Jun 2, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name Ellie (short for Elephant)
South Coast of NSW

Human Slave
Cath and Pete

Likes Food, food, food, oh, did I say food? Pats, belly rubs, and my new winter coat.

Dislikes other dogs getting any attention when I should be getting it all.

Life I was abandoned as a young dog, but I found this pretty good human slave. I was the focus of her entire life, I’m sure I was. And then another dog came along and I had to share a bit of my slave. Some time later, a man came along. Heavens above! I had to move off the
bed, then I had to move out of the house. It’s lucky he’s an okay kind of guy or I’d have eaten him for breakfast.

Note In case you’re worried about my nose and eye… I have dog lupus - fatty deposits in my eye (not a cataract, although it looks like that) and my nose is also a result of lupus but I have medicine for that and t’s no longer sore, even though it looks bad!


WANTED: Your Pet!!
Lovecats wants YOUR pet to feature on its Catwalk Wednesday.

Interested? Email Mel at


  1. Welcome, Ellie (and I'm calling you Ellie because I think that it's shocking that your humans named you after another animal species - and not even a particularly ferocious species at that!).

    Ellie, I'm wondering if you perhaps live with the gorgeous Tink? There's a certain family resemblance in the beauty department.

    Hugs on the doggy lupus, and wishing you all the tummy rubs you can handle!

  2. Ellie, you are a mighty fine specimen of a dog - do you do pal commericals, perhaps??

  3. Thanks for the compliments, Mel and Rachel!

    Yes, Tink is "the other dog".

    Sorry I wasn't here yesterday for my moment of fame... the human had to go out all day which meant no food, no pats and no internet access. She claims she needs to work to feed me... but hmmmphf!

    Ellie :)

  4. Hello Ellie -- and welcome to LoveCats! What a fine looking dog you are! And, you know, I wouldn't get too self-conscious about your nose. I didn't even notice until you mentioned it!