Jul 24, 2017

Retreating by Amy Andrews

I recently was lucky enough to team up with three other authors and go on a retreat to Currumbin on Queensland's beautiful Gold Coast. The house was amazing and there's just something about water that is so creatively inspiring for me. We all made great inroads to our WIP's and that was despite the amounts of wine we drank each night 😎😈😋

The house we stayed in was like something out of Home Beautiful. Seriously, there's no way I'd have stayed sane if I'd had little kids in this house. It was elegantly appointed, the view was to die for and I did not want to leave!

But hey....why not judge for yourself?

View from the main deck area - we even saw whales in the distance!

Early morning sunshine on my bed

View from my bedroom - see I did work!

Amazing sunrises!

Look at those Home Beautiful touches!!

Did I mention there was an open fire?

And amazing gardens?

Oh and the beach....

It's official, the beach is my happy place.

What's yours?


  1. Amy that's absolutely beautiful. How did you find it? Anywhere with a view of the water works for me, or strangely, mountains. Just brilliant. I'd love to do a retreat sometime in the countryside to the east of Salzburg where the mountains come right down to the lakes - sigh! Double delight.

    1. Isn't it divine, Annie?
      One of the women I went with had stayed there before so it was a no brainer :-)

  2. Oh Amy

    That is gorgeous and I am sure that the writing was good :)

    I have to agree the beach for me as well water yep that is probably one of the reasons I love cruising so much for me it is so peaceful and restful love it :)

    Have Fun


    1. Cruising is a pretty good happy place, Helen!

  3. I actually thought the beach/water was my happy place, I think because our childhood holidays were always to the beach and oh such happy times! But in recent years I've discovered a newfound love of the mountains. I need the quiet, the tranquility, and the majesty of rugged peaks against blue sky.

    (But I'd never say no a beach holiday!)

    1. Oh yes, Bron, your blog last week with all those love pics of your mountain trail ride, looked awesome. I'm very lucky to have a mountain view - such as the "mountains" are around here - so its not something I crave particularly. I guess we always want something we dont have, right?

  4. What a beautiful place, Amy. No wonder you and your group were inspired! It looks like the perfect spot.
    Water does if for me every time, I love being by the sea.

  5. The beach is definitely my happy place, Amy. It just recharges...everything! :-) And the view from your room is making my mouth water. I bet you all had the most wonderful time.

  6. So gorgeous. Always lovely to have a change of scenery.

    Hmmm, what is my happy place? Being an action gal, I like walking through gorgeous scenery - anywhere beautiful will do.

    1. Why does this not surprise me, Ms St George??