Jan 6, 2014

Happy New Year...?

It's 2014, apparently.  I should be happy -- nay, overjoyed -- to farewell the last year but I'm afraid I may be the New Year grinch.  This has only occurred to me during the past week, although it's been a lengthy apprenticeship.  Bear with me while I explain.

I love pretty much everything about Christmas.  The reason behind, the preparations, the giving, the decorations, the anticipation, but more than anything I love that it brings family together.  No, it's not the only reason for family gatherings but at Christmas everyone seems to make an extra effort and there's a pervading spirit of optimism and good will and everything else that makes me happy.  Including food and wine.  But mostly the people.

The most important of those people are my sons, two of whom are now settled in Sydney which is far enough away that visits are usually one or two rushed nights but at Christmas we get a week or so of their company.  They arrive bearing gifts:

and spend their downtime watching gross guy comedy (!) and sports but also on cooking and other projects that make me happy.  Such as my new herb garden:

Then, at some point in the days between Christmas and New Year, they return to their homes and jobs and lives leaving me with a fridge load of leftovers and lots of gloomily empty rooms.  Hence my current grinch-like feelings towards the end of year.  

Since this is a fact of life I think it's about time I revisit my attitude and look for the pluses. For example:

(1)  I am no longer subjected to Tosh.0 on a daily basis
(2)  Same with cricket
(3)  The laundry load has decreased by a factor of several hundred percent
(4)  So has my grocery bill
(5)  I now have the quiet space to think about 2014 and to get excited about my upcoming writing projects, my trip to Italy mid-year and #1 Son's wedding later this year.

I didn't see the New Year in with champagne and noisemakers -- can I admit that I didn't see it in at all, but went to bed early on NYE with my Nook and was asleep by 11? -- but I am determined to make 2014 a stellar year for my family.

What about you?  How did you see in the New Year and what are you looking forward to in 2014?


  1. Hi Bronwyn

    I too was in bed early with my knidle and aleep by 10.00pm LOL I did work on NYE and had to work New Years day as well so that is one of the reasons I was in bed early and I have to agree that I too love the fact that most of the family makes it for Christmas day every 2 years my sister who lives in Queensland comes down so the 4 of us sister were together with my kids and grandkids and we had a great time :)

    Have a great new year

    Have Fun

    1. Really, I am the NY grinch. Otherwise I would have been thinking: early night with a good book...what's not to like about that? There are not enough nights in the year when I have that luxury. And I didn't have to work on NYR or NYD so I am blessed.

      Happy 2014 to you as well, Helen. May there be many nights spent with fab reads on yr Kindle.

  2. I am a Happy New Yearer, Bron. :-) There's something I love about looking back over the previous year and looking forward to all the exciting things to come in the new year. Also, while Christmas is fun, I'm usually kinda happy when all the hecticness has abated some.

    So this year I saw the NY in with bubbles and chocolate and the DH (and a 4 hour marathon of Jukebox Saturday night). 'Twas fun. :-)

    1. That sounds like a fun New Years, Michelle. Bubbles and chocolate and music = a very fine mix. I have to ask, though, what is Jukebox Saturday night? This sounds like something I should know about...

    2. It's a pay-TV music program (channel is called Aurora) and it plays film clips from the 50s through to now -- but with a focus on the 60s and 70s. You should see some of the fashions…and yes there are plenty of ear worms. But it's great fun. :-)

    3. Definitely my kind of thing. I will check it out (hopefully have Aurora in our subscription!)

  3. New Years was pretty much like any other day. Neither of my kids were home & we went to bed early! Sorry you are missing your kids. I hope to lose weight, as usual & get organized.

    1. Sharlene, I think we always miss our kids when they're gone but I'm working hard on those positives...and definitely not missing the extra work on laundry and shopping and cooking. (They're ALWAYS hungry!)

      All the best with your goals for 2014. I'm also working on my weight and fitness this year. And on a consistent routine.

  4. Lovely post, Bron. Your Xmas sounds perfect.

    We were down the Great Ocean Road in Victoria for New Year, in Lorne. We had dinner at a beachside restaurant (complete with a seal frolicking in the waves), watched the sunset, enjoyed the fireworks and walked home along the beach. The hotel had a little disco packed with mothers and daughters. My daughter dragged (well I never really need to be dragged to dance to disco) me in and we danced until 11. I then tucked the kids into bed (husband already asleep)!! A fun and early night.

  5. Oh, Jen, what a splendid part of the world to see in the New Year. And what a gorgeous thing, to dance the night away with your daughter...I can just picture you and a mini-you and that picture is everything adorable.

  6. Bron, you have an amazing year coming up. Italy and a wedding. can't get better than that.

    I did manage to stay up until 1.30 am because we were with great friends having a wonderful time with a lovely meal and lots of laughter.
    As for 2014, it's going to be a wee bit quieter than last year, but we are already planning next years trip. So This year will be mainly about writing books so I can take a break next year.

  7. Sue, is there a better way to see in a new year than with great friends and food and laughter? I don't think so.

    Enjoy your writing year and planning for next year's travels.

  8. LOL, Bronwyn! I think I might be a bit of a New Year Grinch too! Now that you've confessed that you were in bed asleep at 11pm, I can say that I was the same. We had a very quiet evening with our neighbours and then rather than force ourselves to stay awake for that extra hour we toddled home at 10.30pm, had a cuppa and then dropped into bed! And guess what, New Year still happened and was all bright and shiny for us to wake up to the next day as well-rested early birds!