Oct 12, 2012

It's In His Kiss!

by Robyn Grady

We have some incredible heroes visit this blog. Lots of great discussions on what makes a man sexy, intriguing, fun, worth the wait. All those great qualities, like a sense of humor, intelligence, determination, conscience - as well as the oh-so-lovely physical attributes we adore – are super important.

And what about when anticipation is at its peak? When we know in a book – in a movie – this is *it*. The moment when the fireworks truly begin. The heart-stopping KISS. (We have some amazing smooches here!)

For me (and I’m guessing some others) when his lips meet hers we let out that breath, smile and sigh to our toes. In a love story, that’s what we’ve been waiting for. The instant that means *everything*... the moment that exceeds all our expectations, as well as theirs.

Here’s what I mean.

No. 3 counting down on my shortlist is when Rhett Butler kisses Scarlet on that desolate bridge. He’s abandoning her to fight a battle already lost. He holds her in those big Yankee arms, and while she squirms and objects, Rhett’s lips brush hers as he murmurs, “Kiss me. Kiss me... once.” Clark Gable’s girlfriend, Jean Harlow, was on the set to see that one. She was a good sport :)


No. 2 is the amazingly delicious collision when Noah Colhoun and Ally finally, finally get together. (In case anyone doesn’t know the scene, the movie, I’m reliving "The Notebook".) Soooo good...although I’m always a little afraid their teeth are going to hit. Quite possibly they do.


No. 1 (in my humble opinion) is when Andy Garcia as Michael Green kisses Alice (Meg Ryan) in "When a Man Loves a Woman" with a longing and sincerity that brings tears to my eyes. And speaking of eyes, aren’t his sensational?!


Any kisses you’d like to add? Book, film or, perhaps, your own. They say real life can be better than fiction!

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  1. One of my favorite kisses is in First Knight when Richard Gere as Lancelot kisses Lady Guinevere by Julia Ormond goodbye. Makes my toes curl :)

  2. Robbie, how about in 'North And South' on the railway station. Sigh. Richard Armitage certainly knows how to deliver a sizzling kiss.

  3. Hi Catslady! I totally love Richard Gere *and* that kiss. Great villain in that movie too.

  4. Annie, I loved that mini series! And that railway scene is superb...the way he looks at her and holds her hand. Very nice indeed =)

  5. Oh, Robbie, thatw as gorgeous! Have to see that movie now!

  6. Robbie, what a gorgeous trifecta of kisses! Am wracking my brain trying to think of fab on-screen kisses I love. Annie picked a corker with North and South. One of my favourite movies is When Harry Met Sally and I love it when they finally kiss -- maybe because it takes such a long time for them to finally get around to it. ;-)

  7. Hey Barb! You mean When A Man Loves a Woman? I've seen snippets over the years but only watched the whole thing maybe 2 weeks ago. Now I want to see it (and that kiss!) again!

  8. Michelle, that final scene in When Harry Met Sally is so good. Just a great movie. And I love Billy Crystal. That scene in Analyze This when he addresses the leaders of the different families cracks me up every single time!

  9. Oh, wonderful smooches, Robyn! I'm going to have a get that Andy Garcia movie now. I'm just trying to think of one that's a stand out for me... the Richard Armitage one in North and South is fab!

    There's a fabulous non-smooch in The Wedding Date too - their lips don't actually meet but it's loaded with potential.

    And an absolutely gorgeous smooch with James Purefoy that I've seen in a You-tube link. I've been meaning to follow up and get the movie it's from... if I find the link I'll send it!

  10. I loved When A Man Loves A Woman! I just watched your clip and it brought back memories of the movie - it's been too long since I've seen it.

    I'm another vote for North and South. That kiss at the train station is sublime. :)