Sep 9, 2019

Reading Dark

I love reading romance. I’m currently reading The Million Pound Marriage Deal by fellow LoveCat Michelle Douglas and love it. 

Crime is another of my favourite genres. Michael Connelly and Michael Robotham are two of my go to authors. I devour everything written by Jane Harper.

But, there are some books I just can’t bring myself to read. I love Stephen King’s book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. I’ve read it three times, but I can’t bring myself to read one of his fiction books. I’m too scared.

At the recent Byron Writers Festival, I listened to Ginger Gorman discuss the world of online trolls and her incredible journey researching this phenomenon. I immediately purchased Troll Hunting and had Ginger sign it. I’ve picked it up a number of times to read, but just wonder if I can face learning about the inside world of online hate. I teach Social Media Tactics at university, so feel it is a book I should read, but do I really want to know about this world?

What about you? Are there genres of books you can’t read or don’t want to read?

I’m heading back to Will and Sophie’s story and will leave the trolls for now.


  1. Aw, so glad you're enjoying Sophie and Will's story, Jen. I read lots of different things too -- am reading both Annie West's latest "Sheikh's Royal Baby Revelation" (so lush!) and Ben Aaronovitch's "Moon Over Soho" (funny, fantastical, and with a mystery to solve). But there are definitely things I avoid. True stories about abuse survivors is one of them. I mean I empathise with the survivors, obviously, and loathe all that they've gone through. But they are such harrowing stories and leave me in floods of tears and so utterly depleted, that I very rarely read them. I loved Stephen King as a teenager, but I don't seek him out now (not sure I ever recovered after seeing Misery!). Oh, and while I have tried to read James Joyce's "Ulysses" several time, I'm never bothering with that one again either. I don't care if it's a classic or not! ;-)

    Romance is definitely my happy place! :-D

  2. Yes, I'm loving Sophie and Will's story, Michelle. I've tried James Joyce too but gave up.

  3. Like Michelle, I read Stephen King as a teenager - and some other authors like Dean Koontz - but now I too prefer going to my happy place - that does NOT include books by these authors. I've cut toxic "friends" out of my life too. Life is too short.

    1. Ah yes, the toxic friends, Laney4. Great idea to also cut them out. I've been doing a similar thing. Better to surround yourself with positivity!

  4. Hi Jennifer

    I love a good romance and a woman's fiction story and cozy romance and suspense but I have never read a Stephen King book and they are books that I would not read, I need to feel good when I finish a book :)

    Have fun


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