Oct 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to...

...well, me actually!

It's my birthday today and I'm *mumble mumble* - actually, I decided a couple of years ago just to remain in my mid-thirties. Apparently a recent study showed that people's attitudes regarding their age really did have an impact on their bodies. So those who thought they were young, actually had 'young' bodies (and better health) while those who felt old, had more of the age-related ailments... hmmm. Might be a load of bunk but I'm sticking with the plan to be mid-thirties for many years yet! What do you think--is age is a state of mind? ;)

Anyway, having enjoyed breakfast in bed thanks to the hubster, I've just packed the kids off to school for the day and then I'm going to go do a few errands at the shops (this may or may not include browsing for a new top!). After that I'm going meet my hubby for lunch in town, then after school its the usual ferry-the-kids-to-all-the-activities... so we're postponing the official 'birthday dinner' until tomorrow.

I have a book I'm going to relax with for that last hour or so after lunch and before the kids get home, and I'm very much looking forward to that - and I thought you might like a book to read too!

So here's a birthday present for all you guys--you can go and grab BARGAIN IN BRONZE the first of my FLIRTING TO WIN novellas for free from Amazon right now (and remember, you don't need a Kindle to read it, you can download the free app for your computer, tablet or smartphone). Grab it here.

Happy reading all!


  1. Happy birthday, Natalie. I hope you have a terrific day. I love the sound of lunch out and relaxing with a book later. Idyllic for a day off! Enjoy!

  2. Happy birthday, Natalie!

    I downloaded Bargain in Bronze and have started it already. That hero is pretty yummy. :) Can't wait to steal a few minutes a bit later to finish it...

  3. Happy birthday, Natalie! I hope you buy a gorgeous top, get a chance to wallow in a book, enjoy lunch with the dh and have a delicious dinner tomorrow night!


  4. Happy birthday!!! Hope you're having a lovely day and getting to spoil yourself!

  5. Happy, happy birthday, Nat!! I was twenty-four for years and years, until my youngest went to school. She jumped into the car one day, looking appalled. She said (something like), "Mummy, you're not twenty-four at all."
    She'd told her teacher my age and that teacher had laughed and "told her the truth". And thus my duplicity was revealed ;)

  6. It's my birthday on the 26th too. But I'm not saying how old.
    My husband has a really odd quirk about birthdays. On the day of his birthday he adds a year - not to what he just turned, but to what the next one will be.
    I don't think many women would add a year.


  7. Happy Birthday. Laughing about the add a year. I was born on Nov. 29th and my mother has always made me a year older so that I even think I am lol. Thanks for the download:)