Dec 12, 2010

Making a List and Checking it Twice

Reading: Stranger by Zoe Archer
Watching: Relocation, Relocation Marathon
Listening to: Lullaby by Jewel
Making me smile: My Christmas tree

Christmas is just around the corner (not quite sure how that happened! I swear it was August just yesterday). That means it’s time for Christmas shopping, planning parties and putting up decorations.

The tree is up.
The Christmas Eve party is (sort of) planned.
And I’ve finished my shopping and there are lots of brightly wrapped gifts under the tree.

It’s also the time I drop very unsubtle hints about what I want for Christmas (-:

Image: Ciprian Florin Dumitrescu |

I’m very happy (and very grateful) that I’m getting a new laptop for my pressie! Perfect for my writing (and I’m hoping it'll help get me back into my writing routine, as I’ve been a little slack of late). Isn’t it pretty?

It’s small, lightweight and I can’t wait to sit down with it and finish writing my next Nocturne Bites (featuring a very sexy wolf hero and a very fiery pilot heroine).

From Michelle’s last blog post, we all know what she wants for Christmas. How about you? What are you asking Santa for this year?

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  1. Just a good time with my family - that's all I wish for... :-)

  2. Books! =) Have also dropped a hint to dh about Jane Austen dvds - all my Jane Austen adaptations were on video, and I only have Sense & Sensibility on dvd. (Strangely enough, I have 2 versions of it on dvd, and it's not my favourite of her stories.)

  3. I'll echo Kylie and Rachel - a good time with family and books sounds perfect. Of course, I'm getting/have got the books, thanks to the Love Cats blog, so will be in reading heaven over Christmas and New Year.

  4. Hey, Anna - nice lap top! Mmm, mine's getting a bit old now... I wonder... ;)

    I already have my Xmas books coming from the Book Depository! Yay! Hoping they'll be here any day! Can't wait!

    And the family's all organised to come to our place for the Christmas feast! Check!

    But if I could just ask Santa's indulgence for one more teensy wish... "all I want for Christmas" is a lovely cool morning for cooking the roasts! LOL


  5. Ooooh pretty laptop Anna :) A safe and happy Christmas has to be no. 1. Though looking around my office, a cleaning fairy would be nice ;)

  6. A yoga mat and a massage are what I've asked for! And I hope we all have a relaxing break with family and friends!

  7. Hi Kylie --
    Great wish! It's just hubby and me this year for Christmas, so I'm hoping (know!)we'll have a fun time together.

    Have a great Christmas!

  8. Hi Rach --
    Books are perfect for any special occasion. Ooh, great idea about the Jane Austen DVDs. I have PnP (BBC series and the latest movie) and two versions of Emma...but I could do with some more.

    Hope dh picks up on your hint and you have a wonderful Christmas.

  9. Hi Joanne --
    Christmas came early for you with your LoveCats books. Enjoy your reading heaven and your Christmas!

  10. Hi Sharon --
    Sounds like you're organised for Chrissy. Hope your books arrive soon and you get that cool morning for Christmas.

  11. Hey Eleni --
    It is pretty, isn't it (-: I hope you have a happy and safe Christmas and that the cleaning fairy stops by for a visit!

  12. Hi Emily --
    Great ideas! A yoga mat and massage sound like great gifts. I'll make a mental note when hubby needs hints for my birthday (-:

  13. You know, Anna, I should really love some spare time so as to read all of those wonderful new books I'm hoping to get this Christmas. Maybe that's something I'll gift for myself :-)

    Have fun with your new laptop!

  14. Hi Michelle --
    The gift of of the most valuable I can think of. There is never enouhg of it!

    Good luck finding the time to read your books this Christmas...I'll defintely be finding the time to play with my laptop (-:

  15. Love the new laptop Anna

    For me I want my Hubby home from hospital for Chrissy it should happen fingers crossed and of course romance books would be great as well.
    Other than that I have all of my family coming for lunch and I plan on having lots of fun with them all 5 grandchildren do make Christmas lots of fun. Oh and Sharon I too am hoping for a cool day while I am cooking

    Have Fun

  16. Hi Helen --
    I'm sending out best wishes that your hubby is home for Christmas as well. Sounds like that would be a perfect gift.

    Have a wonderful time with your family and I hope a few romance books make it under the tree!

  17. Hi Anna,

    Can't wait to see what masterpieces you create with the new laptop! There's something fabulous about new technology. :)

    Hubby's just wheeled my present into place last night - a new kitchen fridge! Which sounds a little too practical (not so much if you know my hubs!), but there's bubbly in the door, so it's perfect. :)

    My favourite thing is definitely getting together with the family, and I love watching the kids' excitement grow and then bubble over on Christmas morning. It's heartwarming and makes the hours we've spent trawling for presents so worth it.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  18. Hi Anna,
    lucky thing with your new laptop!! Hope you write lots of hot stories on it =)
    I'm not fussed on the retail gimmick of Christmas time, but I really love the getting together of family, and a little too much over indulgence (g)

  19. Hi Em --
    Hmm, a fridge does sound a little too practical but bubbly doesn't!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and the kids light up when they open their gifts.

  20. Hey Mel --
    I'm very lucky to get a new lappy!

    Oh yes, Christmas is a great time to overindulge and not feel guilty about it... eat too much, drink too much, sleep too much (-: Hope you have a great family Christmas.

  21. I'm thinking maybe I'll ask Santa to supply some more PT sessions at the gym. I hate the work but I love the results, good nights sleep included!

  22. Hi Robyn --
    PT sessions sound like a fab pressie (and a good idea for writers!) I completely agree with you on exercise -- hate the work and love the results (-: