Dec 15, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Algae KittyCat

Human Slave: All of mankind!

Likes: Meowing loudly, attacking the dog and excited gallops around the house ( particularly after using the litter tray.)

Dislikes: Being ignored.

Most memorable moment: After observing the elderly canine stealing his biscuits, Algae paused, considered his revenge, then slowly walked upto then slumbering dog and bit his leg.

Ambition: To open every door in the house, any unlocked door is fair game!

Favourite pastime: Swiping anyone's feet who walk near the bed, and playing with his toy mouse.


  1. Algae, you sound like a bad cat to cross. Waiting till the canine was sleeping till you bit him? Genius. And you can open unlocked doors? Criminal mastermind. I'd love to meet you and shake your paw, but you'd probably swipe my foot at the same time. Good luck with that door ambition!

  2. Algae it's criminal to have such big blue eyes!! Never mind about enslaving all of mankind!! LOL

  3. Oh I seriously want an Algae. Cool and decisive with movie star good looks to boot!

  4. Thanks for putting Algae on the catwalk Mel! He does love to be admired :)

  5. Hiding in the tumble dryer? Umm, Algae, you might want to reconsider that strategy, especially if your biscuit stealing doggie is anywhere nearby. There's is a little thing called revenge!

    It's been fun reading all about you!

  6. He really has a mind of his own and how cute

    Have Fun

  7. What a handsome creature you are, Algae -- You look so cool and elegant against the red cushions. Would love to see you gallop around the house!