Nov 4, 2018

Sunday Smooch with Barbara Wallace

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Their Christmas Miracle by Barbara Wallace.

Merry Early Christmas Lovecats!

I’m so excited to share with you my latest romance: Their Christmas Miracle. Writing a Christmas romance has become a bit of a tradition for me. This marks the third year in a row I’ve decked the halls for Mills & Boon.

THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE was especially fun to write because it’s an amnesia story.  Amnesia is one of my favorite romance tropes because it opens the door for a reunion romance.  There’s so much you can pack into a missing memory!  And believe me, I packed in as much as I could.

Lost: One wife and mother.

Found: Their forever family?

Finding the wife he'd believed lost to him forever in a remote Scottish village seems like a miracle to wealthy CEO Thomas Collier. Rosalind is suffering from amnesia - she can't remember anything from before her accident, including her husband and their daughter! As Christmas draws near, back in their London penthouse, can Thomas help Rosalind regain her past and embrace the loving future they all deserve?


“Because...” He angled his body so that, instead of standing side by side, he held her in a semi-embrace. “I’m not ready to share you with the rest of the world.”

Whether from his hips close to hers or the mistletoe hanging above them or the gentle whiff of aftershave on his neck, awareness washed over her. She looked up through her lashes. “Then you shouldn’t have left me alone in the crowd.”

“Ah, but then I couldn’t have bought you this.” His lifted his free arm to reveal a brown bag. “Merry early Christmas.”

It was a geode. Broken open to reveal the pink crystal formations inside. “You told me once you like the pink ones best. That the color’s created by—”

“Magnesium.” The whispered answer came to her without having to think. “And it’s beautiful. Thank you.”

“You’re most welcome.” She looked up to find his eyes had grown hooded and dark.
Her insides started to pulse.

“You know, we are under the mistletoe,” he told her.

“I know.”

“Be almost sacrilegious if we didn’t...”

“Sacrilegious indeed.”

His lips brushed against hers. The kiss was soft and sweet, full of the kind of promise that made Rosalind’s knees want to buckle.

And then it ended, as a public kiss should. Leaving her tingling and wishing they were alone.

“Let’s go home,” Thomas said. “We have a tree to decorate.”

Because I’m in a Christmasy-mood, I’m giving away a copy of THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE to one lucky Lovecat Visitor.  For a chance win, leave a comment below and tell me if you’ve been naughty or nice!


 By the way – if you’re not in a Christmas mood, you can always check out my limited edition Bachelorette anthology featuring Ali, Ivan and Danny on the cover!

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced!

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  1. will like to read how it all works out---LynW

    1. I hope when you read it, that you like the ending Lyn! Thanks for letting me visit.

  2. Hello Barbara

    WOW what a smooch I loved it and this is a story I know I would love , naughty or nice LOL I try to be nice all of the time but sometimes being a little naughty is fun, I do love the sound of this book and I love Christmas stories :)

    Have Fun


    1. LOL, Helen. Naughty *can* be a lot of fun. ;-)

    2. Thanks Helen! It's nice to see you here. Who doesn't love a Christmas story?

  3. My Christmas miracle was the birth of my daughter

  4. Oh, Barb, I'm always nice. Ask anyone. ;-)

    So lovely to have you visit the LoveCats! And I love your smooch. Can't wait to settle down with all my Christmas reads. Happy sighs. :-)

  5. Both. When I'm good, I'm bad. When I'm bad, I'm good. LOL.

    BTW, loved the Smooch. Felt like I was getting the loose hug instead. Yum!

    1. LOL, Laney. Love the good-bad thing you happening there. ;-)

    2. Laney! Good to see your name. Glad you liked the smooch.

  6. Hi Barbara. Very nice this extract. The book seems really interesting. Good luck . Beautiful cover.
    I try to always be nice, even if sometimes it is difficult.

    1. Hi Franca! Sometimes it can be *so* difficult to be nice. Good for you for trying so hard. :-)

    2. Hi Franca! Always lovely to see you. I have trouble picturing you not being nice :-)

  7. So lovely to see you here, Barb, with that delightful smooch. I love a Christmas story!

  8. Welcome to the LoveCats, Barbara and congratulations on the Christmas release. I love a festive season book! And I enjoy amnesia stories too (my current release is one). I've tried very hard to be nice this year but I'll see what Santa thinks.

  9. Hello Everyone! I apologize for not being around - I've been on deadline. Now my computer is all wonky and not letting me answer you individually. Thank you all for visiting! Glad you like the smooch