Jan 25, 2013


with Sharon Archer 

Today, I've got a Catwalk model that's just a bit different!
Meet Helen Lacey's adorable Ginger!

Over to you, Ginger!



Big paddock behind my human slave’s house. I have to share it with four horses.

Human Slave
Helen and Hubby  

Well, I like food.

the birds that swoop me, especially the Plovers.

to keep eating all the food I can.

Sociable or Aloof
I’m very sociable and I love big cuddles

 Night Owl or Early Bird
I like to walk around at night because it’s cooler. I sleep during the day.

Favourite Pastime
Sleeping Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Favourite Toy
There are some barrels in my paddock that my human slaves race around sometimes when they’re riding the horses. I like to scratch my head on them. But they usually fall over when I do this. Shhhh . . . don’t tell that’s it’s me doing it. They think it’s the horses.

Best Friend
my best friends are my human slaves. I’m not so keen on the horses I share my paddock with. Because young Calvin runs around like a mad thing, and tries to steal my hay.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on?
If I had claws I think I might sharpen them on Calvin!

Most embarrassing moment
Well, I walk pretty slow. Actually, I walk really slow. That’s because I’ve been around a while. So when my human slaves call me to the fence because someone wants to pat me, it takes ages for me to get there. That's pretty embarrassing. Especially when I can hear them saying “poor old thing”. But speed isn’t everything! Good looks count too!

Lovely to get a different perspective on the Catwalk, Ginger!   I have to say you're a wonderfully calm, placid cow - not like the spooky bovine boys that live next door to us!


  1. Hello Ginger! You are a pretty fine looking specimen! I'm not sure if I'd be brave enough to give you a cuddle, because you do seem awfully big, but I'm glad you've got those human slaves trained well enough to do your bidding!

  2. Hi Ginger,
    You are gorgeous. I particularly like your tongue poking out. I bet you love licking. If I was there I'd wait for you to amble over and I'd give you a big scratch right in the middle of your head.
    Cath xo

  3. Hi Emmie - Ginger says - "Thanks Emmie, I promise I'm not scary at all. I very, very cuddly." :)

  4. Hi Cath - Ginger says - "Thank you Catherine... I would just love a scratch." :)

  5. Helen ~ Ginger is a sweetie. Isn't it funny that no matter the animal they can train the humans around them. Give her a scratch on the forehead for me.

  6. Ginger, I think you're lovely and noble, and I'm delighted you could visit us here at the LoveCats!

    And as for walking slowly...well, I do that a lot of the time too, but I refuse to be embarrassed about it. After all, it does give one more time to smell the clover. :-)

  7. Hi Kaelee - she is sweet. And yes, Ginger has trained us very well :)

  8. Hi Michelle - Ginger says - "very happy to be here, thankyou!"

  9. Helen and Ginger, thanks for sharing the photos. What a treat! I'd love to meet Ginger in person, she seems to be a real character. As for walking slowly - given her size I see that as a good thing. Not sure I'd want to see her running towards me!

  10. Helen and Ginger! You've done a brilliant job of holding the fort on the Catwalk... sounds like a badly scrambled metaphor, doesn't it!

    Anyway, I wanted to dash in to say thank you so much for visiting the Catwalk, Ginger! You've been a very special guest! Our first cow!

  11. Ginger, you're gorgeous. Welcome to Lovecats.

  12. Hi Annie - Ginger says she'd love to meet you too!

  13. Hi Sharon - Ginger says she's loved being a catwalker!

  14. Hi Sue - Ginger says thank you. It's been grat fun :)

  15. Oh, Ginger, you're adorable! I'm now quite desperate for a cuddle - maybe I'll have to drop by one day. I've always had a special place in my heart for cows, and would *love* to have one. Thanks for visiting!