Oct 31, 2018

Show Me Your Dogs!

October marks one year since Twiggy and Alfie joined our pack (bringing our total number of permanent dogs to five). They came to us as a bonded pair when their human entered a nursing home, and they quickly wormed their way into our hearts. They're both 12-years-old, so they spend a fair bit of their days sleeping, and it's often together, as you can see from the photos.

Twiggy is a greyhound and had a pretty rough life before landing with her previous human and Alfie, and she still has some after-effects of that, both physical and mental. But she's the sweetest girl in the world and, as I tell her all the time, she's so very precious. She likes to be near me, and she loves, loves her walks (we do two smaller walks a day in deference to the age of Twiggy and the others). She's also discovered a big love for peanut paste/butter - she has daily pain medication and I give them to her in a little peanut paste and it's become one of her favourite times of the day.

Alfie is a chihuahua x pomeranian and he's become my lapdog, filling a need I didn't know I had. He's on the bed at night (under the covers in winter), on my lap when I watch TV, and at my feet ALL the time (I'm going to do myself a serious injury one day, trying not to step on him!). After his humans, his next love is food (side note: he can't believe the tiny amount of food he gets compared to the mounds of food the greyhounds get!). He also loves his walks, though he can be a bit tricky on the lead because he'll walk straight underneath a greyhound or two to get to a good smell and wind everyone's leads up in knots!

So to celebrate our one-year anniversary / gotcha day with these two sweethearts (seriously, I can't imagine my life without them now!), please show me a pic of your dog - past or present, yours or borrowed. Twiggy and Alfie love to share things with each other, so I can imagine they'd want to share their celebration with all the other dogs too!

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  1. I love dogs, but they are just a bit too time consumong. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it's hard to walk a dog in a leash, or even chase one of it took off! Therefore I am a proud crazy cat lady. In 2006 there were 7 living with me, but over the last few years four of the older ones have gone to their reward. My oldest cat just turned 26, we have had her since 2002, when she was given to my son by his then girlfriend. The romance was short lived as most high school loves are, but Roxie is my shadow, I can't go anywhere in the house without her underfoot. At the time old age of 16 she has discovered that a black kitty who looks and sounds like her lives in my dresser but h mirror and she likes to converse with her at 5 am (that is why I am awake now, I had to evict her to the living room) My other old man, Artie,had kidney disease and is slowly declining, am hoping he makes it until Christmas. The third , Katie, is a very petite,6 lb Russian Blue, who was born without a tail. She has a mild form of spina bifida, her hind legs are a bit wonky, so she kind of good like a rabbit. She can climb up onto a bed of chair, but no higher. I always had to chase her and give her her asthma meds, so she avoids me and hides out with my husband. Love them all, but once they are gone I think I will foster little bottle feeding kitten or puppies. Might as well put my retired nursing skills to use!