Oct 10, 2011

Romance and the Rugby World Cup

Reading: Serpent’s Kiss by Thea Harrison
Watching: Rugby World Cup
Listening to: Elmo songs
Making me smile: My little boy swimming in the pool

For the last few weeks my husband’s been hogging the TV to watch the Rugby World Cup. I don’t mind watching the odd game of football (of any type) but game after endless game gets a bit much! Hubby is an English American living in Australia…that means he has to watch the USA, England and the Australia games.

To survive the World Cup, I decided to put my romance writer hat on! I’ve been busy studying the players for potential heroes (to hubby’s horror, I found some potentials on the French team!) I’ve been noting down names that would work for future heroes -- how do you like Leonardo Senatore (Argentina) or Delon Armitage (England)? And I love watching teams that do a haka to start their games…it makes me wonder how I could get that into the plot of a story.

So, all-in-all I’ve been coping just fine watching the rugby with hubby. Next up will be a game that might divide the LoveCats – the Wallabies vs. the All Blacks! I might not love the rugby, but I’m still patriotic -- Go Wallabies!! And my little boy agrees (-:

Anyone else watching the World Cup? Are you a sports fan or someone who has their own tips for surviving watching sports with your other half?


  1. Oh, Anna, look how much your little Wallaby has grown!

    I will confess to watching the Haka last night and wondering how on earth I could get it into a story as well. :-) It's such a spectacle.

    Like you, though, endless sport can become a bit much. When I've had enough I just pick up the closest romance I have to hand and lose myself in it. TBH, I'd rather read than watch the telly any day.

  2. Ah the cutest Wallabie!

    Have I been watching? I have been living and breathing it thanks to my rugby-mad husband and teenage boys! We've been to six games (We're English but live in Auckland) and even have tickets to the final!

    We've walked the fantrail, went to the opening ceremony and I have taken lots of photos of potential heroes (and, like you, seem to have fallen for the French more than anyone else). But alas, even I have got bored and am glad of a week off between the matches!

    But, dang - that Haka sends shivers up my spine every time I see it. My next hero is a sports doctor (I write medicals) - so I'm hoping to get some details in there!

    May the best team win!
    (whispers * go the All Blacks *)

  3. Hi Anna, yes watching all the games, cant say I'm Rugby mad but being a Kiwi you can't really escape it... I dont suppose you would be able to get away with calling a future hero Piri would you; doesnt quite have that romantic ring to it. Of course I hope the ABs take it out but good luck anyway for your team from across the ditch... if we dont get the cup I'm happy for it to go to the Australians where my Mum's side of the family are from :D

  4. Hi Michelle --
    He has grown so much! People tell you they grow fast but you don't believe it until you experience it.

    Isn't the Haka wonderful? I love the idea of these tough guys being so in sync. Like you, I often pick up my Kindle when there has been too much sport on the TV!

  5. Hi Louisa --
    Wow, you win for total Rugby World Cup immersion! I do love going to watch sports games live. Such atmosphere and I love eating some junk food.

    A sports doctor, huh? Then you can definitely get the Haka in there somewhere (-:

    Eek, an AB supporter! Go Wallabies!!

  6. Hi Tash --
    Nope, don't think Piri would work for a romance hero (-:

    I'd love the Wallabies to win, but like you, I won't mind too much if the Kiwis take it out.

  7. Oh he's just soooo CUTE!!! And doesn't yellow look so right on him!!? (and yes, he's GROWN!)
    I'm not a huge rugby fan, but i do like grand finals. And when the Aussies are in - I'm there cheering them on =)
    Luckily my computer is in the lounge room, so if I can hear myself think (block out the sound) I'm happily writing.

  8. Not a sporty cat at all but OMG look at your little supporter!! Cutest thing I've seen all week.


  9. PS: I think we might need him dressed up as a cat next :)

  10. Interestingly enough my girls were hoping that if NZ didn't win then they wanted the South African's to win... why? Because they have lots of South African friends. I thought that was really nice of how kids can think these days. Miss 12 texted her friend when SA lost and said how sorry she was. I thought there's hope for the world yet :)

  11. Anna, your little Wallaby supporter is seriously adorable! Gosh, he's grown and grown!

    I've been keeping a half an ear on what's happening but confess I haven't been actively watching.

    We've just finished the AFL season so I'm a bit footied out! But, hush, don't tell my rellies in NZ!


  12. Hi Mel --
    We think he's pretty cute (-:

    Ah, nothing like getting some writing down while the footy's on the TV. Let's hope the Wallabies make it to the finals!

  13. Hey Nikki --

    Oh, I just ordered him a monkey suit for Halloween!! I'll see what I can do about getting him in a kitty suit (-:

  14. Thanks, Marybelle! We think he's adorable.

  15. Hi Tash --

    Ahh, so sweet. Sounds like you've done a great job with your girls.

  16. Hi Sharon --
    Yep, he's getting bigger (and cuter!) I can hardly believe he's 6 months old.

    AFL is one sport we don't watch. But I sympathise with being footied out (which is absolutely a word!)

  17. Anna

    I am a sports fan and watch most of the rugby league games and I love the cricket as well although I have watched bits of the Union games I have yet to sit down and watch a full game LOL but I am with you go The Wallabies.

    I tend to read more than watch TV LOL but I always stop and watch The Haka love it.
    Your little boy is beautiful

    Have Fun

  18. Anna, I don't follow any of the football codes, but had to drop in and second Nikki's request for your little wallaby to dress as a cat next! =)

  19. Hi Helen --
    Wow, sounds like you're a true sports fan. I can't watch the cricket...it is sooo boring.

    Thanks, we think he's beautiful too. Go Wallabies!


  20. Hi Rach --
    I'll see what I can do about a little LoveKitty photo (-:

  21. Hey Anna,
    Gorgeous little man you have there. :)

    We're done with the AFL and waiting for the cricket to arrive in this house.

    I must admit, I'm not very savvy with the rules of rugby, but it takes very little to get me to watch buff men run about... :)

    E x

  22. Your little boy looks so adorable in the picture, my friend! You've gotta love the uniform. :) Anyway, that's okay, Anna. I know a few people who only watch rugby whenever they just feel like watching.