Jun 30, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Strawberry & Daiquiri

Abode: A peaceful, rural hamlet of Coffs Harbour where they oversee Wagtail Cottage - a B&B exclusively for pets and people

Sitting at the human's feet while she writes; sleeping on bed; eating (anything - rather partial to possum poop - hence ongoing and expensive-to-treat inflammatory bowel condition); sleeping on lounge; playing with Mousey (the soft toy that drives a frustrated writer crazy with it's squeak); sleeping in sun; chasing anything that moves; sleeping on clean washing; walkies (9am and 3pm and don't dare delay); sleeping on human's lap...get the picture?

Dogs - because they think they are human

To see a dedication in my human's first novel (as the little inspirational (and sleeping) heartbeats at her feet).


WANTED: Your Pet!!
Lovecats wants YOUR pet to feature on its Catwalk Wednesday.
Interested? Email Mel at


  1. Welcome to the Catwalk, Strawberry and Daiquiri! I'm guessing your human likes cocktails, huh? Which one of you is Strawberry? The one on the left with the pink whiskers???

  2. What a gorgeous duo! you guys almost look like something I grab my tissues out of - so cute!!! And I love the sound of a human and pet Bed & breakfast =)

  3. Strawberry here (and it's strawberry blonde. Wouldn't be seen dead in pink! Too pussy LOL
    Daiquiri here - Helllllo Mel. Mostly dogs just sniff my bum - not pull tissues out!!!

  4. Welcome to the Catwalk, Strawberry and Daiquiri! You're a perfect pair... and what a bonus for your human - there's one of you for each foot!

  5. Hello Strawberry and Daiquiri. You guys are too cute for words!! I'm sure your Mum will give you a dedication in her book, even characters named after you. Gosh, with faces like yours it's a wonder there's not the Strawberry and Daiquiri story!

    They are soooo cute Jenn!

  6. Oh Catherine - pls don't give them any ideas. and Sharon - I need one on each foot today Brrrrrr. It's freezing - even up here in sunny Coffs.

  7. Ooh, Strawberry and Daiquiri, I could do with you guys as hot water bottles today! Love your names - reminds me of a couple of canaries I had called Gin and Tonic. I bet you'd like canaries :-) Thanks for gracing our catwalk!

  8. Strawberry and Daiquiri, you are both too gorgeous! I can just imagine having a nap and curling up with either or both of you. I bet your fur is beautifully soft...

    One question, what does your human shorten your names to? Strawb? Straw? Berry? Daq?

  9. Gina & Tonic - hee hee. We also know a Tia and Maria and Brandy and Alexander. (Think we need new (sober) friends!!) As for us - we have soooo many names (depends on our behaviour!!!). Usually Strawby, Strawb or Strawby-loo and Daq, Daqui or Little Dude - cause I am - Woof!

  10. Hi Jenn -- your doggies are adorable!

  11. Kandy - coming from you, that's a real compliment. We are available for use in all up-coming novels. Woof!