Nov 26, 2018

Expectations by Amy Andrews

I've recently back from a trip to Western Australia. I was a signing author at the West Coast Fiction Festival which was super fun!

And then my hubby and I met up with friends and did some exploring north of Perth. It was an absolutely spectacular five days - the WA coastline is really wild and windswept with gorgeous beaches and clear water.

Also, we came across this pink lake that I still can't even begin to describe. 
It was simply WOW!

On our way back south to Perth we passed a sign for the Pinncales. We hadn't had this natural formation on our list of things to see but we were passing the turn off and after being mostly ambivalent about seeing it, we decided, what the heck. We had the time and if it was naff then we could just leave. So we took the turn off and WOW WOW WOW! It was amazing. I expected to see a few pointy rocks in the middle of some scrub but it was acres and acres of these weird stones just sitting in this desert - big, small and every size in between. 

No one really knows how they formed but shells (its not far to the coast from where they're situated) had a lot to do with it and they're about 30 000 years old! 

It was truly fabulous and I am so pleased we decided to take that turn because it exceeded all my expectations and was one of the highlights of our trip!

Which begs the question, is there anything you've ever seen whilst touring that has exceeded (or not!) your expectations?


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful trip, Amy, full of unexpected surprises. I haven't seen much of Western Australia and must remedy that!

  2. WOOW Amy that is amazing and that Pink Lake is beautiful, one of the cruises we were on took us to Lifou and we did a tour of a Vanilla Plantation and I had no idea what went one growing Vanilla the people have t pollinate each bud and they take forever to grow ad then dry out and they are like little vines that grow on trees like tree orchids and I now understand why vanilla beans are so expensive it opened my mind.

    Have Fun


  3. The pink lake is mind (or eye) boggling. I knew nothing of this and now it's gone straight to my bucket list! As for expectations, I'm inclined to build them up ... even more so when it comes to travelling which is my favourite thing. The highlights tend not to be the big sights, but events or occasions. Especially off they're unplanned. Like standing in a queue for hours and hours to score theatre tickets and loving every second because of the people we met in that line. The stories. The camaraderie. Those kind of things. Although a pink lake would have totally blown my mind!

  4. Yes, Bron, it is often the unplanned things that are the best!
    I'm told there is also a pink lake in South Australia which would be a little closer for you :-)

  5. Wow! That is really cool! Only two sights have blown me away on vacation. One was Glacier National park and our cruise into glacier bay to see them up close, and the second was Haleiakela, an extinct volcano in Maui where it looked like you were on another planet.

  6. Oh, what gorgeous pics. Looks like you both had a brilliant time. So much to see around there!

    For me, some of the best things when travelling happen on the days when I have no particular expectations but just try something anyway. We often come across people and places that are tremendous and unexpected.

  7. Amy, you look as if you had the most spectacular time! I really need to go and explore the west coast. :-)

    Your story of the Pinnacles reminds me of when I finally ventured to Echo Point in the Blue Mountains a few years ago. My expectations weren't high, I'd seen pictures, so I thought I knew what to expect... But the reality blew me away. :-)

  8. What an amazing trip, Amy. That pink lake is incredible. I've never seen anything quite like it.

    1. Niether have I, Jen! It blew me away. The pink comes from algae!

  9. Wow, the photos are amazing - I love the pink lake! W.A. is one of those places on my bucket list to visit with my hubby, so thanks for sharing, you're reviving my intention. Hope it gives you lots of ideas for fantastic stories!