Feb 23, 2015

Love A Rainy Night

So....its been a little wet around these parts lately.

Thanks to this -

Tropical Cyclone Marcia
quite a few LoveCats are looking a little like this -

We were lucky where I live, a lot of rain but well away from the destructive effects of the cyclone. 
 Here are a couple of shots of how my back yard went from a trickling creek to a lake in a few hours. If you click on the pics you'll get a larger view!

The stream just starting to form at the back of our place
The stream swells into a lake engulfing the bottom half of our yard

Girl child taking the dog down for a frolick in the water.
 Both my and my hubby's families and my best friend live further north, however, and Marcia pretty much landed on their heads. Everyone is safe and well but the clean up will take a while. No power for at least a week. Water and sewage only coming back online now. My thoughts are with everyone in central Queensland as the mop up continues.

But, destructive weather patterns aside, there's nothing I love more than a rainy night.

Or day. Particularly if its a weekend and you can just lie in bed with a book and read all day :-) May I perhaps, suggest these two? :-)


 Ask Me Nicely (Sal's story) is out next Monday. But if you'd like a little glimpse of Sal prior to reading it, then grab a copy of No More Mr Nice Guy too!                           

How do you pass a rainy day/night?


  1. Amy

    I feel for all of the people who were caught up in this cyclone I too love a rainy day as well and it has been drizzling rain here in Sydney as well but unfortunately so very humid with it we need a good southerly buster to get rid of the humidity :-) :-)

    Have fun

  2. Oh Helen, I spent the weekend in Mackay - that was so humid I wanted to wilt the second it hit me so I hear you!

  3. Glad you survived the storm okay. Thrilled your friends and family are okay. Can imagine that clean up will not be much fun!

    We had lots of wind and rain and now have a lake next to our house, but otherwise all good. Still raining! Can't wait to see that sun again.

    1. Fingers closed the rain goes inland to all the drought areas and you get some sunshine,Jen!

  4. I'm glad to hear you're all ok! You guys get some crazy weather up there. Hopefully the clean up isn't too bad.

    If it makes you feel any better it's -20 here (-32 with windchill) and we've been advised not to expose any areas of skin to the elements for longer than 10 min. Eeep! I'll be staying inside thank you very much!

  5. Lol Stefanie! They advise to stay indoors during cyclones too so looks like there'll be plenty if Vit D deficiencies on the horizon 😄

  6. Even in the rain your backyard is beautiful.

    I'm glad you didn't experience the worst of the cyclone. I feel bad for those people who still have to clean up after it.

    1. HI Claire, yes, it is very beautiful here in our neck of the woods! :-)

  7. Amy, I do love a rainy night (and day) -- nothing better than hunkering down with a good book or a movie you've really been looking forward to watch. But, uh...perhaps not quite as rainy as you've been getting. Sending best wishes to your family. I hope the clean up isn't too horrendous.

    1. Thanks Michelle.
      Watching movies on a rainy day/night is also a fab way to pass the time :-)

  8. Amy, that's a load of water. I love rainy nights too, but not deluges. Funny really (nice funny) because we've got a water shortage here, The drinkable water trucks are coming in regularly. Thankfully our supply is A-OK.
    I'm so glad you and yours weren't hit too hard. a;; the best with drying out.

    1. Yes, we were in drought not that long ago ourselves!

  9. Amy, I'm so glad you didn't get flooded!

    As for spending rainy days - usually I find myself working but recently I had a wonderful couple of hours on a wet Sunday with family enjoying a movie marathon. The stories were even better than I remembered and the company was great, plus the fact I was skiving off in the middle of the day!

  10. Amy, I love a nice rainy day. Though the last big storm we had here was just a little more than fun and I ended having to mop up wet carpet after our area was hit by a super-cell a couple of weeks ago! Makes me feel for the people who've been hit by Cyclone Marcia.

    But a there's nothing nicer than curling up with a good book on a day where the rain is gentle and makes it cosy indoors!