Jan 27, 2012

A cat called Curious and the cuteness of kittens!!!!

 It's all a go in the Anderson household!!! We haven't had any pets in the last few years (other than goldfish and a wormfarm). I had decided not to get a cat or dog for a while as four preschoolers were more than enough for me to be caring for!!! But now my youngest - the twins - have turned five and I had promised them that when they started school we'd get a pet.

We decided on a cat. Dogs, as much as I love them, are still a bit much work for us right now.  We decided to get our cat from the SPCA or the Cats Protection League  - and then we decided to get two, so they'd be company for each other.

Curious in her new fave place,
with the lego boxes under my
son's bed.
I phoned both the SPCA and the Cats Protection League and the CPL had some kittens that we could look at that very day, so we committed over the phone to taking two and arranged a viewing and pick-up time. But then my very sweet seven year old boy burst into tears - terribly distressed. He'd wanted to get a kitten and an older cat who might have a hard time finding a home.

Well, you can't ignore a wonderfully empathetic and caring instinct like that now can you?!?! So we piled into the car and went of to the SPCA to their 'cat room' - and went in, waiting to see if any of the mature cats would be comfortable enough to approach five kids (four mine plus a stray for the day) and me.

One did. So we scooped that big tortiseshell lady into the cage, took her home and THEN went to the CPL, confessed all to them but couldn't resist still taking two of the kittens all the same. I  figure the kittens will have each other for company and they'll let the lady be.

The kittens - one totally black, one with white bits, have been named Toffee and Pop (after the famous Toffeepop cookies we have here in New Zealand), while the big moggy has been named Curious.

So here's the photo gallery - most of the stuff I have on camera for Curious at the moment is movies and she had an Awfully Big Adventure last night which I'll tell you about some other time... (let's just say she lives up to her name!!) but we hope she learns to trust us soon and enjoys her new home with us.

The kittens are total cuteness of course, scamping round and playing and sleeping lots and lots.
Sisters cuddling.


  1. Yay! I really admire you taking in some unwanted fur-babies, such an awesome thing to do :)

  2. I love a HEA with fur-kids and I'm sure these ones will be much adored and loved by the family. Nothing like getting an animal or three for kids - they teach them so much about caring, empathy and interaction.

    Toffee looks like a cat I had called Smudge. She started off dark with shades of other in her and eventually those shades became ginger and flecks of white. Just looking at her coat, I wonder if Toffee will do this.

    Pop is a cutie! Look at those long, white eyebrows and whiskers, might be a sign of his/her size to come!

    Dying to hear about Curious's adventure! Sounds like an interesting one. :-)

  3. Thanks Soraya - it's no hardship really, they are VERY cute!!!

  4. Kylie - yes, they're adored already :) And I do agree about the kids'n'pets combo - lots of good lessons - and lots of good cuddles too! It will be interesting to see re Toffee - the others in the litter had long white hairs poking our from the black (kind of like porcupine spines!) - but she does have that gingery brown tinge in the light!

    Will tell you about Curious' adventure when my pulse has settled - it involves a leap from a window over 5 metres above the ground!!!

  5. Natalie, your new babies are so gorgeous. Three cats and four kids - could be grounds for another cat in your household.
    Am I the only Lovecat not to have a cat now? Unfortunately that's going to stay that way as we have a huge bird population here that I don't want decimated.

  6. Aah they're all so cute. I hope that Curious likes Toffee and Pop.

    Which reminds me have to tidy up downstairs for the next lot of foster kittens staying with us.

  7. Oh, so cute! I love the photo of the little kittens cuddling each other -- no wonder you couldn't resist picking up two. It's quite a change going from no pets to three cats -- and I so admire you getting them from the SPCA etc. Good luck!

  8. Oh Sue- I know, I worry about the birds too. We have a tiny patch of native bush for our front yard and we get some lovely birds (and the most gorgeous dragonflies!) - so I'm going to put feeders up high in the trees to make it up to them. There are a lot of cats in the 'hood but I've seen the mother ducks take them out when they get too close to the ducklings... fingers crossed we can keep some balance...

  9. Julie-ann - I really hope she does too!!!! We're going to introduce them very slowly and keep them separated at night for a long time yet. Curious was absolutely fine with all the other cats at the SPCA but I think the kittens are a bit little at the moment... I"m not taking chances! But both the CPL and the SPCA said the cats would eventually work it out :) Curious has her own 'safe room' (my son's) which the kittens won't be allowed in so hopefully that'll help!

  10. Emmie - yes it is a change! Like our number of children doubling in just a few minutes - we do things in multiples in our house!!! LOL - never anything by halves :)

  11. Natalie - they're so cute! I would love to have a cat, but alas, with three dogs, eight horses, three birds and a house cow - my DH has said no more pets. I am envious of your kittens :) Have fun with the newest additions to your family :)

  12. Natalie, how absolutely marvellous that your family has given three cats a home! They all look SO gorgeous! You've picked the combo I plan to get when I have a house -- two kittens and an older cat (from the SPCA, of course!).

    The kittens are adorable and Curious is a handsome lady. She must be a fabulous family cat, to have wanted to say Hi to five kids! I predict that you'll all deal extremely well together!

  13. After the unfortunate demise of our guinea pigs, I was seriously thinking about adopting a kitten. Those shots just might have convinced me!
    That last one, with them hugging, is positively precious. Our Tinkerbelle looks like the black and white one.
    Gotta love cats.
    PS Your little boy is a darling!

  14. awwwww, they're gorgeous, Natalie! And isn't your little boy a sweetheart for wanting to give an older cat a home as well. I hope the three of them get along famously - cats can be funny things like that. We used to have two cats - brother and sister and I'm afraid one of them was a fur-delinquent and used to tease and torment his sister! I'm sure Toffee and Pop are far too nice to behave like that!


  15. Natalie

    They are so lovely we don't have any cats at the moment but over the years have normally had at least 2 at a time I so love watching them play together.
    I am sure Curious will settle in very well soon and become very at home.

    Have Fun

  16. Oh, the cuteness! I bet they're getting cuddles all day long - I know I would barely be able to stop. And your little boy is going to be such a fabulous man/father/husband with that great big heart of his!

  17. Ooh,am terribly jealous, Nat, but I don't doubt that your new additions will all love their forever home. The kittens are cute, but Curious has won my heart...and I think your son deserves lots of cuddles, chocolate and a medal.

  18. As someone who has two older cats and a near 3 year old(in May)cat, you need to introduce your cats early because it will stop some of the fighting and hissing that might happen if you introduce them too late. Also, you shouldn't really worry too much about the kittens' size in comparison to Curious because they grow quickly and they can defend themselves easily. The 3 year old cat (Baby) came to live with my family at about 12 weeks old and she has not really had any issues with the older cats besides thinking that our big male cat is supposed to be her mom.