Jul 7, 2017


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Yesterday was my birthday.

Yes, thank you, thank you.  I am rather chuffed to have survived another year without falling down stairs, or overindulging on M&Ms – both high up on the possible ways I will one day meet my demise.

It is strange how we do that, don't you think? Tick off (or count down) the number of time we’ve revolved around the sun.  I think so.  But fun strange.  A strange I can get on board with.
I don't actually mind the 'getting a year older' thing. It's good being my age, in fact.  I remember being told in my twenties that the older you get the less you give a hoot what others think and its true.  It's brilliant, in fact!  It leaves more room for being in awe of all that you've have, all that you've done, all that you am.

So for all that, I do love a birthday.  Mine or anyone else’s.  Any chance to indulge in a little giddy delight, I say.  To watch someone, anyone, blush and shine under the smiley attention of people who care about them is as close to bliss as it comes.  As much of that as possible please.

As a mum the biggest lashing of smiley attention comes from my kids.  The cake they’ve decorated so thoughtfully (using dark chocolate buttons for me even though white chocolate is their favourite).  The home-made cards (You are the best mum in the world because you hugged me while watching the last Harry Potter even though you cried and I didn’t.)  The thoughtful gifts (not one ruler but two!  Because I love stationery that much.

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It’s funny too how truly I love those rulers.  As a kid, my ‘birthday list’ could fill an A4 page. 

Now there’s not much I wish and hope for that comes from a shop.  (Except the beautiful garden swing chair my hubby got for me. Talk about bliss.)

As for a party?  Nope.  No.  Not for me.  A terrible host (like really awful, if you ever come to mine please feel free to help yourself to some water as I will be too busy chatting to think to offer it) I’ve never hosted a birthday party for myself.  EVER.  A tradition I’m happy to continue.

But again, taking any chance I can do indulge in giddy delight, my latest revolution around the sun will be marked.  I’ll take up the babysitting offer and go to the movies with my hubby tonight.  I’ll drag my babies to the city for a day of exploring this weekend, delighting in their chatter and energy and bright lovely faces as we make memories together.  And the Max Brenner for dinner tradition I started last year? That might be a keeper too.

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Do you have any birthday traditions?  Throw a massive party in celebration? Balloons, cake, pass the parcel? Hide away and lament the passing time? Light a fire, strip down, howl at the moon? Book yourself into a spa in an effort to halt time just a little?


  1. Happy birthday Ally! It sounds as if you had a very lovely day! I think I may have missed the Max Brenner for dinner tradition...not sure what that is?!?! LOL. As for me, no, I have no traditions for my birthday, it tends to pass me by these days. My husband's birthday is on New Year's Eve, though, so he ALWAYS gets a party somewhere!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ally! Hope the day continues to be filled with happy chocolatey joy. I did love when my kids were of a similar age to yours and they got so much happy out of every celebration, out of every handmade card and carefully selected gift. That is so beautiful.

    My beloved does like to make a fuss of birthdays, whereas I'm a bit "not another year, ho-hum". We usually have a meal out, which is a big deal in our hermity life, and sometimes there is a movie date as well.

    (PS: what are you seeing at the movies?)

  3. Happy birthday, Ally! Your post was filled with such joy! I had a birthday recently and it was pretty low key because of some other things going on but it included a meal I didn't have to cook - a tradition we've had for ages. Plus cake, which I don't usually get. Best of all was spending time with family - the most special part of the celebration.

    Hope the movies were terrific! :)

  4. Happy birthday Ally

    When our kids were young they got to choose were we went for dinner and that was often McDonalds LOL and of course there was cake these days a family BBQ with cake and nibbles is what we do and if it is Hubby or mine we might sneak out to lunch on our own as well, but there is always cake and lots of laughs.

    Have Fun

  5. Oh, Ally, it sounds as if you had a wonderful birthday! I love how your children personalised your day -- the sacrifice of white-Choc buttons! So cute.

    There are definite traditions on my birthday, which involve generous quantities of pizza and champagne. ;-)

  6. Happy Birthday! I miss the birthdays with my children when they were young..always a lot of fun with surprises built in.

  7. Happy birthday Ally!! Here's to another wonderful year *cheers*

    I'm a little anti-birthday party as well, I must admit. I also hate having "happy birthday" sung to me and I avoid it at all costs even though my family can't seem to let that tradition go. I prefer something quiet with good company and just a slice of cake. nothing fancy :)

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