Jun 16, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Rusty "The nearly 2 year old Chocolate Labrador"

Abode: I live with Bailey the cat featured just recently

Human Slave: Kylie (aka Mel's co-worker on "Believe")

Likes: People, little kids are fine too, I don't care what they do to me, you name it they've done it, and I'm ok with that. Going for walks.

Dislikes: Having to use my manners and sit patiently before I'm allowed to eat and... Bailey getting more attention than me!

Ambition: To grow into my feet and out of the stigma that Labradors are dumb. I also heard a rumour that Bailey thinks I'm young and idiotic,,,, but I'm just fun loving..unlike some pompous persians.

Sociable or Aloof: Sociable definately

Night Owl or Early Bird: Early Bird. I do also like to be tucked into bed with a blanky on these cooler nights.

Favourite Pastime: Annoying Bailey

Favourite Toy: Used to be anything chewable, but I've grown out of that...*thankgoodness sighs slave* My favourite game I used to call Hide, seek and chew... including electronic devices, fish pumps, light controllers and the like despite how well they are hidden, I am so clever, yes I am, I could find them and chew them I've not once been electrocuted! Phffff who said I was idiotic!

Best Friend: The littlest one in the tribe, I play so nicely despite how big I am in comparision. We are the best mates.

Most embarrassing moment: Being caught red handed or is it mouthed, with what was once 'live' wire cabling in my mouth...did I tell you how clever I am not getting electrocuted.

In all seriousness, my first year and a half were full on puppy, but I am muturing quicker than my slave anticipated and I am proving to be a beautiful, loyal and smart family member, not to mention a good guard dog. I started doing tricks and learning all my manners before I was one. I am a very clever canine..really quite modest too :-)


WANTED: Your Pet!!
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  1. You are one very handsome lab, and did I mention I adore chocolate?? LOL
    Since I've met you I know how very sociable and ah, energetic, you are!!

  2. My goodness, Rusty. You are *beeoootiful*! I had two chocolate labs and I think your people are possibly my favourite canines. Though my boys had a purebred Weimaraner mum and a chocolate lab dad (who tunneled in under the fence...).

    Dh opened the internet this morning and he saw your photo and came to get me. You reminded him of our lovely boys and he thinks you're beeoootiful too.

    Must go look at the photo albums of my chocolate labs.

  3. Rusty, Labs are one of the smartest dogs I know, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise (I had a gorgeous golden lab as a child and she was soooo tolerant of my sister and I putting pegs on her lips).

    I love that you have feet to grow into! Give Bailey a lick for me!

  4. Rusty, you are SO huggable! You can come and hang up your collar at our house, any time. We always have room for a handsome, clever, modest chocolate lab!

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  6. Rusty, you look like you're ready to bounce up and be about some mischief! But I'm glad to hear you won't be off chomping any electrical appliances! Definitely a good thing to grow out of!

    er, apologies for the deleted post, Rusty - made a grammatical error and just had to tweak!

  7. Lol, reminds me of our old boy who chewed the trailer cabling off the car... My first dog (I got him when I was a toddler) was a chocolate lab and he was a gentle giant (remember I was only little *wink*).

  8. Thankyou all for your comments and compliments. You have managed to make a Chocolate dog *blush*.

    That photo was actually taken by Master 3y.o.

    Slave was photographing Bailey for his photo shoot for Love Cats when Master 3 wanted a turn of the camera. Slave said "Ok, one photo". Hence Master 3 took the camera and captured yours truly, which led to my day of glory appearing here as well.

    Needless to say that face in the photo is the one Master 3 sees and wanted to capture. I knew I made a good choice when "I" chose him. On my very first visit with this family, it was me and my brothers and sisters walking around the loungeroom floor. While my brothers and sisters were consumed with trivialities, I headed straight for Master 1 y.o (at the time), played with him and then layed down peacefully beside him. I was not the prettiest and I was probably the smallest one, but I have the biggest heart and that's how I chose my family and how they chose me. One other thing worth sharing is that Master 2,couldn't say Rusty, so he'd call me Hank, yes Hank?, although that's ok I like Hank. Do I look like a Hank? Thanks all...with love Rusty.