Jan 21, 2013

Funday Monday!

Puzzle Day!

It's Ballambar here at the moment which is the 'season of the butterflies' and we have lots of these orange-brown beauties in our garden ...

Click to Mix and Solve

Let us know how you get on with this jigsaw from JigZone!


  1. I did it in 4:54 but for the last two minutes I had "help" in the form of my 22 pound ginger cat. The boy loves to help me work puzzles but he is hard to see around. No pause feature on Jig Zone so I just worked around him. Dash does need his morning kisses.

    I've never heard of Balamba before. I'm off to look it up on Google

  2. Kaelee! It would help if I spelled it correctly! It should have been "Ballambar"!

    Here's a link...

    Actually, I'll pop in and edit that now!

    LOL on your ginger cat getting in on the act! It took me just over 5 minutes to do this puzzle and I didn't have any feline *help*!

  3. I tried, I really did- but I'm just not good at these kind of things. I think I need feline help!!!

  4. Sharon ~ I do jig saw puzzles on the computer on a daily basis plus quite a few other games trying to keep my mind a bit sharp. When you do as many puzzles as I do (lots of the time with the help of the big boy) you develop some quickness.

    Same with the captcha's, I rarely have to repeat one now. When they first started to show up, I sometimes had to try 3 or more times in order to get my 2 cents worth to post.