Dec 23, 2010

Books for Family

Reading: Nailed by Annie Stuart
Watching: Being Human (again)
Making me Smile: My new EC cover!

I love giving books to family as presents, Miss Twelve (going on 21) is especially a fan! Right now she's reading The Host - has practically read the entire book in one day.

Does anyone else remember those days - when you could pick up a door stopper book and have the whole day to devour it? The days before housework, being mum/auntie/grandma 'stuff' became more important! Of course, those things *are* more important, but sometimes I'd love just a few more hours to sink into an author's world =)
Speaking of Miss Twelve, I bought her "I Am Number Four" - a recommendation from our own lovecat Tracie. Can't wait to see this in movie form too.
Miss Twenty isn't a reader *gasp* but has decided suddenly she wants to read some of my more erotic novels. Ah, no. LOL!!!
Miss Three loves books, demands (nicely) that I read her one every night - followed by our own bedtime story of what we've done for the day, followed by 'round and round the garden' LOL!
I bought her three old favourites for Christmas, books I loved when I was her age =)
A Fish Out of Water, The Digging-est Dog & The Best Nest. Hope she'll love them just as much I did!
Any recommendations you'd like to share of what books you bought your loved ones?

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. How great you are giving your family books. I'm doing the same - have bought all these books that I hope to borrow back to read :)

    I see you are a fan of "Fish Out of Water" too. I love that book! It's a classic with our whole family.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Hey Mel,
    I did almost my entire Christmas shopping in Dymocks book shop. The ladies in the shop were astounded - I thought everyone gave books! That's all I ever want.

    I have some 3 year olds to buy for an I got them Activity books where you can wipe off the marker pen after doing puzzles. It was only when my husband asked about pens on walls that I thought I may not be so popular with some mothers!!

    I bought cooking books, Parky's book, the Darwin Awards, and then snuck in a few romances for me - well, someone has to buy me books!! :-)

    Merry Christmas to all the Love Cats!


  3. Zana,
    you can't go wrong with books - for those of us who love to read!!
    And Fish Out of Water is a great learning book, one I remember well =)

  4. Catherine,
    you must have been in heaven!
    Browsing in a bookshop would be so much easier too than walking through a hundred shops, trying to decide on a present...

  5. Hi Mel
    I've bought books for my step daughter and self. And I see there's a book under the tree with my name on it. (not from me)
    I am married to a man who does not read. How weird is that for a writer? Also makes the present shopping harder because I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want a book.
    Have a great Christmas.

  6. Hi Sue!
    My husband loves books, though he reads maybe 2 pages a night before he's snoring, book still in hand, bedside light on. Luckily I'm up later than he is and can turn light off and put book away LOL.
    Merry Christmas to you too =)

  7. Books are the bestest present, Mel - they can be enjoyed over and over! It's wonderful that your girls are all readers - but then how could they not be, when their mum's a writer and she loves books!

    Merry Christmas, everybody! What every you're doing, wherever you are, have a purrrrfect day!


  8. Sharon,
    you are so right! Nothing like losing oneself in another world =))

  9. I'm giving a mix of books and dvds for most people this year - two different forms of storytelling. Happy sigh.

    And when family members asked for suggestions of anything I'd like, I gave them a list of romances I'm dying to read. I gave quite a long list, so whatever they choose from it will be a surprise. =)

  10. Hi Mel! I'm giving some books this year -- art for Dad, history for Mum, fiction for my sister -- and also some Oxfam unwrapped gifts too. Haven't decided whether to give vaccinations, livestock, or water!

    Have a great Christmas!

  11. Hmm... books seem to be the big Christmas-gift theme this year :-) Thinking that's not a surprise considering the company we keep. And yes, I'm putting my hand up too -- books make up the majority of gifts I'm giving this year (and when you add wine and chocs I'm figuring most of the food groups are covered ).

    Loving the Dr Seuss, Mel!

  12. Rach,
    I also got some DVDs this year - of course North and South for mum (thanks to the bootcampers at conference) and pride and predjudice for Shan. (I seriously can't get into the book, but the movie I really enjoy)

  13. Emily,
    you've got your whole family covered!! I love art books - the 'how to' ones =)

  14. LOL Michelle,
    if we can't give books or DVDs, wine and champers is a great standby!!
    My mum will be getting some baileys this year, which I've yet to get!! Shriek! Christmas is too close now! LOL

  15. Books are such great presents and I always buy books for a lot of my family. My grandchildren love to read and there are a few books in their stockings for them a lot of them about shapes and numbers seeing as how they are very young but they do love them.

    Merry Christmas Everyone I do hope your Christmas is filled with love and lots of fun

    Have Fun

  16. Hi, I gave my daughter the Harry Porter set of books as well as well as the DVD's. She's grumbling because she's read all the books and watched the corresponding movies. She's home since November and bored. So I passed her CHRISTMAS AT CANDLEBARK FARM by Michelle Douglas. Now she wants to cook all the dishes the heroine cooked in there!

    Merry Christmas.

  17. Nas, I loved the Harry Potter books (but I've only seen the first movie).

    I hope your daughter isn't making too much of a mess in your kitchen .

  18. Helen that's a fantastic idea for the little ones!! And it gets their interest in reading nice and young =)

  19. Nas, you can't go wrong with Harry Potter, or Michelle Douglas =)))

  20. Teens just love Stephanie Meyer! Heck so do I, and half the world.

    My 8 years old is devouring the Rainbow Magic Fairies series. So lovely to see!

    The kids got me the latest Stephen King for Chrissie. Now I'm dreaming of a month alone on a tropical island with only my books to keep me company. =)

    Santa comes tonight!!!


  21. Oh Stephen King, yummy!!! (oddly, he's not a Stephanie Meyer fan LOL)
    I didn't read his novella 'The Mist' but I loved the movie.
    He puts creepy into creepy (g)

  22. Oh can I be adopted into your family Mel? You and your book giving :)

    I hope you and all the LoveCats had a wonderful Christmas and have a fabulous 2011!

  23. LOL, you are not officially my foster friend =) Merry Christmas!

  24. that was meant to be *NOW*
    sorry Eleni, you know you're loved!!! =))

  25. Hey got, what you meant Mel - yay on being fostered! :)