Jan 28, 2019

Latest Obsessions! by Amy Andrews

I've watched quite a few TV series over the holiday period and I thought I'd share 3 of my absolute faves!


I'm late to the Younger train but am loving it so hard. And I'm #TeamCharles all the way although I know fellow LoveCat Clare Connelly is die hard #TeamJosh


Compelling in ways I can't explain. Its always facinating when you actually have empathy with a psychopath!


Sex Education 

I cannot describe how good this is! It's charming and quirky and confronting and wrenching and laugh out loud funny! Also has an amazing sound track!


So, they're my recs - what about you?


  1. Hi Amy

    Sorry I have no recommendations LOL I don't watch things on the TV way too many good books to read :)

    have Fun


    1. I'd read way more books if I curbed my TV addiction, Helen!

  2. I've not heard about any of these! But Netflix may feature in my future so I'll keep an eye out for all of these, as they sound intriguing.

    Due to Rachel Bailey (who loves loves loves it), I have the first Season of Jane the Virgin on dvd. I'm not allowed to watch it till the thesis is submitted, but I'm really looking forward to it.:-)

    1. I love Jane the Virgin, Michelle, but have only seen the first 2 seasons...must get back to it!

  3. Amy, Younger is one of my very favourites. Love it! I've tried You but find it (him!) too confronting. Must watch Sex Education as everyone is raving about it!