Jun 1, 2011

New Beginnings.

Today's June 1st and supposedly the beginning of winter. Except, as I look out the window at the absolutely calm sea and note the warm temperature, I wonder if anyone has told winter it should be here. Not that I'm rushing it, you understand. I'll soon be grizzling about ice on the ground when I go for a bike ride.

I have just started a new book, always the most exciting time for me. The blank pages just begging to be filled with story. If only it was that easy. Like going on a big trip, there's a lot of planning to be done first. Whenever my DB and I go on a trip I tend to leave all that planning stuff up to him as he loves delving into all sorts of information whereas I just want to get on the plane and arrive somewhere exciting. So far I've never been disappointed. Not that we've gone to very many places yet. We are off to Rarotonga next week. Not a big trip, but we were there last year for a wedding and decided it would be wonderful to go again with the family. I am really looking forward to it. Also, I'm thinking of visiting the local hospital, hopefully not when I fall off my scooter, but as a setting for a medical romance. Rarotonga is a very popular and beautiful destination for weddings.

When it comes to my books I've always thought I'm a pantser with a minimal amount of plotting thrown in. Now, after writing to deadlines for my last four books, I'd say forget pantser or plotter. My style's more like leaping out of a plane without a parachute - with the resulting mess looking very similar.

So for this book I have spent a lot of time on plotting. I'm not sure if this will make the flow of the story better when I get to the middle or if I'll sag as per normal. Here's hoping for the former.

Are you pantsers or plotters? Or plane leapers?


  1. Oooooo, Sue, a holiday to Rarotonga sounds fabulous! AND popping into the hospital means that you're still working on your writing! Excellent idea!

    Plotter or pantser? Good question! Pantser but I'd love to be a plotter... surely it would mean less painting myself into a corner... wouldn't it? LOL I shall await your verdict with interest, Sue!

    Have a wonderful time on your holiday!


  2. Sharon, some people seem to think being a plotter takes the fun out of writing but I'd love to avoid that corner you mention.

  3. Sue, I used to be more of a plotter in life - plan out holidays, have everything structured, make lists, but then I relaxed a little and now I'm a mixture of both. Probably the same with my writing too.

    Your DB sounds gorgeous. :)

  4. I'm definitely a plotter, Sue! But that doesn't mean that everything is set in concrete -- I find that plots and characters have a way of evolving while I write.

    Vivid (and disturbing) word picture of leaping out of a plane, Sue! (She says, shuddering.)

    Have a great holiday!

  5. Have a fantastic Rarotonga holiday Sue. I'm not a planner in anything I do. Well, not a formal planner anyway, sometimes I have things in my head. My DB is a planner - I wish he'd take over holiday arrangements instead of just double-checking everything I do!! Sounds like you got a winner there :-)

    And winter found Australia! We've just survived 3 days of torrential rain. Now to dry out!

    Happy Hols!

  6. Rachel. I guess if you are organised in one field of your life you'll be organised in all areas.
    I have a messy office to go with my messy brain.

  7. Emily, I agree that characters especially do kind of take over sometimes and then all that planning (if I did any) goes out the window.

    I've only lept out once and I did have a parachute and someone strapped to my back pulling all the right things. So mess avoided.

  8. Hi Cath
    Yes, I think I am lucky having DB to do all those things I can't stand. I'm really looking forward to our sojourn. A week of fun and relaxing. Can't beat it.

  9. Hey, Sue-
    Pantser or plotter? If I don't roughly plan, I end up with way too much happening on the page, then a huge editing job-not much fun!

    Have a fabulous stay in Rarotonga! ms

  10. I have a messy brain and messy desk too, Sue! But because of that I've learnt to have a plot, even if like Emily the story evolves around it. Without a plot I get into all sorts of trouble :)

    Enjoy your holiday!

  11. Sue, I hope you have a ball in Rarotonga -- sounds fab!

    I definitely fall more on the plotter than pantser side of the divide. Some people say plotting takes the fun out of writing, but I find if I have the plot roughly sorted in my mind, it frees me up to be more creative. But if we were all the same, how boring that would be :-).

  12. Margie, I figured you might be a planner. You are always so sorted. But it's interesting how different say even plotters are from each other.
    And the end result is the same - a great read.

  13. Yes, great stuff Leah. Another messy desk person. It doesn't matter how often I tidy up it still ends up looking like I don't know where anything is but the funny thing is I do.

    And yes, thanks everyone, I am going to thoroughly enjoy my holiday. As long as I don't hire a scooter. Last time I forgot which was the break and parked in a bush. That would give me some hospital research I suppose.

  14. Michelle, another plotter. Seems the plotters are more numerous so maybe I've made the right decision to try to plot my books. I will keep you posted. Have to admit that the book is moving forward quite quickly so far.

  15. Sue

    Have a wonderful trip, it is cool and has been raining lots here in Sydney.
    Although I am not a writer if I have something that needs to be done I just jump in and get it done asap so as I can sit down and read LOL

    Have Fun

  16. Hi Sue, Great post! Hope you have a great time in Raro - it's on my wishlist of places to visit. And a tropical medical setting would be lovely! As for writing - as you know I'm neither plotter or pantser - just panicker!! And you do not want to see my desk right now - so messy I just moved me and my laptop into another room!

  17. Helen, I like your approach. especially being able to have time for reading.
    Looking forward to the warm weather, and hopefully no rain.

  18. Hi Louise, Rarotonga is going to be great. Really looking forward to it as are the family. No one's explained to the dog yet that he's not going. He's going to miss sleeping inside by the fire.

  19. Hi Sue,
    I am a panstser all the way! The couple of times that I tried plotting, I didn't finish writing the books. To me it felt like I'd already written them and I got bored :-/

    Think I might have mentioned this before on another blog, but I do have fiond memories of an RWNZ conference in Auckland some years ago - might have been 8? And I remember meeting you and you were so gorgeous and friendly, as were all the attendees!

    Good luck with your new book. Can't wait to read it!