Jan 7, 2013

Happy New Year from Sue MacKay

Reading: That Thing Called Love by Susan Anderson
Listening to: Adele
Watching: crime shows

I'm hoping everyone had a fabulous festival season. My DB and I certainly did, made all that much more special by the arrival of a very special wee man a few weeks earlier. We're head over heels with our first grandchild, Austin. I'm sure many of you know exactly how we feel.
And what a distraction he is, despite living nearly five hours drive away. Thank goodness for email and cell phones. My DB has always refused to learn to text but believe me, he knows now. These days you'd think he invented texting.
But as this photo shows, Austin's not so keen on the rocking horse we gave him. Maybe as he was only four weeks old we were being a tiny bit ridiculous but when we found the horse in the shop it followed us out to the car - if you know what I mean.
Which brings me to 2013 and what it holds. I'm currently working on my writing goals for the year, how many books, which genres, etc. Also trying to fit them around a trip overseas later on. We're heading to Paris to celebrate one of those big birthdays (you know - with a naught on the end) and where else to go but the city of love. Very exciting.
One of my smaller goals, and probably the most frustrating, is to learn more computer skills, especially around blogging and other means of getting in touch with readers. There's a huge world out there if only I was up with the play.
Of course I'm also going to lose weight, eat healthier, get fitter, be a better person, spend less on clothes, vacuum the house more often, foster a stray, never get angry with anyone. Yeah, yeah, blah, blah.
Have you made promises to yourself? And have you scraped them already?


  1. Wow, that list of propsed commitments will keep you busy busy busy this year, Sue - just make sure you have lots and lots of time with that precious wee man! Isn't he gorgeous!

    The only "sort of promise" I made myself was to make 2013 the Year of the Tidy Office... let's just say, it's a work in progress!

  2. Oh, that's a good one, Sharon. I'll add it to the list that I don't intend doing much about. No, maybe I'll see how it goes for you first.

  3. Congrats on the baby. I wish him a wonderful and amazing life.

  4. Oh, Austin is gorgeous, Sue! And I don't doubt for a moment that he'll grow into his rocking horse. :-)

    And, yes, I've made a whole host of promises to myself for the New Year. Losing weight and exercising are both there. Let's see how long they last. ;-)

  5. Austin is soooo gorgeous, Sue!!! Cute rocking horse.

    Impressed you've written down you goals. Seven days gone already and I haven't written down anything yet - arrrrhhh!! I blame school holidays. Small people can be so distracting. Only getting bits and pieces done.

  6. Beautiful bub!!

    The rocking horse would have followed me out to the car too.

  7. Just adorable. I'm totally jealous lol.

    I made a resolution I was pretty sure I could keep - less computer, more reading :)

  8. Maria, thank you for your wishes. I do confess to looking at Austin and wondering what's ahead for him. Exciting and scary all at once.

  9. Hey, Michelle, hope you get further with that list than I will. Though I did go kayaking yesterday so can tick at least one thing.

  10. Jennifer, I can't blame other people. I can distract myself all by myself!!

  11. Someone who understands us, Mary. The problem will be not letting too many baby things hop into the car.

  12. catslady, I like your resolution. might add that to the list too. At this rate I'll spend more time reading the list than actually doing anything on it.

  13. Sue, Austin looks gorgeous. No wonder you're thrilled.

    I'm impressed by your list of things to do for the year. I'm still not getting far with my list. Maybe after the visitors leave. I have a feeling I'll need to be very organised to get through everything I need to do for the year.

  14. Austin is adorable. I think the rocking horse would have followed me to the car as well. He will grow into it and he will fall off of it but most of all he will grow to love it.

    How about adding stop worrying about things you can't change to the list. I really need to follow that one this coming year.

  15. Hi Sue

    Austin is beautiful- enjoy him and cuddle him as often as you can, they grow up too quickly!

    I'm not making any resolutions this year-I usually have a long list of things I want to change about myself- but by February they've all been kicked to the kerb and then I feel like I've failed.

    I figure I know what I need to do and I just have to knuckle down and do it! (Although if one of my goals was to go to Paris, you can bet I'd be working hard at achieving that!)