Dec 8, 2010

'Tis the Season...

by Michelle Douglas

Reading: Realism by Damien Grant

Watching: QI

Listening to: The Beatles (The Singles)

Making me smile: the box of Lindt Balls in the fridge

Okay, we all know Christmas is about the food, but the other secondary, minor thing Christmas is about is... PRESENTS!

And books are my present of choice.

[Question asked by almost any member of my family] "What would you like for Christmas, Michelle?"

[Which they then promptly answer for themselves] "Don't tell me... A book, right?"

You bet. Any book. Books I've heard off by my favourite authors, books I've never heard of, non-fiction books, fiction books, category romances, literary fiction, poetry, textbooks, whatever. Quite frankly, just bring it on. This of course means I love to select books as gifts for the people in my life too.

[As an aside here, I think it would be wonderful to work in a bookshop in the lead up to Christmas. I have an uncanny ability to hone in on grandmotherly types hovering about the children's section. They'll tell me they're looking for a book for 10-year-old little Johnny or 13-year-old little Sadie and I will promptly give them a recommendation. Then I walk out of said bookshop with shoulders pushed back and chest puffed out. Okay, yes a sad case, I know.]

This is my book-present list so far for this Christmas, but if you have a recommendation that I should add to my list, or a book you think is more suitable than the one I've chosen, please let me know!

For my Husband: he loves humorous books. He also loves the television show QI. I've grabbed him copies of QI: The Second Book of General Ignorance, and The QI Annual 2011. He is going to seriously enjoying stretching out on the lounge with them come Christmas evening.

For my Sister: She loves her dog. I've grabbed her Kandy Shepherd's Home Is Where The Bark Is. She's gonna love it!

For my Niece: I bought her Anne of Green Gables for her birthday. We LOVE Anne with an E. Her special request is the next two books in the series - Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island. Tick.

For Grandma: My grandma has been reading Mills & Boon romances for as long as I can remember. Her absolute favourites are Medicals. Sue Mackay's debut Their Marriage Miracle will be making it's way into her stocking. (I'd add Sharon Archer's books, but she's already read them!).

For my Step-Mother: She's a big horror fan and when I saw Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars, I couldn't resist.

For my Brother-In-Law: he's a big thriller reader. Loves Matthew Reilly. I've grabbed him the latest Clive Cussler - Lost Empire.

For my Dad: Dad doesn't read anything but the newspaper. He does, however, like to try out new recipes. Earlier in the year I was asked to supply a couple of recipes for a cookbook for the charity Snap4Kids. Guess what Dad is getting for Christmas?

Because it is Christmas - and it is the season to be jolly... and generous - I'm giving away a copy of my December release Christmas at Candlebark Farm along with a set of very cute gift tags from Oxfam, to one lucky commenter. Just tell me what book you are most hoping will make its way into your stocking this Christmas.


  1. Snap, Michelle -- I'm giving books for Christmas too!

    Just to make you jealous ... I'm working in a bookshop in the run-up to Christmas. My favourite part of the job is helping people find books for children!

    Of course, working in a bookshop, I'm always finding books I want to buy -- I spend far too much on books!

  2. Oh I am jealous! Really, truly, seriously jealous!

    But I hope you have fun in your bookshop this Christmas season, Emily!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing Jo Davis's romantic suspense - HIDDEN FIRE (The Firefighters of Station Five series) in my stocking - they are hot, hot, hot!

  4. Ooh, Kylie "hot, hot, hot" is a great recommendation :-)

  5. Michelle, I'm the same, books complete my wish list . What do I want for xmas? Well, I've already bought the 2 recent Dick Francis books missing from my shelves for the kids to give me, lol. Also hoping for his new relesase. An IOU for the 6th Jean M Auel book (out in March 2011) would be great. Or a Kmart voucher for Harlequin books I haven't already got :)

  6. Nice list, Anita!

    Although I've heard lots of fab stuff about Dick Francis, I've yet to read one of his books.

    And I am most definitely not diving into Jean Auel's world until I have the time to read ALL of them :-) I fear they'll prove addictive.

  7. uh-oh... feeling like an Xmas Grinch, Michelle! By mutual agreement with everyone in the family, we all stopped giving Xmas presents quite a few years ago now - except for the children! Instead we get to do a bit of a treat for ourselves - and mine was a visit to the book depository! Can't wait! I hope they're packing them up as I type - one is on medicine if there is no doctor available. And another is on surgery - woohoo! A bit of light reading before sleep! LOL

  8. Sharon, tis the season... for treating oneself to a book or three... umm, not sure yours comes under light, holiday, beach reading :-) but I'm sure you'll enjoy them nonetheless!

  9. Hmmm.....books. Sounds divine. Like Sharon, we are not giving out gifts in my immediate family. But I love being picture books for the godchildren.

    But if Santa wants to send me a book for being a good girl, that's OK with me too :)

  10. Eleni, I think there's something magical about picture books. And I definitely think that all good godmothers should be known for their exemplary picture-book-buying skills!

    Hope Santa drops something fabulous in your stocking :-)

  11. Books for Christmas! What fun. =)

    I gave one of my sisters a list of books I would like and links to them on The Book Depository. The list had about 6 books on it, and she'll probably give me 2, so this way it's a surprise which ones will be under the tree, but they'll be ones I really want. :)

    By the way, Michelle, we love QI too - those books your husband's getting sound great!

  12. Ooh, Rach, guess where I ordered those books from? I just LOVE the book depository. (I went out there to order the 2nd Book of General Ignorance and discovered the annual -- which had me rubbing my hands in glee).

    Hmm... I like your system with your sister. I once gave my dh a list of books I'd like for Christmas, I think there were about 10 on the list, and he bought them ALL for me. Ahh... that was a nice Christmas :-)

  13. Michelle

    I always love getting books for any presents and usually my family gift me gift certifiacates at my favourite romance bookstore YAY. I have just put in an order Hubby told me to order what I wanted :) so I have done that and there should be 9 books arriving just in time for Chrissy and we will visit Big W for all of the HMB ones I want then I just need to find time to read them LOL.

    I do love buying my family books as gifts and I always get the grandchildren at least 1 each, This year I have bought my kids gift vouchers and they will be able to pick out what book they want.

    Have Fun

  14. Oh my, a gift voucher to your favourite romance bookstore! Helen, I can sense your anticipation :-) And what a wonderful day that would be, sallying forth with gift voucher clutched to chest and choosing an armload of books. Perhaps with a halftime break in a cafe to refuel on caffeine and chocolate before choosing the next round of books. Kinda sounds like heaven.

    And your lucky grandchildren. If they're anything like I was, it'll take them an age to choose just the right book... and they'll enjoy every moment of it.

  15. Hi Michelle,

    That's one of the things I love best about Christmas - the browsing through books in the days that follow (either ones I've received or those others did!). This year I'm hoping to receive the latest Falco novel by Lindsay Davis that I missed when it was released. Other than that - anything - my family is great at choosing great books. Like you I'm giving lots of books too. Can't wait!

  16. Annie, you make me eager for Christmas dinner leftovers and a good book! I hope the Lindsay Davis novel wings its way to you and that somebody gifts you a book by an author who becomes an auto-buy :-)

  17. Okay, and drumroll please... the name I've pulled out of the trifle bowl for the signed copy of Christmas At Candlebark Farm and the gift tags is... Eleni.

    Congratulations, Eleni! Email me a michelle @ michelle - douglas. com with your address and I'll pop them in the post for you on Monday.