Jun 16, 2011


Most of you will have heard the news about the earthquakes we’re having here in Christchurch, and being right here at the heart of the shaking, I can attest to how awful it is! But the one thing I am grateful for, aside from my family being safe during such trying times, is being able to escape into my writing. As a writer, at least I can dream up characters and lose myself into their “world”, even if it’s only for an hour or so each day.

The characters for my next book are playing through my mind at the moment, with snippets of dialogue coming to me at the weirdest of times. I’m lucky that my family are used to me having a chuckle at the table and ignoring them as I think about my latest work in progress! And my husband is used to being awake with me at about 3am while I’m sitting feeding our baby, and quizzing him about ideas. Do you think a marine could do this? Why would a Navy SEAL be forced to retire? The list goes on!

But on the topic of Navy SEAL’s, that’s exactly what the hero in my new story is. A gorgeous, tough man in uniform, but one who’s suffering quietly and in need of some love. While I don’t often have to do extensive research, every now and again I need to get my facts straight. And for this book, it just so happens that I have to read up about the Navy. Of course, a girl needs to look at some photos for inspiration too!

That’s how I escape, so how about you? I also love to get out on my horse and ride through the forest, lost in my thoughts and enjoying the partnership between horse and rider; or taking a long walk with my husband and our dogs. But at the end of the day, my thoughts always turn to writing, dreaming about my characters and what they might get up to next.

If you can't think of a way to escape the world today, just sit back and drool over my Navy SEAL .... talk about inspiring!!


  1. Soraya, funny you should mention you're researching Navy SEAL's - thre's been a couple of posts about them over at the Writer's Gone Wild blog last week.

    One of the author's there, Liane Gentry Skye, is married to one and gave the low down on what sort of person makes a Navy SEAL - worth reading and you might be able to get some insight from her too. Link - http://writersgonewild.blogspot.com/2011/06/confessions-of-frog-hog-is-your-seal.html

  2. Soraya, I can't imagine what you and your fellow Christchurch people are going through right now. But at the very least, I'm glad you can get a little escape through your characters!

    I love to escape by reading, or - like you - walking my dogs (though, for us, it's dog tennis). Or going somewhere beautiful like the beach.

    Everything crossed that those aftershocks stop for you.

  3. Ooooh, thanks Kylie! I'll head over there soon.

    Funny, I was just looking at the pic I posted, and thinking how weird it is that I like a man-in-uniform type with big muscles and tattoos. In real life I don't like tattoos really, but on this guy they look fab!!

  4. Rachel, I agree with reading being perfect to escape to. I'm reading Nalini Singh's latest when I get a spare moment (actually the only time that happens is when I'm feeding bub!) and it's a perfect world to get lost in :)

  5. Soraya - It's hard to imagine what the people of Christchurch have gone through - they have shown incredible resilience.
    I love the tat's on the hotty in the picture.
    And the perfect escape time - like you, I take my horse out, usually to the beach or through the cane fields. It's amazing how many story ideas come to me when I'm out on Zeb for a few hours.
    Great post.

  6. Soraya, Christchurch is having a really awful time of it at the moment. I hope things settle but it doesn't seem that it's going to be any time soon, does it? Give yourself as many of those precious moments of escape as you can.

    Hey, nice shoulders on your Navy SEAL. Bit of a hardship having to do that research but I'm sure you're up to the job! Be thorough! And (ahem) do feel free to share any other pics! ;)


  7. Ah, yep. I'm drooling!

    I love to go for a walk along the beachfront and suck in all that lovely fresh briney air and fabulous view. Gives me back such energy and suddenly I'm bubbling with ideas!

    (((Hugs Soyara and others in NZ.))) Let's hope this is the last of them.

  8. Okay, that is some inspiration! Yum!

    Hugs on everything you and your fellow Christchurchians are going through, Soraya. I hope it all settles down soon.

    At the moment my favourite escapes are tried and true DVDs. You know, those old favourites... the ones that get played again and again. Once the rain stops, though, I'll be heading out for a few afternoon walks. I find they always help get the brain into thinking gear about the lates wip.

  9. Loved that inspiration as well Soraya thanks for that I do hope that things start to settle for you all in Christchuch very soon.
    For me I escape reading the wonderful stories you authors make up for us readers
    Thank you all soo much

    Have Fun

  10. Hi Soraya,

    so glad you are able to escape into your writing when things are tough going. I really do believe we're so lucky to be able to fall back onto our creativity at times like that.

    I too love to go horse riding to get ideas. I find the shower/bath tub is another good place to relax and think up 'stuff'.

  11. Soraya, so great to have you post! I've been worrying about you guys down in Chch.

    I'm glad you're able to escape into your writing. My escape tends to be rereading my favourite books (Georgette Heyer, especially!) or watching a favourite TV show (Buffy or Firefly).

    Take care down in shaky Chch!