Oct 14, 2018

Sunday Smooch - Annie West's 'Her Forgotten Lover's Heir'

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Annie West but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from HER FORGOTTEN LOVER'S HEIR.

She’s carrying the billionaire’s child…

But he seems like a stranger!

Brooding Pietro Agosti was stunned when his sizzling fling with vibrant teacher Molly Armstrong resulted in her pregnancy. Finally, the merciless Italian would be able to continue his legacy—but then an accident left Molly with no memory of him! Pietro must help Molly remember the fierce attraction that drove them together, and the fact that the baby she’s carrying is the Agosti heir…

Scene set-up

Molly wakes in a Roman hospital and remembers nothing, not her name or how she came to be in Rome. She doesn't even speak the language! Then doctors break the news that she's pregnant... When a sexy stranger, Pietro Acardi, says he's Molly's husband, she's released into his care. Yet even after several days sharing his apartment and she still has no concrete memories of them together, despite her increasing awareness of him. The way he keeps his distance, never even touching her, is disturbing, especially when she longs for some hint, some memory of a connection between them.
Smooch  -

She drew a fortifying breath and linked her hands before her. ‘I can’t shake the feeling there’s something wrong between us.’
Did he stiffen?
‘You don’t open up about what’s on your mind. And you don’t—’
‘Don’t what?’ His brow furrowed.
‘You don’t touch me.’ She didn’t mean for it to emerge like a challenge.
His eyes rounded in genuine shock. ‘That bothers you? I thought, since you didn’t remember me…’ He lifted his shoulders in an expressive shrug.
Pietro was right. Logic said she wouldn’t welcome the touch of a man she barely knew. Except she did know him. Something within her yearned for him. Whenever he smiled at her she lit up inside.
Molly refused to feel embarrassed about being attracted to her own husband. He should be pleased she wanted him.
‘It would be nice if you didn’t treat me like a house guest.’ She sucked in a lungful of air. ‘For instance, I’d like you to kiss me.’
For a second he was utterly still, as if she’d shocked him. Then gold flared in his hooded eyes.
That’s what’s bothering you? That I haven’t kissed you?’
Molly’s chin rose and her hands slid to her hips. Pietro didn’t smile but she just knew he was laughing inside. She’d never been more certain of anything.
‘I don’t see the humour.’ This wasn’t funny! She was tempted to turn away and leave him to his amusement. Except she’d be back exactly where she was before.
‘It’s not just about kisses. It’s about the state of our relationship. Are you holding something back from me? There’s something not quite right. You…’
Her words ended as Pietro’s big hands wrapped round her elbows and pulled her against him. Her breath expelled in a tiny puff of air. Not from the physical force of the action, but from raw shock.
Molly had told herself she was prepared. Didn’t she crave intimacy with him? Yet the sensation of Pietro against her, of that wall of hot muscle making every nerve receptor in her body twang into overdrive, was so much more than she’d imagined.
Stunned, she looked at that firm mouth just inches away. It was intriguingly sculpted, strong yet sensual, and it curled up in a delicious invitation that made every atom of her needy body sit up and beg.
Molly swallowed hard, all her bravado swamped by the certainty that, as far as kisses went, Pietro was a consummate expert and she…
Thought atrophied as his head lowered and his mouth opened over hers. Electricity jolted through her. That was the only way she could explain the sizzle that drew her skin tight and puckered her nipples against her bra.
Pietro’s lips were softer than she expected, gentle, moving with aching slowness over hers as if taking time to relearn what must surely be familiar territory. Familiar to him. To her this caress felt shockingly new and unfamiliar. His mouth moved again, his tongue licking the seam of her lips and something drove hard and fast down through her belly straight to that achingly hollow place between her legs.
Molly trembled and grabbed Pietro’s arms. She felt the power of them, taut with restraint. He held himself utterly still but for the tantalising slide of lips and tongue.
Another caress, this time more insistent, and something inside her gave way, yielded yet at the same time blossomed into life.
Molly’s lips opened and Pietro’s tongue swept deep.
Her knees caved so abruptly it was only his hold that stopped her crashing to the floor. The effect of that deep, searching kiss was instant and overwhelming. Her blood fizzed as every neuron in her brain ignited.
This was what she wanted. What she knew and craved.
Her hands slid high, over hard shoulders and a strong neck, fingers threading through Pietro’s thick hair to clamp his skull and hold him to her.
She’d wanted memory and now she had it. Not a recollection as such but a sense memory. Her body sparked with excitement and recognition at the taste of him, the heady power of his possession, the familiarity of his hard body pressed against hers.
A sob of relief and arousal rose at the back of her throat as she pushed closer.
That’s when the kiss changed, from slow and searching, as if Pietro believed he needed to entice her into a response, to something more potent and urgent.
One large hand anchored on her buttock, drawing her up to his groin. The other cupped her waist, the splay of his fingers hot as a brand through the thin fabric of her dress. It made her wonder how his touch would feel on bare skin.
The notion notched her need higher. Molly opened her mouth wider, stroking his tongue with hers, inviting him to devour her. 
Pietro’s hand slid up from her waist, his long fingers slipping over first one rib then another till his thumb brushed the underside of her breast and she sucked in a raw gasp.
That felt so good. On tiptoe now, she tried to merge her body with his, desperate to meld with him.
When his hand closed fully over her breast a jolt of energy zapped from her nipple to her toes, setting off explosions along the way.
Molly held on tight as Pietro and her own needy body led her into a sensual world of give and take, of building ecstasy.
A tiny part of her brain screamed that she needed to be careful, to think before she gave herself so unstintingly. But she couldn’t stop or pull back. She didn’t want to. This was a rainbow of colour after a world of grey, delicious food after nothing but ashes in her mouth. It was life and sex and love after fear and pain and loneliness.

Forgetting things can be a real problem, even without amnesia! I'm more likely to forget things when I'm stressed and trying to keep on top of too many things. How about you? Do you have a habit of forgetting important things, or remembering them just in the nick of time? How do you jog your memory?

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  1. Hi Annie

    Oh I loved that smooch and this story it is a beauty one that I highly recommend, and as for trying to remember things the older I get the worse my memory gets LOL I can remember the day I started kindergarten and my teach but ask me to remember what I need at the shops no way LOL, so these days I write myself notes and they try to remember to either take the note or remember to look at it :)

    Have Fun


    1. Helen, I'm so pleased you enjoyed 'Her Forgotten Lover's Heir'!

      Ah, notes are helpul, aren't they? Except when I write notes and then forget to look at them!

  2. I have a good memory both long and short term---looks to be another good read going by the smooch---LynW

    1. Lyn, I hope you enjoy it. I did! Good on you with the excellent memory. I'm sure there are plenty of people who envy you that.

  3. Hi Annie. This extract is very nice and interesting.
    Sometimes it happens to me to forget something. until now never anything important, but certain things I have to write them not to forget them, especially appointments.


    1. Franca, I'd be lost if I didn't write my appointments on my calendar! I'm so pleased you enjoyed this excerpt.

  4. Smokin' smooch, Annie! I can't wait to read this one. :-)

    Oh, and the only way I remember anything these days is to write it down. On both paper and electronic calendars. And to make to-do lists--again both paper and electronic. My mind was a steal trap, once upon a time. Those days are long gone. ;-)

    1. Thank goodness for calendars, eh, Michelle? I'm the same!

      Hey, so glad you enjoyed the smooch!

  5. I forget Dr. Appointments! I always put them in my phone,
    tablet and and laptop now,as e triple reminder!I also thank goodness for the person who created the library apps because I was really bad about returning those books! Now they just disappear from my Kindle!!! Can't wait to read this hot smooch in it's entirety!

    1. Oh dear. Those are the sort of appointments you don't want to forget, Laurie. As for returning library books - you definitely don't want to get fines. I hope you enjoy this book. I had enormous fun writing it.

  6. I usually write down the important things I want to remember to do then tick them off as I go along. Love reading your books Annie. Looking forward to reading this one, great smooch. I loved reading Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child by you.
    *hugs* Kristine

    1. Kristine, I'm absolutely delighted you read my other amnesia story! How terrific. That's what inspired this one - the reaction I've had from readers to the earlier one.

      Yes, I love ticking things off my list too, Kristine. Glad to hear I'm not alone.

  7. At the moment I have had my daughter & Grandaughter staying as my daughter has just tragically lost her boyfriend. I am having to pack the school lunches & get my Grandaughter ready for school & remember what she needs for that day. Up to now I haven’t forgotten to give her anything so my memory can’t be that bad, unless I walk into the kitchen & forgot what it was I was doing in there.

    1. Oh, that's terrible, Wendy. I'm sorry for your daughter. Lucky she has you! Remembering all the stuff for school can be tough. It sounds like you're doing well.

  8. As I have aged forgetting things seem to be part of life so its lists ,lists, lists and I still use a calendar to keep track of activities thanks for the chance to comment and enter

    1. Lesley, it does seem part of life, doesn't it? Thank goodness for lists!

  9. Hi Annie!
    Congrats on the new release. That's a lovely excerpt!