Sep 18, 2019

Major announcement - Make over time!

Hello to all our aaamazing LoveCat blog readers out there. 


We LoveCats have been talking a lot the last months about directions, about reaching our beloved followers and the way social media sites have taken over from the humble blog and the need to adapt to the shifting winds. 


 So..the time has come for a reinvention. 



As of today, we're moving to a Facebook group. Yes, we opened a FB page a couple of years ago and we'll still be there but we wanted something exclusive and extra special just for our readers. Somewhere we can post the kind of content that we used to post here - from what we're reading to pictures of our pets to the ever popular Sunday Smooch! Somewhere we can interact with you guys in a much more organic way!


But...before we go, here are some stats!


The LoveCats first launched in the blogosphere on Jan 11th 2010 with the purpose of showcasing category romance through the eyes of some Aussie and NZ authors who were writing it! 


There were 7 inaugural members! Rachel Bailey, Zana Bell, Emily May, Sharon Archer, Nikki Logan and Tracie Sommers (Tracy O'Hara).


Since then there has been - 


1871 posts  and 631 908 page views 


The most viewed post was this one by Amy Andrews with 22304 pageviews.


The most viewed Sunday Smooch was this one by Rachel Bailey with 804 page views.


And multiple vistors have come from far and wide!



So, we're all very pleased and proud of what we've created and we hope you've enjoyed your time here at the blog. We also hope you'll join us in our new venture!



Come on on over to the FB group and join us there for fun and laughter and most importantly - category romance!!



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