Dec 10, 2018

Help! Christmas

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Okay. This is shameless. I’m admitting that right up front. But I need help. Lots of help. But it is Christmas…a time for giving.

My dilemma is what to buy my husband for Christmas. He loves books, but preorders them as soon as he reads a good review. He loves music, but likes to buy his own the moment it comes out. He loves surfing but I don’t know anything about it, so he looks after himself. He plays guitar but has enough of them. He’s not that interested in clothes and really has enough anyway. He doesn’t garden, or cook. He doesn’t drink. 

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He does love chocolate and receives quite a bit at Christmas as everyone is in the same boat as me with present buying for him. He loves coffee, but that's not really present-worthy.

I'm thinking of trying to find an 'experience' present. Any ideas? Just not hot air ballooning as he'd want me to come with him and I'm terrified of heights.

So, what on earth do I buy this man? I have had a few successes over the years, but probably more misses.

Do you have someone who is difficult to buy for in your life? What do you buy for them? Do you have any ideas to help me?


  1. I have a hubby who is hard to buy for too, Jen. Does he like whiskey? A nice bottle of single malt is always a classy present. Leather satchel or a leather diary? Is he into coffee -- maybe a fancy coffee machine? electric shaver? I'm guessing if he loves books he already has an ereader...but does he need an updated version of his ereader, or a different brand of ereader (I'm hoping to find the new Kindle Paperwhite under r the Christmas tree this year ;-) )? Good luck!

  2. He does like whiskey, Michelle. Great idea! However, as he only has about two drinks a year, we now have bottles and bottles.

    He actually doesn't have an e-reader as he loves paper books, but perhaps now is the time for conversion or at least a trial! If he doesn't like it, at least I get an upgraded device (hee, hee).

  3. I'm someone who loves books and music, and I always appreciate a gift card which allows me to buy a book I want and also associate with a gift I've been given.

  4. Hi Jennifer

    My hubby is hard to buy for as well and we struggle big time to find something for him so it is often DVD or clothes or some money and then he can do his own thing with it :)

    Have Fun


    1. Thanks, Helen. He is a man who loves to do his own thing.

  5. My daughter keeps buying my husband signs. He now has a "MANCAVE" pillow in the basement, a "DAD'S GARAGE" licence plate in the garage (duh), and she just bought him a wooden sign that says "What's said in the garage stays in the garage" (or something like that).
    My husband bicycles, so we have gotten him a speedometer, a new helmet, numerous gloves, a water bottle holder, a flat bike rack for over the back wheel, an actual bike rack for the back of the car, etc.
    I've had a calendar made for him with favourite pictures. (I had a dog one made years ago with various pics of a Golden Retriever we dog sat; gave a copy to his owners, one to my daughter, one to my son, and one for myself!)
    We use my navy flowered makeup case for our toiletries when traveling (I don't wear makeup), but I suppose he might prefer using something more masculine when this one dies.
    A new mouse pad? Mouse? Laptop? We use a rolled-up keyboard when travelling, as I can't stand typing on a laptop, plus we take a mouse because I refuse to "scroll" on a laptop. New ear buds for traveling?
    My husband uses a little TV-table-like computer table in the living room where he keeps his laptop all the time. Could he use one of those?
    A new bedroom clock? New dress gloves? New work gloves? New warm mitts?
    New hiking boots? New runners? New dress shoes?
    A new belt (dressy or casual)?
    Okay, okay. I'm done now, LOL!

    1. Hi Laney - wow - thank you so much! That is an awesome list to think about. You are really good at this!

      Love how you have recommended gloves and mitts. Where we live we don't even have coats. Too warm all year around in Byron Bay, Northern NSW, Australia. It's more shorts and T-shirts.

      I hadn't thought about bike stuff - that's a great idea as he does ride.

    2. Funny. I just re-read your blog and realized I forgot to tell you my original idea! You mentioned an "experience".
      What about a "locked room" experience? (If you don't know what it is, Google locked room Calgary and theirs will pop up.)
      Laser tag?
      Do you have somewhere that provides rock climbing, a trampoline, ice/roller skating, and/or a playland? We went to Rhino Sports ( for my daughter's 30th birthday party (I was 58), and we climbed all over the playland (imagine McDonald's kids' playland in an adult size), despite my having VERY arthritic knees (and weighing just over 200 lbs at 5'10" tall), we jumped on the trampoline while throwing soft balls at each other, my daughter and friends did the rock climbing, and my husband enjoyed the sports simulators.

  6. Jen, I'm not much help here as my husband is an avid cyclist and stuff for his bike and MAMIL (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) outfits for cycling are a surefire hit! Instead of ordering books for himself he tells me the ones he'd like for Christmas and then I order them so they are a kind of surprise. This year he's getting one he doesn't know about as well as the requested one!