them all :)
    Great post!

  7. Tash, Vin Diesel's chest...oh yes, ma'am! And those dimensions remind me of another fabulous specimen: The Rock. How can a guy as sexy as him be perfectly cast in so many kids shows?? And not many guys can pull of wearing a tutu! I reckon he'd be a hoot!

  8. Helen, on the subject of eyes... Two words. Johnny Depp. Also - Leonardo Dicaprio. Soooo cute!

  9. Oh yes, The Rock! Wow! And he seems like such a neat person - oh oh! Could you imagine how I felt when I went to see Fast & Furious Five at the movies - it had BOTH of them in it... They had a fight scene and I didnt want either one of them to lose :))) The Rock sure pulls off a mean tutu :)))))))

  10. I can appreciate a six pack or better yet an eight pack. I, too, like to check out their eyes.

  11. I'd have to go with the butt. Can't go past 'Eric' in True Blood - oh and his chest isn't half bad either lol!!
    And thanks for cracking me up (no pun intended) with that last 'chest' shot. OMG!! What was he thinking?????

  12. Hands, arms and shoulders are probably my favourite parts, but I also love chests, abs, legs, jaw/cheekbones, eyes, smiles, everything! Even knees - men's knees are so different to women's, so masculine.

    I think there's something attractive about every man, be it their voice or a body part listed above, or the twinkle in their eye.

    Thanks for the suggestion of The Butterfly Effect, Robbie - I'll check it out!

  13. Tash, I've seen F&FF advertised. MUST go see now =)

  14. Jane, a great six pack can be very attractive...as long as it's not artificially implanted!
    Y'know someone who did have great eyes...Paul Newman. Plus he was a good guy.

  15. Rachel, I've never thought about knees before. My dh has had multiple surgery so his knees are bigger than usual. I do like his calves though. I call them Roman solider calves.
    Hmm, smells from the kitchen tell me my solider's making me a coffee.
    PS You will *love* the Butterfly Effect.

  16. in my opinion F&F#5 it was the best one of all (providing the O.T.T stunts are taken with a grain of salt). I also keep forgetting I'm a newly converted Gerard Butler fan... this week I have seen The Ugly Truth, Butterfly on a Wheel and The Bounty Hunter (all by complete coincidencd) and I have to say... NEW FAN HERE! :)))

  17. Tash, isn't GB amazing! I confess, I get a wee bit jealous when he's teamed with gals like Katerine H. But wasn't TUT a great story! That scene in the balloon at the end was magic.

    And Butterfly on a Wheel was so darn clever =)

    I can't wait to finish this ms so I can inhale all the F&F films!

  18. Oh, Robbie, it's not like you ask the hard questions or anything, right? :-)

    Hmm... a nice tight butt is heaven (I know he gets a bad rap these days, but do you remember Mel Gibson in Tim? Yum!)

    And gorgeous broad shoulders -- am thinking Colin Firth and Liam Neeson here. Oh, happy sighs.