Mar 10, 2019

Sunday Smooch with Clare Connelly

Sunday Smooch with Clare Connelly 

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Clare Connelly's BURN ME ONCE.

But first, the winner of last weeks smooch is Laney4! Please email Michelle Douglas to claim your prize.

You. Me. Sex. It's easy.All she has to do is not get hooked…
Ally Douglas has made a deal with Ethan Ash: just sex, no strings, no forever. All she knows about him is that he's a world–famous rock star and absolutely gorgeous. Their sexual chemistry is instant, magnetic, and it satisfies their needs. Only now Ethan has started to break the rules – will Ally be able to stop herself from getting burned?
Hi Lovecats!

I'm so delighted to share a bit of a retro smooch with you today. This is an excerpt from my ROCK STAR book, and the reason I'm going back in time to this sexy read is because I've seen two of my fantasy husbands perform in the last week (Isaac Hanson and Tim Minchin - with huge love for my real-life husband who is, of course, amazing!) and I'm going ga-ga for rock stars - and thought you might like to as well! So this scene is written from the Hero's perspective. Ethan-hotter-than-sin-Ash has just found out his very-recently-ex-girlfriend is getting married to some other guy, and he's met Ally in a bar.... sparks are flying and a sexy one-night-stand is on the cards! 

Language warning! This book is written for Harlequin/Mills & Boon's super sexy Dare line, and features some expletives. 

Every time I question the wisdom of this I think of the freaking Tweet. #soinlove
Sienna’s moved on. Why the hell shouldn’t I have some fun too?
Something squeezes inside me and my past with Sienna flashes before me. The years we spent together. The way we came through the industry together. I get her and she gets me. It damned near killed me when we broke up. Only her promise that it was temporary eased that pain.
And now she’s fucking engaged to another guy.
A new sense of urgency powers my intent.
‘Hell, yeah. Let’s get out of here.’
I drain my beer, noticing she’s hardly touched her drink. I nod towards it but she shakes her head.
‘I’m okay.’
She’s better than okay. Briefly I feel a wave of guilt. To Sienna. To Ally. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m not thinking one hundred percent clearly, but my instincts are telling me to go with this—or is that my cock?—and I’m not going to ignore them.
‘Let’s go.’
I hold my hand out and she places her palm in mind. Her hand’s small, and yet it fits into mine perfectly. I stand and pull her closer to me as I do. She smells like vanilla and moonlight.
Someone’s tipped the press off as to my whereabouts, so that when we step out of the club there’s flashes everywhere. Ally’s surprised. She’s not used to fame and its pointed intrusion. I pull her closer to my chest. The desire to protect her is instinctive. I don’t want her being collateral damage in all of this.
I hail a cab and it stops instantly. I hold the door open for her and she slips inside, a blur of pale skin, bright blue eyes and long red hair. I follow, moving close to her in the back of the cab.
I hear every single one of Ally’s rushed breaths echo inside my soul.
I give the driver my hotel address and then I turn to Ally. I don’t know what I’m going to say to her. Thoughts fly from my head at the sight of her huge wide eyes and parted lips.
Fuck it.
I want her.
I kiss her as though my life depends on it. I kiss her with an aching hunger and desperation that surprises us both.
Or maybe it doesn’t—because it’s exactly how she kisses me back.

I loved writing this steamy, satisfying romance. I hope you fall in love with Ethan Ash as much as I did! 

I'm giving away five digital copies of this book - so leave a comment here or on Facebook and the winners will be announced next Sunday, right here on the blog. Mwah! 


  1. Oh Clare, what a smooch I did love this story Ethan and Ally are so good together :)

    Have Fun


  2. Ooh, fab excerpt, Clare! Am loving Ethan's...uh, urgency. ;-) I have this one on my Kindle. I really need to move it further up the TBR list.

  3. Ethan-hotter-than-sin-Ash yes please ;) Great excerpt :) Have this one in my TBR pile as well

  4. This book is so hot it ought to be sold with a fan!

  5. I cannot wait to read more, the excerpt it just teasing me! 😆

  6. I cannot wait to read more, the excerpt it just teasing me! 😆

  7. I cannot wait to read more, the excerpt it just teasing me! 😆