Jun 25, 2017

RETRO Sunday Smooch with Amy Andrews

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a retro smooch from  Amy Andrews but first  the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is ....Sarah! 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Limbo!

This Smooch first appeared back in May 2015 but the book now has a fabulous new quirky cover and is, for the next week only, on special for 99c!  

Six Feet Under meets Stephanie Plum in Amy Andrews’ fresh, funny, sexy urban-family noir about a country singer who almost made it, a private investigator who’s seen too much and a mother who will cross all barriers to save her child.
When ex hillbilly-punk rocker turned cadaver make-up artist Joy Valentine is visited by the ghost of a high-profile murder victim begging for Joy’s help to find her kidnapped baby girl, Joy knows from experience the cops are going to think she’s crazy.  So she takes it to the one guy she knows who won’t.
The last thing disgraced ex-cop turned private investigator Dash Dent expected is a woman from his past turning up to complicate his present with a nutty, woo-woo story. The problem is he knows Joy is telling the truth and he can’t ignore the compelling plight of baby Isabella whose disappearance six months prior transfixed the nation.
Discounted and discredited by the police, Dash and Joy work together to uncover the mystery and find Isabella, with a whacky supporting cast including Eve, a brothel madam; Stan, an excommunicated priest; Katie, Dash’s ten-year-old daughter; and two horny goldfish. It’s a race against time and against all odds – but the real battle for Dash and Joy might just be keeping their hands off each other.

Scene set-up 

Amy says - Joy and Dash have been enduring some fairly heavy duty sexual tension but both are determined not to act on it. That is until Joy decides to send a prank nudie pic of her bare breasts to Dash. It's a joke but she soon realises she's taken it too far when things get really weird between them.

*****Please note there's some language and mature content in this excerpt. Lots of calling out to God and Jesus and all the sweet, sweet angels. Don't read if this isn't your thing!******

"....you didn’t like the nudie pic but you didn’t want to offend me by telling me?’ Her brown unwavering eyes didn’t leave his for a second.
Didn’t like the picture? Was she mad? He’d gone into the bathroom and jerked off while he’d looked at it. But that would definitely incriminate him.
‘You thought it was inappropriate,’ she interrupted. ‘Look, I’m sorry. Clearly you’re pissed about it. It was just a stupid, spur of the moment thing and I thought, you know...you’d seen them before and we’re both adults so it wouldn’t be a...thing. It was meant to be just a bit of fun. But I should have thought it through a lot more. I really do sincerely apologise for putting you, putting us, in an awkward position.’
Dash blinked. Inappropriate? Pissed? Hell, did she have the wrong end of the stick. He was depositing that image into his spank bank permanently.
He sighed. ‘Joy
‘I know,’ she interrupted again. ‘It was...unwise.’
Unwise? For someone who had slept with him within a couple of hours of getting reacquainted with him and led a bit of a fast and loose life in a hillbilly-punk band she was surprisingly straight. Surely she’d know how much something like that turned a guy on?
‘Joy...no. Well yes...it was in some ways. Putting my cop hat on here you do know it’s not advisable to send pictures of yourself like that over unsecure networks, right? Well, at all really...you never know who could get hold of that image. Hell I could have forwarded that to anyone.’
She sat up a little straighter. ‘Oh my god, you didn’t, did you?’
No. Jesus. What do you take me for?’ Dash was not a good sharer. ‘Absolutely not. I deleted it.’ Almost straight away.
She narrowed her eyes at him. ‘Really?’
She dropped her hands from her knees and shifted into a cross-legged position again, tucking the folder with all his research safely under her knee, as she held out her hand palm up. ‘Show me your phone.’
He raised an eyebrow. ‘Really?’
‘Yes.’ She wiggled her fingers at him.
Dash rolled his eyes and pulled his phone out of his back pocket, keyed in his security pin and slapped it in her hand. He watched her quickly navigate to his messages with several thumb swipes.
Her gaze flicked up to meet his. ‘Okay,’ she said as she handed it back, settling herself into the comfy corner of the couch.
Things shifted nicely beneath her shirt and he noticed her nipples were erect again as he absently put his phone in his back pocket. He realised he’d been staring a bit too long and pulled his gaze back to her face. But she’d well and truly sprung him. 
She raised an eyebrow at him. ‘You taking a brain picture now?’
Dash cringed. Fuck. Classy, man. Real classy. 
‘Sorry,’ he said. ‘I have...breasts on the brain today. I think the fish have been secreting some wild...pheromone or something...and then you sent the picture and...’
‘So...’ she frowned. ‘You didn’t mind me sending the picture?’
Dash raked a hand through his hair. ‘Joy, I’m a guy. Of course I didn’t mind. Guys like breasts.’
‘Even miniscule ones?’
Dash dropped his gaze to her small, perfect breasts. To the large nipples that were practically poking through her shirt. He couldn’t help himself. ‘Yes,’ he said, his voice all kinds of husky as he glanced back at her.
She bit down into her lip again and there was a sudden shift in the air between them. A vibe. A pulse. It swirled around Dash and tugged at his groin.
‘I thought you didn’t approve.’
‘Oh I approved,’ he murmured. ‘I just don’t think it’s...a good idea for us to go down this track again. It’s not like it was last time, you know?’
She nodded and even that motion was enough to rub her shirt against her breasts. ‘And yet there you are, taking brain pictures again.’
‘Oh god.’ His eyes flew to her face as he ran a shaky hand through his hair. ‘I’m sorry.’
She shook her head slowly, the slightest smile touching her mouth. ‘How about I give you some help with that?’ she murmured. Then she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up.
All the air hissed out of Dash’s lungs as he stared at the very things that had been on his brain all day. Her slight breasts sat high and perky, the large nipples scrunched into tight little berries. Begging for a warm tongue. Ho. Ly. Fuck. If she’d reached for his zip and yanked it down, his dick couldn’t have come to life any faster.
She peered over the top of her shirt. ‘Better in real life?’
He dragged his gaze off her nipples to that knowing little smile on her face and his inner caveman roared to life.
‘You really ought to not tease a man so close to the edge.’
Her gaze locked with his. ‘Who says I’m teasing?’
Pregnant seconds passed as Dash’s common sense warred with his common erection, his gaze drifting back to her nipples, his mouth as dry as day-old toast.  
Jeez-us, Dash. You want me to beg?’
The erection won.
Dash grabbed her closest ankle and yanked her unceremoniously down the couch, the folder hit the floor as her arms grabbed for purchase behind her head and her breasts bounced enticingly. Heat slammed into his groin, saliva flooded his mouth. He tucked her leg in behind him as the other one fell over the side, spreading wide to accommodate his hips invading her space.
Then, with his eyes fixed firmly on the prize, he bent at the waist and opened his mouth over her left nipple, sucking it in hard.
Fuuuuck,’ she groaned, her back arching clear off the couch, her hands pushing into his hair, holding him there.
The nipple hardened into a ripe peak in his mouth and Dash circled his tongue around and around it as his fingers stroked across the right one, drawing it into a tight hard peak.
She tasted good, smelled good like Cuervo and lime and sounded good under him, as she panted and bowed her back, offering more of herself to him. He switched sides then, swiping his tongue over the taut nub, drawing it in to the warm cavern of his mouth as his thumb caressed the moist peak he’d just abandoned.
She sucked in a breath. ‘Dash. Jesus.
He’d been fantasising about this all day. About tasting those nipples that had stared back at him from the screen of his iPhone. Touching them. Teasing them. And he went back and forth between the two, lost in their sweetness, their softness, their hardness and the thrilling rush of heat surging through his system and the desperate, incomprehensible urgings that gurgled in the back of her throat. 
‘Fuck...God...Jesus. Dash stop,’ she moaned, pulling at his shoulders. ‘You’re killing me.’
Dash stopped, but only for a second, lifting his head and lunging for her mouth, the force of it pushing her head back into the soft fabric of the couch as he devoured that too, his hands still firmly on her breasts, his thumbs brushing back and forth over the nipples in time with each incursion of his tongue deep into her mouth.
She pushed herself into his palms, whimpered against his lips, opening wide to him, letting him have his way with her. Surrendering completely.

For a chance to win a digital (must have an Amazon account) copy of Limbo tell me about a time when you've done something you shouldn't have then immediately regretted it.

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced and another smooch will be posted!

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  1. Hi Amy

    I do have this one on my massive TBR pile and really need to read it loved that smooch :)

    You know at my age I know there have been things I have done and regretted but for the life of me I can't think of anything this morning LOL of for a good memory

    I do love this new cover

    Have Fun

  2. Oh! This entire excerpt is so much fun, Amy! I have Limbo on my Kindle...and I can't wait to read it. :-)

    Regrets? Hmm...I do sometimes wish I'd think before opening my mouth. A habit that has, over the years, had the tendency to embarrass me totally. Like the time at a university party where a girl I vaguely knew asked me if I knew another girl in one of my courses -- a girl who really used to get on my wick. Of course motor mouth here went, "Oh, yes! I know her! I can't stand her." Her reply was, "She's my best friend." Um...oops. Yeah, I was hoping the floor would swallow me. ;-)

    1. lol - doncha just hate it when that happens, Michelle?

  3. My biggest regret would be telling the second love of my life that I was having visions of something bad that was going to happen to him. It caused a huge rift between us and he wasn't worth the grief I went through because of it. That's the reality of being psychic. Seeing bad things happen to people you love and having to decide if you tell them or not.

    1. Very apt for this book, Therese! Is it bad form to ask if the predictions became a reality? (sorry, tis the macabre in me!)

    2. Other psychics have validated it, but he has not come back into my life yet, so I still have no idea.

  4. My sister found 10 $100 bills at my great aunt's house when she died. I gave them to my mom (she was the heir) and she wanted $400 to buy a bigger TV. I gave her 4 of the bills and she went to the store to buy the TV but they would not take the bills because they looked funny and they could not verify them. So she went to the bank, where they verified them and gave her $400 in new bills. When I went to her house that afternoon she asked me to check out the other bills and take them to the bank and exchange them. Well, they were crisp new 1934 $100 bills. I looked them up on EBay and they were going for $300 a piece. I took them to a coin dealer in Orlando and I was given $324 each for them because they were in such new condition. (Profit of $1344) Had I looked at those bills inside the envelope we gave her, she would have had an additional $896...and being a senior on a fixed income, she could have used it!

    1. Oh, Laurie, what a shame. But at least she got her new TV. It makes you think though, about checking things out, doesn't it?

    2. What an amazing story, Laurie!

  5. Amy, that's some scene! Apart from anything else I'm wondering about those goldfish!

    I'm like Michelle. I often regret the things that come out of my mouth that I can't change. I try to watch what I say but I'm not always successful.

    1. Yeah, I think we could all bit our tongues off at some stage or other Annie.

      I think Ralph and Simone are 2 of m fav ever characters - even if they are fish :-)

  6. Wow, that's some excerpt, Amy. I'm wondering now about those goldfish too. :)

    I regret the things I sometimes blurt out. Often they sound worse than I intend but trying to backtrack doesn't help.

  7. Such a fun, sexy scene Amy! Off to buy Limbo immediately so I can read more.

  8. I know that I've got things in my past that I regret, but I'm pulling a blank on what they are. Trying to decide which cover I like more - the original one or this eye-catching orange one.
    Count me out of any drawing since I already own this one.

  9. Oh there's no contest for me, Lyn - I am orange cover all the way :-) I was never a fan of the original one but it is a very hard book to cover so....