Dec 18, 2015

Christmas movies that I must watch......

With only a week to go before Christmas, I thought about the movies that I consider my 'must watch' over the Christmas break. Every year I try to watch at least one of these.....

Love Actually......

This one has become something of a Christmas classic.....the intertwining storylines are so cleverly done, the stories range from uplifting to heartbreaking. Who can forget Emma Thompson walking around her bedroom to the haunting sound of Jonie Mitchell and trying to keep it all together for the sake of her family. Or Bill Nigh and his Christmas CD performance. Brilliant!

Sleepless In Seattle....

I'm do love a good Meg Ryan Rom/Com. This is my favorite. interestingly, Meg and Tom Hanks only had a couple of minutes of screen time together....and yet the chemistry is still there.

Die Hard.....Okay, so not a traditional Christmas movie.....but it's set around Christmas and there's Christmas music....and Bruce Willis at his best. (And Alan Rickman) I love the romance in this one too....

It's a Wonderful all time favorite Christmas movie.....and still very pertinent. Jimmy Stewart at his best!

Do you have a favorite holiday movie? I'd love to hear any suggestions.

Merry Christmas to all and a safe and happy holiday!


  1. Hi Helen

    We do watch the odd Christmas movie and enjoy them I don't think we have one that has to be watched and I am going to put my hand up here and say the I have never seen love Actually yes I know I should watch it LOL I have seen all of the others another couple I really enjoy is Home Alone and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation :)

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen - hope you enjoy Love Actually when you get to watch it :)

  2. Helen, for me it has to be Love Actually! Such a great movie, especially at this time of year.

    We just had a conversation here about whether Die Hard is a Christmas film - someone here has been invited to a Christmas movie marathon and it features, along with Love Actually, The Muppet Christmas Carol and a few others. What a fun night that will be.

    1. Hi Annie - my hubby and I were saying the same thing about Die Hard...but I figure there's Christmas music and a Santa costume, so it must be a Christmas movie :)

    2. I definitely count Die Hard 1 *and* 2 as Xmas movies, Helen and Annie. They're both set on Xmas Eve so it counts 😄

      Love Actually always for me. Really wanted to see Love The Coopers at the movies but I think I've missed it now.