Dec 23, 2015

A peaceful Christmas to all

Happy Christmas to all the LoveCat readers and the LoveCats themselves. This is my first Christmas as a LoveCat and I'm both honoured and delighted to be part of this wonderful blog.

This year is a very quiet Christmas for me and my husband. Our daughter, our only child, is away from us for the first time in her twenty-two years. She's staying with friends in California, a long way from Sydney. They are the nicest possible people so she is in very good hands. But we miss her... 

Her cat Tabitha howled and cried outside her closed bedroom door last night. When I let her in she saw daughter wasn't there, cried some more and slunk out in misery. Of course I consoled her and she slept happily on my pillow. That I didn't have a very good sleep is beside the point, isn't it!

Fortunately we will have the company of two nieces and three great nieces on the actual day. It will be the first time for years we haven't cooked Christmas dinner, as the younger generation is taking over this year.

I'm sharing my all-time favourite Christmas photo. Three years ago my darling old cat Albert found my sweet great niece, then two, admiring our Christmas tree. He ambled over to keep her company and I quickly got this shot. It was his last Christmas, he crossed the rainbow bridge six months later aged twenty-two.
I'm spending Christmas Day with this same  lovely niece - and her hamsters!

Christmas is usually huge for us in terms of entertaining. For years we held a party on Christmas Eve and then woke up and did it all again the next day. It's quite nice to be quiet. But perversely I feel a little let down that I'm not stressing out with all that's to be done!

All over the break, I'll be working on a book due early in the new year for Harlequin Romance so won't have time to miss daughter (lie, I miss her already and she's only been gone two days!)

As a writer, Christmas is lovely for me this year with two new Christmas stories out. My novella Millionaire Under the Mistletoe is part of the wonderful LoveCats boxed set Hot Christmas Nights, seven brand-new holiday-themed romances. Also from me is my Harlequin Romance Gift-Wrapped In Her Wedding Dress which is heavily Christmas themed.

What about you? Are you celebrating your usual Christmas or doing something different this year? I'd love to read your comment! I'm giving away a free download of Hot Christmas Nights to one commentator.


  1. Kandy,
    I hope all of your readers download HOT CHRISTMAS NIGHTS. Sure looks good! I will confess that, although I have it on my computer to read, I have not had a chance to read your story yet, what with all the Christmas trips and company we've had. Hopefully I can relax once Christmas has come and gone, as I REALLY REALLY want to read those stories ASAP!!!
    Thanks for sharing your Christmas plans. I'm glad you will be with nieces, despite not having your daughter's company.
    Our Christmas is a little different this year too. OUR daughter got married last year. She and her boyfriend at the time opened gifts with us in the morning last year, but this year they will be at HIS mom's house. We'll still see them both in the afternoon when out visiting with family, and then my daughter TOLD me that I was cooking the turkey this year. Said she would have offered, but if she did, then she'd have to have her husband's side over too, and they didn't want their cigarette smells in their house (despite smoking outside). So ... we open gifts with our son in the morning and wait to open the rest when my daughter and her husband arrive for a couple of hours (before heading back to see more of his own family). Busy, busy!
    Merry Christmas and all the best to your and your husband!

    1. Hi Laney, sounds like you will have a busy time this Christmas making sure you give equal time to the family! Sounds like a wonderfully busy time for you.
      Thank you for your kind words about HOT CHRISTMAS NIGHTS. I hope after all the Christmas fun is over you get a chance to put your feet up and get lost in the stories in the collection! Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family. xx

  2. Hi Kandy

    It gets harder as the kids get older and 3 of my 4 have their own children and in-laws to visit as well so this year we are still doing the normal we are off to the Central Coast to one of my sisters (it will be my turn next year) and we have all the trimmings pork turkey chicken ham vegies Christmas cake and pudding (that I have made) I have one of my daughters and her hubby and two kids staying so it is very noisy here at the moment :)

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Chrissy and New Year

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen, it sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas ahead of you with family and lots of yummy food!
      All the best for the festive season to you and your family - enjoy every minute! xx

  3. We keep Christmas simple and low key. I love it. No stress here, just joy.

    Merry Christmas to all!!

    1. Mary, that sounds absolutely perfect!
      Enjoy your joyous celebrations.
      All the best for the festive season to you and your family.

  4. What a fabulous pic, Kandy! The sunlight slanting in like that is just magical!

    We're having Xmas with everyone at my house this year - 20 for lunch, and I can't wait :-) Made the rumballs and arpicot balls this arvo and put the fruit for the pud into soak. More pre-preparations tomorrow to make the day as stress free as possible!

    I'm ready - bring it on!

    1. Thank you Amy, it was a spot of luck that I snapped the two of them at just the right moment.
      Your Christmas sounds wonderful--there's something exciting about all the preparations and then seeing everyone enjoying themselves, isn't there! Enjoy the day. (And I hope you get lots of help with the washing up!)

  5. That is a GORGEOUS picture, Kandy! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your nieces and great nieces and I hope you get to Skype with your daughter.

    1. Thank you Barbara. We did have a wonderful day with the family and spoke to daughter too. I hope your day was lovely too.

  6. we have lunch with my granddaughter & family & a few friends --very quite & relaxing---LynW