Jun 5, 2010

Caturday Fun

Today's puzzle has nothing to do with books and reading, but it's addictive!

They say to use it or lose it, so here's a way to exercize your memory on a Caturday. Click on the screen and some coloured tiles will appear then disappear again. You have to remember the ones that were coloured and then click on them. Sound easy? It gets harder with more tiles as you go on!

Good luck, cats.


  1. Very cool, Rachel! Thank you for exercising my brain!

  2. You're welcome, Emily! And thanks to the Proprofs people who made it (link under puzzle).

    I've played it a few times now (understatement alert) and I'm getting better. I wonder if that means my IQ is getting higher...?

  3. Rach, I played this at mum's a couple of times on her laptop... I totally sucked the first time, thought it was too easy!!! LOL

  4. Seriously addictive!!! Love it, Rach - was actually giggling aloud while playing. Hmm but the challenge to beat it. Just one more time....

  5. Mel, I hope you at least gave your mum a turn. ;)

  6. Anita, I wasn't giggling! I was frowning in concentration. Maybe I'll try again and giggle and see if that improves my score. =)

  7. That's brilliant Rachel. Much more addictive than the jigsaws - even when it was Tink!


  8. it's all in the way your hold your tongue, isn't it... I guess I haven't found the right way yet! LOL

    have to keep working on it!