Oct 20, 2011

Goodbye to my CATegory friends...

Reading: all the free Naughty Nooners on my new Kindle.

Watching: The rain clouds coming over.

Listening to: My daughters DVD (the Saddle Club)

Making me Smile: upcoming release day for R
ed-Hot Lover.

Well it’s been a great run with the wonderful lovecat girls, but it’s time for me to say goodbye to this leg of my journey since my career is (for the moment at least) veering away from harlequin and category books to my erotica works with the wonderful Ellora’s Cave.

I’ve met some truly inspirational authors with the ‘cats’ as well as some wonderful people through their commenting on the blog and/or following us. And to them I say a heartfelt ‘thank you’.

I’m not lying when I say romance authors are the most amazing, sharing and caring people in the world! And yes, I’m going to miss being here *but* obviously family is my priority, especially with my eldest daughter needing a little extra attention and care right now =)

I will still be writing, that’s almost as important to me as breathing at times *g* and I’ll still be posting on my own blog: melteshco.blogspot.com as often as I can—and of course visiting the lovecats blog!

I won't be gotten rid of that easily lol!!! And I really do think any new author invited to be on the lovecats blog will feel honored to be here. I know I did. =))


  1. Mel, a huge send-off wave (complete with fireworks) - thanks for the great posts and good times here on the LC's.

    Looking forward to reading the updates on your blog and seeing all you new work with EC! :-)

  2. Mel I'm so sorry to see you go, but I'm thrilled about your career and it leading you where you want to go. (God, that's a great cover!!)
    But you're only a blog away 8)
    love and best wishes, Robbie

  3. Mel, we Cats are going to miss your smiling, twitchin' whiskers!

    But wishing you oodles and oodles of fancatastic success with Ellora's cave and your wonderfully spicy stories!

  4. Mel, so sad you are leaving us but great about all the wonderful opportunities ahead of you.

    We are also going to miss your scorching covers!

  5. Sad to see you leave this fabulous group of ladies Mel, but thankfully I have access to you in lots of other arenas *grin*!! Good luck with your erotica - you're doing SO WELL! x

  6. Thanks Kylie,

    Love the fireworks =))

  7. Thanks so much Robbie, MWAH! And yes, I will visit regularly!

  8. Oh, Mel. You know how sad I am that you're leaving the Cats, but I totally understand that you need to prioritize. You've been such an integral part of this blog from the beginning and it won't be quite the same without you, but at least I can visit you on your own blog!

    See you around. =)

  9. Hi Michelle, twitchin' whiskers hey?? *g*

    And thanks, I hope to write lots more spicy stories :)

  10. Thanks Zana, I've been very lucky with my covers =)

    And I will miss you guys too

  11. Hi Rachael!

    Yes, i'm sure we'll see each other around =)

    And you're not doing half bad yourself!

  12. Rach, thanks for saying so =))

    And I will be visiting often here too *smiles* and *huggles*

  13. All the best Mel... I'll miss you on The Cats, but I'll be looking for more of your hot erotica!


  14. Wishng you every success Mel. And that is one awesome cover. :)

  15. Mel

    It has been great getting to know you I have loved your posts

    Have Fun

  16. Thanks Helen,

    and I agree, love that cover!

  17. Thanks Helen,

    glad you enjoyed my posts *smiles*


  18. Hi Mel,

    All the best! You have to do what you have to do but we'll miss you!

  19. OMG, Mel! You had me sniffing here... But I do know that I'll find you at your blog, and that makes me feel a little bit better! It was through you I knew lovecats and met so many wonderful authors - some who were new-to-me as well!

    I can totally understand the time aspect and wish you the very best :) Also giving you loads of hugs to handle everything!

    I'll, of course, not be gotten rid off easily either :) 'Cos I'was your fan-girl stalker, and still am :Bwaahhahaha: (That was my evil grin, btw)

  20. I'm sure the LoveCats will miss counting you among their number, but you will not be gone, gone. They all know where you live....sounds ominous doesn't it? But you are in cyberspace, and I'm sure you will still hang out here. :))

  21. Mel, I'm passing the tissues as I say, we'll miss you!! But like everyone else, I understand you need to prioritise and your daughter will appreciate the extra TLC from her mum,

    I'm thrilled for you that your career with Ellora's Cave is taking off (they do you proud with those gorgeous covers!)

    We'd love to have you back as a guest so don't think you're escaping completely!

  22. Mel, I'm so sad to see you go! We'll miss you -- and those marvellous covers of yours! I hope we'll see you back as our guest in the not too distant future!

    Em xx

  23. Hi Marybelle,

    I won't be a stranger, promise!

  24. Thanks Nas,

    I'll still be around, poking my nose in on comments *g*

  25. oh Ju,

    you're a sweety!! And thanks so much, I know I'll be seeing more of you - EC author!!! =)))

  26. Eleni that's right, gone but...not *g*

  27. Thanks Sharon,

    I'd love to come back as a guest one day - though I do have a future smooch =))

  28. Thanks Emily, it goes without saying I'll miss you guys too - maybe if I'm a harlequin author one day down the track...

  29. Mel - we'll all be paying such close attention to everythign you write and everything you do. I know we'll still 'see' you but it won't be the same.

    You know if you drift back toward Harlequin there'll still be a kitty-tray with a big "M" on it for you :)



  30. Good bye and good luck, Mel. I'm sure we see you somewhere on the web.

  31. Mel, all the best for the future and your writing. We will miss you on our loop.
    Sue MacKay